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Boring Party Night

Just a few weeks ago, I was invited to a party 90 min away.  I’ve gone before but this time it was the same host, just a different location.  This is where I wished I had more information.  The people at the party were nice enough.  There just wasn’t any guys that I wanted to fuck.

There was a few guys but, one was a regular in my bed already.  Another guy, I had shot porn with just days before so, I invited him to meet me there but he only lasted an hour before he booked.

I did fuck the host.  At least I did get me some.  I was pretty bummed because I have been on the prowl for some new cock and I needed some pretty badly which is why I go to house parties.

The problem?  I felt I was at a party with a bunch of senior citizens. Nothing against them, I mean, I am not far away.  I’m talking about most of them with white hair and 10 years older than me and I’m in my 50’s.

I really didn’t have anything to worry about.  I didn’t even get talked to by anybody except my 3 guy friends.

I did end up getting what I needed a week later.  I invited one of the guys over to my bed a week later and he plowed into me pretty good just the day after another invite fucked me to delirium. Gawd I needed that.

As usual I’m looking for more.  I seriously need help with my Sex Addiction. Not to cure it, to add to it. 😝

Maybe next time I should just get on my hands and knees to see if anyone wants a piece. 😆

I Need More Men

Here I am, a milf by many mens standards. I’m happily married to a fantastic man. I have kids that are grown up and a life that I love.

It would seem like I have it all but I don’t.  You see, I am addicted to fucking other men. I know you don’t feel for me since that’s why you’re  here 😝

You want to see another man’s wife be a total slut for as many men as she can take. Don’t worry. That’s my goal too.

My problem is that I have this life and still want more men, or cock, if you prefer.  In the past few months of just this year, being April of 2023, I’ve had only 7 men fuck me. Now for a married woman that is a lot but for me it’s a weekend. 😱

What can I say, I love to fuck!! I don’t do it for the money, but I’ll take it to pay for all the editing I do for you. There are actually many times that I have had a gangbang and you never knew about it because I don’t film it. I go to the sex parties because that’s where the horny guys are and I want them inside of me constantly it seems.

Last year by this time, I think I had more like 20 guys by now 😳

I’ve had I think 2 brand new lovers this year and I am yearning for more.

Seriously, if you are on twitter @hotwifekara and you are a fit guy who can see your toes and have some muscle and not just bone.  Let me know. If you’re local, I might just like to take you deep inside of me.

The BBC question

I have a dilemma.  I have a friend with benefits of the deep penetrating and pussy stretching kind and I don’t think I can take him anymore 😢 He’s a married man and has been fucking me for around 5 years or so, usually when my husband is at work.

He was just here a few days ago and my pussy is still sore from the beating it took. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pounding.  He arrived right at his appointed time of 11am and was balls deep inside of my married pussy by 11:30am. He’s a gentle lover, knowing how big he is, but it takes a while for me to loosen up for his full penetration.  He says he’s 9″ but I would say he’s just making me feel less intimidated so I think I can take it. 😆 It’s not his length that gets me, it’s his girth. I don’t know how thick he is but he’s just under a soda can.

I know I said it only took :30 for him to get balls deep inside of me, which I didn’t think he would have been able to do. But, when he gets here, we are usually so ramped up that we go straight to the bedroom.

I don’t know how some guys do it but we had sex for 90 minutes!!!!! We took a break once after he dumped, what he said was a huge load into my married pussy. I wouldn’t know since it was so deep that it never came out.  You know how much I love to suck cock and I sucked him a lot.  He would fuck me for a while then, pull out to let me suck and lick my pussy juices off of his cock. I really like doing that. 😘

After he came in me the first time, he would pull out and let me lick his cum along with my juice off of him. That sounds so wrong but I love it. My hubby calls me a cleaner for that reason. 😝

After he used my pussy enough and he had to cum the second time, he pushed as deep into me as I think he’s ever been and shot, no doubt, right agains my cervix.

I’ve told my husband time and again that I just can’t take him anymore but each time I do, I find myself on my back with my legs in the air with him between them, working his huge cock into my petite little pussy.


Date Night

I did it!! I went on an actual date. The kind that a guy picks me up and takes me to dinner then dancing.  Well, the dancing wasn’t me, it was with strippers at Alaskan Bush Co. He picked me up at home and I asked him if I could suck his cock right off the bat. (don’t you wish your date would do that?) 😆 I wasn’t able to cum just with my mouth right away so he asked to fuck me and of course being another man’s wife and a total cock slut, I said yes. 😊

I didn’t want him to give me a creampie, no condom, so when he was ready to shoot, I sucked his cock until he unloaded down my throat. Load #1

Then we went to dinner which you could care less about and then to the strip club. It was the first time I had ever been to one.  We sat at the bar where the girls were so I got stripper tits rubbed into my face. 😆 That was a 1st too, go figure.

After the date he took me home and right to my bedroom.  Oh, btw, hubby was kind enough to not be home both when the guy picked me up and when I was brought home so I could get laid with no interruptions.  He fucked me in several positions, we 69’d and I had multiple orgasms before he again pulled out to feed my throat load #2.  He said my mouth was so good that he wanted to get my mouth, how sweet 😊 No video because it was a sex date, not for content. Hubby did take some screen shots from the security cameras in the house so I put them on here for you. Enjoy

Las Vegas Debauchery

Finally!! I know I didn’t write about it but on July 4th I had a bit of a boo boo. Ouch. A firework hit my leg and put me out of service for quite a while. Well, just under 3 months mot having sex with other men for me is a looooong time.  The middle of September I went to Vegas to change all that.  My leg still hurt but I didn’t care at this point.

I got there on Thursday late afternoon and didn’t waste any time. The hotel I stayed at was the Polo Towers.  A guy I befriended on Twitter let me use his suite he had access to.  I must admit I did pay for the room, with my body.  I arrived around 3pm and within the hour, my twitter friend was between my legs with his cock inside of me.  It was so hot.

The whole reason I was in town was to get used and used hard.  I had already been fucked once and 3 hours later I was in another man’s room getting double teamed by 2guys.  Talk about getting a fast start at getting my slut on. 😆

I ended up getting fucked by 5 guys over the weekend multiple times and yes, I even got bi with another hot woman.

Of course they werefilmed…Well except the first one. Only thing I wanted from him was sex.