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Date Night

I did it!! I went on an actual date. The kind that a guy picks me up and takes me to dinner then dancing.  Well, the dancing wasn’t me, it was with strippers at Alaskan Bush Co. He picked me up at home and I asked him if I could suck his cock right off the bat. (don’t you wish your date would do that?) 😆 I wasn’t able to cum just with my mouth right away so he asked to fuck me and of course being another man’s wife and a total cock slut, I said yes. 😊

I didn’t want him to give me a creampie, no condom, so when he was ready to shoot, I sucked his cock until he unloaded down my throat. Load #1

Then we went to dinner which you could care less about and then to the strip club. It was the first time I had ever been to one.  We sat at the bar where the girls were so I got stripper tits rubbed into my face. 😆 That was a 1st too, go figure.

After the date he took me home and right to my bedroom.  Oh, btw, hubby was kind enough to not be home both when the guy picked me up and when I was brought home so I could get laid with no interruptions.  He fucked me in several positions, we 69’d and I had multiple orgasms before he again pulled out to feed my throat load #2.  He said my mouth was so good that he wanted to get my mouth, how sweet 😊 No video because it was a sex date, not for content. Hubby did take some screen shots from the security cameras in the house so I put them on here for you. Enjoy

Las Vegas Debauchery

Finally!! I know I didn’t write about it but on July 4th I had a bit of a boo boo. Ouch. A firework hit my leg and put me out of service for quite a while. Well, just under 3 months mot having sex with other men for me is a looooong time.  The middle of September I went to Vegas to change all that.  My leg still hurt but I didn’t care at this point.

I got there on Thursday late afternoon and didn’t waste any time. The hotel I stayed at was the Polo Towers.  A guy I befriended on Twitter let me use his suite he had access to.  I must admit I did pay for the room, with my body.  I arrived around 3pm and within the hour, my twitter friend was between my legs with his cock inside of me.  It was so hot.

The whole reason I was in town was to get used and used hard.  I had already been fucked once and 3 hours later I was in another man’s room getting double teamed by 2guys.  Talk about getting a fast start at getting my slut on. 😆

I ended up getting fucked by 5 guys over the weekend multiple times and yes, I even got bi with another hot woman.

Of course they werefilmed…Well except the first one. Only thing I wanted from him was sex.


Adding Galleries

Hey there, hope you’re doing good and having a good time watching me. I’m dumping hundreds of photos into my galleries today so stay tuned. I’ve been bad at posting these and the videos will be coming also. I forgot how hot just the pictures look of me taking good hard cock. I should be ashamed of myself for how much I enjoy and lust after extramarital fuck sessions but I don’t. 😝 Tell me what you like the most.

Love you all.

Kisses, Kara

Your Body, Your Choice

Good day everyone. Thank you so much for visiting me. I had this in my twitter and wanted to share it with you.

I personally used to think of promiscuous women as sluts (derogatory.) I never even tried to wrap my head around the concept that sex was good as long as it was consensual by both parties involved. The idea of sex with two men or (gasp) another woman would have sent me into a tizzy. 

I was the girl in church with my hand waving in the air knowing that all the evil & sexually deviant people would be going to hell & I would be saved. 

The Bible talks about how bad sex is and how, if you’re a woman, you are a harlot or an adulteress if you even think about sex outside of marriage. But does it? I’m not going to go into specifics by any means, that would take time and I, believe it or not, have a life. 

Let’s just surmise it to say that nowhere does it say that sex is bad, nor does it say that we should abstain from sexual thoughts or actions inside of morality.  (Who’s morality I ask.)

Why then, do we think that anyone who looks at another person as a sexual being is going to burn in hell?  I’ll tell you.  Because the Bible has been translated thousands of times by humans.  To be more precise, men.  Men with opinions, (another gasp).   

This is how I picture it.  One man reads a script from the book and has an opinion and so does another. They get together and write about what they thought they read. Years go by and more men read the re-written word and rewrite their own version so it is more understood by their own peers. (Stay with me here.) Then, more centuries go by and another person reads it and has another opinion and…Well you get the picture…Unconfessed confusion.

I could keep going but I won’t. Next time a person stands up and has an opinion, remember it is only his, or her, opinion.  Opinions are not facts, they are just that, opinions.  Wow, this is deep stuff…

The original text, therefore the facts, were buried as soon as man re-wrote them to match his opinion. What you do, do big as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or break some obviously deviant laws.  Your body should only be governed by you and nobody else.  

Oh by the way.  I told you I was righteous years ago.  Well…  While I was young, I was also in church groups, (because that’s what the righteous did.)  I went to church functions where guys I had just met would finger me in the van or church bus on the way to the function, or in my bed late at night while others talked around us.

We didn’t “do it”. The guys, a different one for each trip,  just made me feel good. Nobody was hurt and the world didn’t end. I didn’t even try to push them away.  Oh the hypocrisy! But hey, I stayed a virgin. 

Sorry, you thought I was done a few paragraphs ago.  Don’t worry, I’m almost there.

Why am I the woman I am today?  Because I finally realized that I am a woman and women are made to be sexual, just like men. I found out that I not only liked sex, but the joy of sex completely turned my life around. Cue the angels…

When I had my sexual awakening not so long ago, my self confidence got better exponentially.  My self esteem rose and in fact, my whole self got better.  I even started liking myself!!  What a concept.

Bottom line is this.  You be you.  It’s your body, your choice.  “They” can just keep their opinions to themselves because, well, if you only knew what they are doing behind closed doors… 

Kisses, Kara

My 1st Time Sleepover

Hi guys, I wanted to tell you about the first time I ever actually stayed the night with a guy all alone. The man in the picture is the actual man who I slept with.

I made it a rule to never “sleep” with another guy, as in sex, then staying the night or going off for a weekend with just the guy and me, I mean, seriously, I’m a happily married woman for goodness sakes:))  I never wanted to share my body with a guy alone.  Share by body…Still sounds so deviant.. Well, it only took 13 sex partners to change my mind for a night. (there again…”only: ))

V, the guy in question wanted to take me for a whole night and my husband wanted to see what it would be like knowing that I was in the arms of another man, knowing that I would be another man’s sex toy for the entire night.  Why did I do it?  Morning sex;)

I had already been with V a few times and the sex was always very orgasmic.  He was the kind of guy who loved the idea of fucking another man’s wife and then sending her home to her husband.  Luckily, my husband is a strong man who allowed the guy to get his wish.  To add to V’s fantasy come true, I never asked him to wear a condom so he was always able to creampie another man’s wife, me.

The night started out as a 3some.  Both guys took turns with me, kissing me, using their mouths on me and mine on them.  Man I was loving sucking cock while another guy fucked me from behind!!!

I still had not made up my mind if I wanted to sleep over, it just wasn’t my thing.  I mean, I wanted the sex, I just wanted my husband to always be there and to take me home. This time was different.  I came so many times and when I was on the bed with V between my legs, he asked me to stay the night so he could fuck me…In his words, “I want to fuck you all night. Stay with me so I can fill you as much as I can and when we wake up, I’ll fill you some more just before I send you back to your husband.”

Well that did it.  He came inside of me right after I said, “Yes, I’ll stay.” He asked “What do you want?” And I said “I want you to fuck me all night long.”

We went to the living room where we talked some more. It was a little awkward since I had never said goodbye to hubby before in this situation.  It was still fairly early so it wasn’t like we needed to get to bed or anything and besides,   V needed time to recover anyways.

After a while, hubby went to the car to get my things that I brought just in case.  I noticed he took his sweet time getting back.  It took him so long that when he did finally come in, he saw V making out with me again on the couch.  Hubby said he should probably say good night now before I get lost in lust again so we hugged, kissed and he said to have fun.

V and I embraced thinking hubby had left but he didn’t.  He told me the next day that he watched from the corner as V got between my legs and fucked me yet again after I sucked him to hardness.  We were going at it pretty good when hubby finally left.  He said he wanted to see how I would look while thinking I was alone.  He said it was the hottest thing ever.

Let’s just say that I’m not exactly sure how many times V fucked me or how many loads I took, but I know when hubby left I had already took 1, then another after hubby left. Another one about 2 hours later before we actually went to sleep and another one sometime during the night, when, I have no idea.  Then when we got up, he fucked me in the shower from behind.

When hubby finally did come get me, I had just got dressed and had a freshly fucked pussy.

You might think that I loved it and wanted to do it again, well, yes and no.  Again, I loved the sex but I didn’t enjoy having sex as much without my husband being there.  And, with hubby being a voyeur, he didn’t get to enjoy watching as much as I wanted him to.

I love being a hotwife, slut

Kisses, Kara