Home Detour

Here it is, March of 2021. Last year was the year of Covid-19 that sucked big-time.  I didn’t get much cock or extramarital sex, at least for me.  I know I got more than the average housewife 😆

We bought a home! 🏡  Or I should say the land.  To buy it we had to sell our formerly current house but since the one we bought is a new build we went from around 1800 Sq Ft to a whopping 600 Sq ft . That’s not a typo guys, it’s small but we are out of the house we grew to hate. 😝  The apartment is only temporary until the end of October to mid December.  We are hoping to have Thanksgiving in the new home which is around 2100 sq ft.

In the mean time, I’ve started to be a naughty wife that you have watched and covid seems to be ending with the vaccine. I’m still careful but my body is open for visitors 😈  I’ve started my promiscuous ways by fucking 4 guys 5 times in only one week. That was fun 🔥 I’ve had extramarital sex 9x with most of them on camera for your voyeuristic pleasures along with my exhibitionism so I hope you enjoy. 

Attached is one of the guys who is a truck driver passing through. We chatted on fetlife and as you can tell hooked up. First time I’ve ever seen a sleeper truck and got fucked in one. 💋

Kisses, Kara