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Bubble Bath

It was my wedding anniversary and my husband got us a room at a resort. He also invited another man to celebrate with but that’s another story, enjoy perving on me taking a very relaxing bubble bath.

Bachelor Party Fun

I was invited to a bachelor party as the “party favor”.  The best man set it up so I was wrapped in a box & when the groom opened the lid, I popped out.  You should have seen the look on his face!  I danced around him & his groomsmen for a bit getting fresh with all of them.  Then I shoved the groom into a chair where I gave him a very suggestive lap dance.  I had a scarf with me that I was using to dance with & wrapped it around his neck so I could lead him up to my room.  Once in my room, I continued to seduce him.  He loosened up a bit & enjoyed his last “free” night with a stranger.

Long Time Cumming

His first time fucking me was at a house party.  I later invited him over to my place so he could fuck me properly without a condom. C was one of the guys who I invited over to use my married body as he saw fit.

A lot of time had gone by when we finally hooked up again so, we got a room at a very nice resort.

It had been so long since I had a cock his size, we had to go very slow and easy.  It actually hurt quite a bit but I wanted it inside of me balls deep.

Unfortunately, we were unable to complete the deal.  I finally tapped out. It was really disappointing that I couldn’t take him until he was able to give me his sperm deep inside of my womb as he has done before.

Believe me, a few weeks later, I made it up to him and took him but that’s another story.   

From Regular Slut to Porn Slut

This was my 1st ever official porn shoot.  My husband had been filming me with his phone and a 35mm camera so this was totally new.  Dfw Knight talked to my husband and me for a few months before we finally decided to meet.

I was extremely nervous to actually get behind a real camera and to film a pornographic movie for everyone on the internet to see.

When we started, I was almost shaking but my lust quickly took hold and all I cared about was sex.  I was in bed with an amateur pornstar and I just wanted his cock inside of me in the worse way ever.

Hubby grabbed the camera and Knight and I went at it.  I was embarrassed when I squirted for the first and second time but I just kept going.  I wanted him to shoot his big BBC load deep inside of my pussy against my womb and he did just that.

That was so hot and I think I lost count of orgasms at 1.  My husband said I only had a few orgasms but they lasted for the entire time we fucked.