The Sweet Taste of Forbidden Fruit 3

Melissa masturbated for another thirty minutes, time enough to give herself a few more orgasms.  Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t get the satisfaction that she yearned for before falling back to sleep.  When she woke, she was confused as if she had awakened from a dream.  Her hormones had finally returned to a reasonably normal level, allowing the guilt at what she had done in the past 10 hours to rush back to her like a tidal wave.


Melissa felt ashamed at how easy it was for another man to slide between her legs.  Why in the world would she give herself so freely to another man?  Why would she allow another guy to touch her, kiss her and to fuck her?  She despised the idea of cheating on her husband.  In her circle of friends, cheating wives were harlots.  Why then, couldn’t she get the urge to do it again out of her head?  She needed more and knew she wasn’t strong enough to resist the temptation in her state of mind no matter how hard she tried.

Personally, I couldn’t keep my mind off of Melissa.  Mostly, I thought about what I could do to throw fuel on her already heightened sexual desire.  I went home to sleep a few hours but when I woke, I already had the urge to have Melissa yet again.  I was becoming just as addicted to her as she was to sex.  

That afternoon I went to her work to see how she was doing but found that she had called out sick.  I decided to use it as an excuse to pay her a visit.  I was pretty sure she would be a safe bet on getting her on her knees for a quick blowjob if nothing else.  

When she opened the door, she was dressed in a v-neck t-shirt with a lazy day pair of sweats and she still looked as sexy as if she were wearing nothing at all.   

“I noticed you weren’t at work today, are you alright?”  


“Why are you here?” She said While looking in both directions to see if any of her neighbors were outside.  “You can’t be seen here.”

“Then let me in, Melissa.  They won’t have anything to talk about unless they see me.”

“Fine, come in but just for a minute and then you have to leave.  Oh god, If you must know, I called in sick because I felt so awful about what we had done and how I acted, AGAIN!  I knew that I would be useless at work.  After you left, I saw that I had missed several calls and texts from Kevin.  He left me a message telling me that he called and to see what I was up to.  He asked me to call him but I was too busy committing adultery,” Melissa said, almost crying.  

How was I supposed to tell him that at the time he called, I had another man in HIS bed who was doing unspeakable things to HIS wife?  How could I tell my own husband, the man who I love, that I couldn’t hear the phone ringing because I was too busy cheating on him and begging another man to fuck me.  I finally got the nerve to call him and had to lie.  I told him that I lost my phone and didn’t find it till morning.  I’ve never had to lie to him before.”

“I can’t keep having sex with you, Mike. It’s wrong on so many levels.  You’ve already proven your point that I need more sex than I realized but I’m scared that I’m liking it too much and I need to stop.”  She was practically begging me because she knew that her will power was gone and that it wouldn’t take much to get her naked and in bed all over again.

“That’s ok, Melissa, I just came over to talk with you.  When you weren’t at work I got worried.  You’ve been going through a lot this week and I wanted to be here for you, and not just to enjoy more of your cock sucking skills, which are incredible btw.  You’ve done things with me that you’ve been wanting to do with Kevin and figured you were feeling pretty guilty.”

Then she got a bit animated, throwing her arms in the air.  “Guilty?  Guilty?!  Let’s throw regretful, ashamed and how about totally mortified into the mix!  Last week I was a naive housewife who’s barely had my own husband’s cock in my mouth.  I may as well have been a virgin.  This week I’ve been a total whore who has swallowed another man’s cum for the first time.  The worse part is that I liked it so much that I can’t get it out of my mind!”  

Melissa then went into a daze while closing her eyes as if remembering.  “The feel of a big, hard cock in my mouth, sucking it until I feel it throbbing, right before…DAMMIT, SEE?  That’s all I’ve thought about all morning!”

I stood there and listened to Melissa ranting as she spoke to the room more than she did me, I was getting hard hearing her admit how much she loved oral sex.  

“Do you know what I did after you left?  I masturbated!  Another orgasm hit me probably before you got to your car.  I hardly ever masturbate and now I can’t stop.  I made myself cum so many times and I still couldn’t get the satisfaction that I apparently needed.  In fact, I was actually pissed at you because you weren’t here to give me more.  Everything I did to try to satisfy myself only made it worse.”  

“If you don’t mind me saying so Melissa, that is so freaking HOT!  Knowing that you were touching yourself thinking about us fucking.  I’m offering myself to you just in case you change your mind, seriously, whatever you want.”  

“Yeah, I bet, Mike.  It’s so big of you to offer your services to me while my hormones are all over the place.  It’s nice of you to offer yourself to me so I can cheat on my husband again.”  It was good to see her smile and joke a little bit but she still had an edge to her voice as if she had more on her mind.  

Melissa looked at me all deer eyed and I almost thought she was going to start crying.  “I can still feel you inside of me, Mike.  I can even still… Taste you.”  There was a long uncomfortable silence before she spoke again.

“Actually what I WANT, since you offered,  is to go back to the innocent little housewife I was just a few days ago before my libido got stuck in the on position.”

“Melissa, you would never be happy being the naive….”  Melissa put her hand up to stop me from continuing. 

“That’s what I WANT, Mike but what I NEED is…Well…”

Melissa looked down and slowly dropped to her knees before me.  She looked straight at the bulge, still forming in my pants.  Placing her hands directly on my cock, she slowly and gently squeezed the hardened shaft.  Melissa’s mouth had dropped open slightly and her eyes turned to slits as her hands went to the waistband of my shorts, pulling them down to my knees along with my underwear.  In doing so, my cock sprang up, hitting her in the face making her jump.  Melissa’s fingers gently closed around the shaft and began stroking it back and forth before looking me in the eyes.     

“I really do love Kevin, he’s my life.  He is also so straitlaced that I’m going to be in so much trouble when he gets home.  There’s no way he’s going to accept my new “talents” as you call them.  I think I’m going to be taking a lot of cold showers.”   

Squeezing my cock with her whole hand, she admonished me.  “Damn you for seducing me with this!  I’m still not having sex with you but I need to get this out of my system and being your little side whore isn’t going to happen, but…”. Melissa just stared at my cock devouring it with her eyes.  “I want… Dammit, I need your cum!”

She then closed her eyes and moved forward until she was barely touching her cheek with the spongy head.  Melissa moved the crown back and forth between her chin, cheeks, across her forehead and down her nose.  Pre-cum was oozing out of the tip and when she slightly opened her eyes to see the wetness, she rubbed it into her lips as if it were lip gloss.  Her tongue then snaked out of her mouth and licked it off, “mmmmmm,” she moaned as she licked it off of her lips.  Her eyes then closed again, trying to relish the taste and feel of what had quickly become her obsession.

Melissa looked up at me as if waking from a dream, not realizing how hypnotized she must look.  My cock was then engulfed as Melissa quickly and purposely started sucking it with only one goal in mind, swallowing my seed.  I reached inside of her shirt, finding her tits to fondle and met no resistance from her while her hands and mouth did their incredible magic.  

“That’s it my little cum slut, do what you were meant to do with that sweet mouth.  Fuuuck yes.  Nobody would ever believe that you of all people would drop down to your knees to suck cock.”

I completely misjudged, Melissa.  I had no idea that she would be the aggressor.  This was easier than I ever thought. 

Occasionally, Melissa would pull my cock out of her mouth to lick me from my balls to the tip, then engulf me once again.  Her passion and lust told me that she was doing this for her, not me.  I was amazed at how aggressive she could suck while being so tender with the shaven sack.  Her nipples were hard and sensitive to my touch as my hand manipulated them, making her eyes flutter under her eye lids.  Her ministrations were doing a great job and had me nearly flooding her tonsils when the phone rang.  Dammit!


 “Mmmmph.”  Melissa stayed on her knees with both of her fists wrapped around my cock refusing to stop the stroking motions.  She was obviously annoyed at the interruption but finally reached for the phone that would not stop ringing no matter how much she tried to ignore it.  Without looking to see who it was, she activated it and held it to her ear.  The look of panic suddenly appeared on her face right before dropping my cock as if it suddenly burned her hand. 

“Oh hi, uh hi KEVIN,” stressing his name so I would hear and hopefully behave myself.  She got up and paced the room, getting her mind off the tingling feeling between her legs and stiff, aroused nipples while trying to adjust her shirt and bra as if her husband could see that she was getting felt up.  Melissa was scared and embarrassed as if Kevin had just caught her cheating, which is exactly what he did.   

I fell back against the couch, annoyed with the interruption then laughed at the irony of it.  I was upset because Kevin, Melissa’s husband, had interrupted his own wife giving me the blowjob of my life.  Melissa went around the back of the couch and was asking when he would be home.  I decided to punish Kevin for his poor timing at calling right when his wife’s mouth was getting ready to take a load of cum down her throat.  A blowjob was no longer all I wanted. 

“Can’t you just come home today?  You’re not really that far away and I need you so bad.  Yes I know you’ve only been gone a few days but…”

I stood and walked toward the back of the couch taking my clothes off in the process.  Melissa continued talking on the phone oblivious to the situation that was about to unfold in her own living room.  Her left arm crossed her breasts and her right elbow rested on her arm while holding the phone to her ear.  I didn’t give her time to realize what was happening.  As I moved behind her, I grabbed her hips, preventing her from being able to escape her predicament.  


Moving close to her other ear I whispered, “Don’t move unless you want hubby to hear you being naughty.”  She struggled and tried to turn but my hands held her firmly. 


“What?  Oh sorry babe, yes I’m here.  What were you calling for?”  I pressed my naked body to hers, feeling Melissa’s body tense as my hands slowly roamed her curves, touching just the tops of her breasts.  Melissa tried turning her body quickly as if to shake me off but I wasn’t going anywhere.  She actually helped me out by dropping her left arm to the couch, giving me the opportunity to cup her tits in my hands.  

Melissa barely held in a moan as my finger tips lightly glid over her erect, left nipple through her shirt.   My other hand slowly roamed around her body, reaching under the back of her shirt.  Melissa tried to prevent me from going further but I was still able to move up to undue her bra so I could get my hands on her bare tits.  She was having a hard time talking, making Kevin repeat himself on multiple occasions.  

“Keep talking and don’t sound so guilty,” I whispered.  “Stay on the phone no matter what.”   

Her being in charge of giving me an unsolicited and unexpected blowjob was one thing.  But loosing her control while on the phone with the man she married was another. 

My hands had moved down her body to her ass.  I could feel her start to shake right before I untied the draw string making Melissa reach for my hands to try to stop me.  “Keep talking.”  I wanted her to stay on the phone as I took advantage of her dire situation. 

“So how have your meetings been?” I heard Kevin ask.

Her body stiffened in surprise. “NOOOO…”  I had grabbed her sweats and pulled them down to her knees as she tried to reach for the waist band.  “No Kevin I’m fine, just stepped on something.”  I noticed that Melissa had on generic panties so I was a little disappointed in the view.  She must have been trying to calm the fire between her legs by wearing non sexy panties. 

“Shhhhhh, keep talking.”  My cock was now pressed up against the crevice of her panty clad ass.  I had an arm around her waist while the other moved up and down her body, molesting her while her husband continued talking, somehow oblivious to his wife’s situation. 

“What?  Nothing, what were you saying?”  Melissa was trying to ignore me now to see if I would just stop but I had no intention of letting her off the hook now. 

Noticing a pair of scissors on the table, I grabbed them and snipped a small slit in the waist band of her panty.  She heard something and tried to look but was unable to see.  I set the scissors down, held her tight and slowly started tearing her underwear.  Melissa gasped and tried to get away again but it was too late.   She was doing her best to struggle while trying to keep her composure with her husband.  I then pushed her forward bending her over the couch.  Melissa started to panic and struggle once again as she realized what I was preparing to do to her.  


With Melissa bent forward, I quickly ripped her panties the rest of the way off of her body, exposing her beautiful ass for me and the glistening vagina between her legs.  

“Oh god!  No, I’m fine…yes I’m sure, just noticed the time.  Don’t you have to get to some meetings or something?”

Kevin was still talking while I placed my hand in the middle of Melissa’s back to hold her in position.  Then, I dipped two fingers into Melissa’s very wet pussy so I could rub it around her lips to lubricate them.  “Oh no, no, no, no…” Melissa whispered while trying to cover the phone.  She looked back in fear at what she knew was next and shook her head quickly to try to discourage me.  Ignoring her obvious pleas, I lined up my cock and in one single motion… Plunged deep inside of her wet, lubricated canal. 

“Aaaaaaah, mmmmmm…….” She wasn’t listening to Kevin at all at this point but was still doing a remarkable job at not screaming out as her pussy walls were being opened, violated and stretched. 

 Melissa tried to tell Kevin that she couldn’t talk because she was getting ready to go out, but he just kept on babbling, not realizing his bride was in a very un-lady like position with my hips pushing against Melissa’s ass as my balls rested against her pussy, feeling the moisture emanating from within.  I stopped moving to let her have a chance of getting off the phone.  If she didn’t get off soon, it would be obvious to her husband that his perfect wife was violating her wedding vows.  I was also certain that I couldn’t hold on much longer without fucking the young bride with all my might.

“OH!! MMMmmm…YES, um, I mean, yes, I’m fine, just not feeling right,” she said through clenched teeth. 

She reached back, trying to hold me to her in an attempt to keep me from moving so I couldn’t pull out, only to drive back into her again, making her lose all hope of keeping her composure. 

“Ohhh. Honey I have to go, please.” 

After a short pause, time was up.  I no longer cared if Kevin could hear his wife being taken or not.  I now wanted him to hear her screams so he would finally know another man was making his girl cum.  I already knew that Kevin was being seduced by my own wife so I was less concerned about the situation blowing up.  

Sliding out of Melissa’s pussy just enough, I slammed back into her, moving the couch forward in the process and making her lose her grip on my hip.  I then just went for it, pumping hard and fast into her pussy, my loins smacking against her ass on every thrust.  My god her pussy felt like silk! 

My cock was soaking wet from her juices so I reached down to wet my thumb.  Putting pressure on her anus, I was able to penetrate her rosebud to the first knuckle, making Melissa shove the phone into the cushions to mute the microphone.  I’ve never heard a woman whisper so loudly through clenched teeth, “I’m cumming! Damn you, fuck me, oh god yes.”  Somehow she was able to disconnect from her husband, or so she thought.  

Melissa’s juices were now running down her legs into her sweats making a nice wet spot on them.  As she suddenly tensed, I felt her pussy squeeze down on my cock in rhythm, trying to milk me of my own bodily fluids.  I stayed buried inside of her along with my thumb in her ass until she started calming down.  When I did finally pull out, I turned her around and shoved my tongue into her mouth.  Instead of pushing me away or even fighting me, her arms went around my neck to pull me into the kiss.  We french kissed for several more minutes before she pulled away from me.  

“Take me Mike, just take me,” she demanded in a very aggressive tone, then she whispered to herself, “I’m so sorry, Kevin but I need this.”  Melissa then grabbed my cock in a death grip and with a white hot passion in her eyes said,  “I need to be taken to bed and FUCKED…Now!”  

In a frenzy, I pulled her shirt off and threw it onto the lampshade next to us.  Then I bent down, taking her sweats off the rest of the way, leaving them where she stood.  I could still see the wet spots that her pussy juices made in her sweats.  Leaning down, I picked Melissa up and carried her to her bedroom where we had fucked just the night before. 

I gently laid Melissa onto her bed and joined her in the middle.  Laying back onto the bed myself, I held my cock up.  “Would you like to climb aboard?”  She only hesitated for a moment before reaching for her desire.  Melissa, slowly, but with purpose, wrapped her hand around my cock and started stroking and sucking just like she had been doing before her annoying husband interrupted us.   

“Damn, Melissa.  I know you want a belly full of cum but I seriously want my cock inside of your cunt.”

She must have decided that she needed a good fucking because she pulled my cock from her mouth with a sucking “pop.”  Quickly, as if she was in a hurry to have me inside of her, she swung her leg over my hips.  

“Oh, we’re going to fuck alright.”

Melissa then grabbed my cock from between her legs and rubbed the head up and down her slit to lube it up with her still flowing pussy juices.  

In one slick motion she then mounted me, dropping her body onto mine with zero resistance until her wet pussy lips were touching my balls.  She threw her head back and moaned,  “OOHHHH yeah…that’s it, I need this.”  She rode me hard, pounding the hell out of my cock, using it to pleasure her own pussy like a well oiled piston.    

“Give it to me, Mike, fuck me. C’mon, give it to me dammit. You want my cunt, take it!”  She kept riding me hard, throwing her head back and howling like a coyote in heat.  Damn this woman has a hot vixen inside of her.  Grinding her loins into mine, she made sure every centimeter of her pussy was touched by cock.  

I don’t know why she kept telling me to fuck her, all I could do was to lie beneath her and hold on to her hips for dear life as she took control and fucked me. 

Unless I’m mistaken, Melissa had only one orgasm and it lasted the entire time I was inside of her.  My hands went from her hips to her ass to her tits and back before I felt the volcano getting ready to erupt inside of her.  I had no choice but to shoot my own cum straight up into her clenching pussy way before I had hoped.  Actually, the way she was fucking my cock, I’m surprised I lasted so long.  I grabbed her hips, planted my feet on the bed, pushed up with my hips and unloaded my balls into her married pussy. 

“FUUUCK…I’M…CUUUUUMMMMINGGGG………..”  Melissa had a violent orgasm to beat all orgasms.  “Fuck me…I want your cum inside of me.  Do it, do it!!  YESSS, shoot it inside of me.  OH GOOOOD ,YESS fill meeeeee.”

While I was uncontrollably shooting inside of her, her own pussy flooded my cock and balls with her orgasm.  Melissa’s nails were digging into my chest leaving her own marks as I continued to grab her hips and ass, trying to use her as leverage so I could thrust back up inside of her.  

I looked up and her eyes were burning a hole into my own as her hair hung low, framing her erotic looking and sexually intense face.  She was in heat and her face showed it as she grunted and made incomprehensible, sexual sounds that I’m positive her husband has never heard from his own bride. 

When Melissa finally came off of her incredible orgasm and rolled off of me, she plopped down onto her back, bringing a pillow with her for between her legs.  Her hips continued to gyrate and her legs squeezed together, getting every ounce of her orgasm out of her.  She then rolled over onto her stomach where I took the opportunity to straddle her ass.  

Rubbing my barely softening cock up and down her slit, I was able to penetrated her just with the head and scooped the mixture of our juices from her cunt that was leaking out.  I pulled out and aimed the tip at her anus and slightly pushed, barely opening the rosebud for penetration.  

“No, not there please.”

It was so tempting to just keep pushing and to take her ass now but I didn’t.  My semi-hard cock would have been more comfortable for her virgin ass the first time.  “Don’t worry I won’t fuck you in your ass just yet, Melissa.  However, I do want to tap that amazing booty soon my dear slut.”  I pulled my cock from the hole and shoved a finger in two knuckles deep.  I continued to finger her tight opening until she started to whimper.  After a few minutes, I pulled out, got up and dressed.  

“Damn, Melissa.  I came over to see how you’re doing and you drop to your knees and almost suck the cum right out of my balls again.”

“That was the whole point, wasn’t it?”  She said, in a tired and lustful daze.

“Touché, Melissa, touché.  I don’t know what got into you but you were incredible!  Sorry about doing what I did with your husband on the line and sorry your tummy didn’t get any but don’t worry, we still have time for that.”

Melissa was still on the bed basking in the sex that we just shared, my sperm, seeping out of her pussy, staining the sheets beneath her.  “Melissa, your husband will be home soon.  We started this so you could learn how to be a slut for him.  You need to be able to give your body freely.  I know that a lot of the problem is that he doesn’t pay attention to you but I think that’s going to change by the time he gets back, trust me.”  

“I want you to be able to come to me for sex whenever you want it.  I think we can go even further than you ever imagined.”

“Ha, I have already gone further than I ever thought I would.  How can I go further than I have for god’s sake?  I keep saying that I don’t want it but every time you reach for me or touch me, I feel powerless to stop it from happening.  I have been a total slut for you.  I don’t like the idea that I have been having an affair.  I’ve been acting like a total whore and I can’t seem to stop.”  

“I want your ass Melissa, I want to shove my hard cock balls deep into your sweet ass.  I’ve been infatuated with it all along.  I want you to give it to me willingly.  If you let me fuck your ass, I promise to only fuck you when you ask me for it.  I’m confident we will have plenty of opportunity.”

“Wait, I can’t let you put your cock into my ass!  It’s too big for one thing and besides, I’m already ashamed at how I act with your fingers back there.  I’ve never even considered letting my husband do that and for me to give it to another man?  I just can’t.”

“Just think about it Melissa. You’ve already given me so much in just a few days.  Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.  I want you to enjoy it and you will.  If you like it, maybe you can convince Kevin to do it to you.  Tell you what, come to my place tonight at 7:00 pm.  We can experiment some more and see where it goes, who knows, maybe I’ll have a surprise for you.” 

Wear a pair of your tightest shorts to show off your ass.  I’ll play with it some more to see how comfortable you get.  If you decide that it’s worth giving up your anal virginity to me, awesome!  If not, at least your pussy and mouth will be satisfied.”  

Melissa was looking at me as if I had two heads but said nothing.  Realizing that she couldn’t form the words to say no both disturbed and excited her.  She looked so delicious just lying on her bed naked and used.  I had to get out of there before we were going at it again.  As I was walking away I noticed I had a few texts from Kim.  I must have been having my way with Melissa when I received them.

“Next time you screw one of your exploits when she is talking with her husband, make sure she hangs the phone up before she explodes!  Nice job btw, Lol.  Don’t worry, he wasn’t able to concentrate on what he heard.  I made him a little late for one of his meetings, oopsie ;)”

What a married man will do when his cock is buried inside a woman’s mouth is mind boggling.  Kim had challenged Kevin to call his wife.  She told Kevin that it would turn her on knowing his wife was on the other end of the phone while she deep throated him.  

“If you call your wife and let me get you off with my mouth, I’ll give my body to you to use as you wish, all night long.  I’ll stay naked and at your beck and call.  You can fuck me all you want and don’t even think about using a condom.  I’ll be your cum whore until you have to go back home to be a good, loyal husband.”  

That explained the longwinded babbling that Kevin was doing while I was getting ready to mount his wife from behind.  I still wasn’t appreciative that they interrupted the blowjob that I was getting but it obviously turned out pretty hot.  Shooting a load up a married woman’s pussy tends to make things better all around.  

At about the same time Melissa was screaming for me to fuck her, Kevin was arching his back and thrusting his hips forward, sending several ropes of cum into my wife’s waiting mouth. Apparently Kevin heard some garbled, muted moaning from the phone but was too far gone with Kim’s mouth working him over.  After Kim swallowed his full load, she continued sucking for another fifteen minutes before he was hard enough for Kim to mount him yet again, sliding his bare cock into her already used and soiled pussy.  

“Next time, lover, I want to be riding your cock just like this when you call your sweet, innocent little wife.”  Kim was rotating her hips, stirring Kevin’s cock inside of her pussy.   “Mmmm, who knows, maybe one of your wife’s lovers will be fucking her at the same time you’re fucking me.”  

His wife’s lovers?  Kevin heard what Kim said and it disturbed him to think that his wife, Melissa, was taking a lover.  It was incomprehensible that Melissa could cheat on him in their first year of marriage.  Of course he just brushed it off to bantering from Kim and a little teasing because of his naivety concerning sex, but could it be true that Melissa really did have much stronger sexual desires and an appetite that he didn’t realize?  Somehow it never crossed his mind that he was also cheating on his spouse.  How else is a man to get a good, hard, dirty fuck if your own wife is his clean and proper princess.

Kim learned that Kevin thought of Melissa as his “good wife” who was too good of a girl to get nasty.  He treated Melissa like the virginal school girl he used to know, not the woman who she had become.  I told Kim about what happened after the phone call and how she had just given herself to me.  I also told her my plans for Melissa’s ass and how I was going to share her with a friend.  

“Oooh I’m jealous.  Maybe I should come home to join you.  It’s been too long since I’ve had a couple of guys taking care of my needs.  If you insist, I guess I can help you boys out by spending more time in Kevin’s hotel room so you don’t get interrupted while taking advantage of his wife,” she laughed.  

“You know it’s fun seducing a married guy, especially when I get to teach him so much about sex.  It’s like he’s losing his virginity all over again.  Actually, Kevin’s not a bad lover, he just needs to learn how to please a woman’s body instead of just his own.  Melissa will like what he’s learned so far I guarantee it.  Don’t let her get too addicted to your cock my love.  Remember we’re giving them back to each other this weekend.”

“No guarantees babe.  She already admitted she’s becoming addicted to swallowing cum and her mouth is damn good!  Quite frankly, I’m hoping Kevin doesn’t let her give him head.  Melissa would be over constantly making me feed her a nice helping of protein, if not finding her own guys to add to the menu.”

I was looking forward to that night.  A friend who had participated in turning Kim into the slut she has become, was going to help out with the next phase of turning Melissa into the cum slut she yearned to be.  Steve has been over to my house on several occasions plowing into Kim’s pussy while I was at work, feeding her pussy his DNA.  I was sure he would love to be part of bringing out the a slut of another man’s wife.  

Steve was also married but his wife thought sex was just a wife’s duty to her husband and doesn’t get much from the act.  Steve still loves his wife so Kim has kept him satisfied by being his slut behind her back.   She has kept him happy enough to where he doesn’t go out and get it from someone who might become emotionally attached.

End of part 3.  Part 4 coming soon, Coveting another mans wife’ ass.