Hot Tub Sex

Hey there guys.  I’m convinced everybody should have sex in a hot tub.  Just the thought of being so turned on while in a hot tub while another man touches my body under the bubbles from the jets turns me on even more.  I actually never thought much of the idea until I actually did it.  Come to think of it, I’ve never even been felt up in one either:(

This past Friday night my husband and I were going to drive a good hour just to meet another man, potentially my 131st sex partner.  It’s not the number that counts btw, that’s my husband’s count;)

So we got to the meeting place and met R.  He was pretty nice and very talkative.  I do like a man who can carry on a conversation. About an hour later, we were following him to his home.  The home where he was planning on getting very naughty with me and me with him.

Let’s just skip right to it.  The first thing we did was get naked and jump into his hot tub outside next to his pool.  We had some pretty good privacy so I didn’t feel like the neighbors were watching while I dropped my towel for the world to see.  A few minutes later, we were making out like teenagers in heat with his hands touching me everywhere.  We were only in it for about 15 min before we had to get out.  He wanted to take me inside to fuck me and that’s exactly what we did.

After we fucked for quite some time and rested, he suggested to hit the hot tub again.  This time we went for it fully.  I found out that it’s a little rough getting a rubber covered cock pushed inside of a water wet pussy but we persisted until success!  I was sitting on top of him while facing away while he pulled my hips down onto him again and again.  It was intoxicating to say the least.  Unfortunately we stopped to switch positions and couldn’t get his cock inside me again:((.

I think the combination of the prior sex and the heat from the hot tub made it hard, or not hard for him to continue.

No worries though.  We got out, went to the nice comfy bench on the patio where he took me from behind nice and hard.  He still couldn’t cum so I turned around and sucked him off until he had no choice except to shoot his load inside my mouth, it was a huge load still!

As you should know by now, yes of course I swallowed it all and no I didn’t miss a single drop.