Date Night

I did it!! I went on an actual date. The kind that a guy picks me up and takes me to dinner then dancing.  Well, the dancing wasn’t me, it was with strippers at Alaskan Bush Co. He picked me up at home and I asked him if I could suck his cock right off the bat. (don’t you wish your date would do that?) 😆 I wasn’t able to cum just with my mouth right away so he asked to fuck me and of course being another man’s wife and a total cock slut, I said yes. 😊

I didn’t want him to give me a creampie, no condom, so when he was ready to shoot, I sucked his cock until he unloaded down my throat. Load #1

Then we went to dinner which you could care less about and then to the strip club. It was the first time I had ever been to one.  We sat at the bar where the girls were so I got stripper tits rubbed into my face. 😆 That was a 1st too, go figure.

After the date he took me home and right to my bedroom.  Oh, btw, hubby was kind enough to not be home both when the guy picked me up and when I was brought home so I could get laid with no interruptions.  He fucked me in several positions, we 69’d and I had multiple orgasms before he again pulled out to feed my throat load #2.  He said my mouth was so good that he wanted to get my mouth, how sweet 😊 No video because it was a sex date, not for content. Hubby did take some screen shots from the security cameras in the house so I put them on here for you. Enjoy