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The Sweet Taste of Forbidden Fruit 4

“FUUUCK…I’M…CUUUUUMMMMINGGGG…Fuck me…I want your cum inside of me. Do it, do it!! Yes, yes, yes, shoot it inside of me. SO GOOOOD ,YESS fill meeeeee…”

The sounds of Melissa’s continuous, mind-altering orgasms continued to ring in my head for hours after I had already left her. The last picture I have of Melissa is of her lying in her bed. One leg out straight. The other, opened and tilted to the side with her red, well used pussy leaking my sperm. I could see it slowly oozing from her married, gaped pussy, down her ass and onto the bed sheets below.

I didn’t want to butI had to leave. I needed to go to work for a few hours and I ended up being pretty useless. All I could think about was Melissa as she screamed and moaned as my cock plundered the married woman’s virtue. When I finally did clock out for the day, my thoughts went to tonight. I had invited my new conquest to my place, telling her I wanted to take her anal virginity.

I had left the decision up to her and was hoping she would give into her new found passion. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so direct, after all, having half the day to think about giving her final virginity to another man might snap her out of the sexual dream world she was currently enjoying. I could just take her ass while I fucked her again, as I was sure I would. As of right now, her resolve was pretty fragile considering she had already given her mouth and pussy to me so completely and her body, I was sure, wanted more.

Why didn’t I just take advantage of her weakness and just push into her back door the next chance I got? Simple, I wanted her to submit herself to me willingly and completely while being totally aware of her decision. I wanted her to realize that another man besides her husband, was going to take something that she could only give once for the first time, her ass.

Of course, Melissa had no idea that my wife was out of town staying at the same hotel her puritanical husband was staying for a week long conference. Kim successfully seduced Melissa’s husband, Kevin, who had been coerced to let her suck his cock. One thing led to another and my wife was now taking Kevin’s cock into her pussy every chance he got, which was often.

Kim was teaching the nearly virginal Kevin that women are naturally highly sexual beings and shouldn’t be left on a mantle at home. She hinted that doing so, If not careful, could allow the wolf into his own bed to lie between his wife’s legs. I was the wolf she eluded to and I not only bedded her in her own home, her scent also permeated my own sheets.

I had texted Melissa twice with no response, telling her that I couldn’t wait till the 7 o’clock hour I had suggested for her to be at my place.

“Can’t wait 2B in U again 2night.”

“Hope U have been thinking about what I said about UR perfect ass. It’s so round and firm, it would be a shame not 2 share it with someone who appreciates such a sexy tush. I promise 2 take U slow.”

Melissa received the first text and hesitated to answer since she had no intention of cheating on her husband yet again. Her body and mind were fighting a battle. Her mind knew she definitely needed to stay away from any situation where her clothes would end up on another man’s floor. Her body felt as if she was desperately needing to get thoroughly used and fucked yet again no matter who would be doing the fucking.

Melissa didn’t have to go to work for a few more days and the constant throbbing in her pussy was making it hard to focus. She tried to call work to see if she could come in that night to give her something else to focus on but they didn’t need her. She was looking for an excuse to not follow her body’s urging to give in to her sudden needs. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for me, she stayed available.

Melissa tried hard to convince herself. “No way am I going to shower and prim myself for another man while Kevin is out of town, or ever. I can’t believe I’ve been such a slut, and for another man. I’ve cheated enough for a lifetime.” She told herself that she would never be able to live with herself if she slipped up again.

The second text flat out scared her. She had forgotten about the anal sex part, even though she was open to the idea when she was still aroused and leaking another man’s cum.

“Sex in my ass? How does that even work…” She was curious and there was no way her husband would ever experiment with her, which made her think about it even more until her mind wouldn’t shut up about it.

After reading the texts over and over, Melissa’s juices started to flow yet again and the throbbing in her loins got louder.

“Oh my god, stop!!!”

It was better to just ignore them, if only she could.

“Sodomy is a sin, at least, Kevin thinks so. Dammit, Melissa,” she thought to herself, “face it, you are having some strange ideas on how to be a good, loyal wife.”

Every time Melissa was finally able to focus on something else, her mind would wander back to her infidelity. “I was seduced into cheating on my husband. I actually sucked another man’s cock and I liked it. Oh my god I didn’t just like it, I loved it! I still don’t believe I could swallow that much…stuff. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

Melissa kept beating herself up throughout the day, not realizing her pussy was throbbing and soaking wet, preparing it just in case it needed the lubricant.

“I gave my vagina to him…No, that’s not right, my pussy. I gave my pussy to another man and let him fill me with his cum. Not to mention my mouth, oh god. Now he wants me to just casually go over to his place, me, a married woman and give him my ass? So I made a mistake, yes a huge one. One I can never take back. But my ass?! My husband has never even done that. I just can’t! I won’t!”


Steve showed up at my place around 6:30pm. I wanted to introduce him to Melissa right away when she got there but he recommended we wait until I had her naked and thoroughly aroused so her inhibitions would be lowered to the point of no return. 7:00pm came and went. It looked like I misjudged Melissa and it seemed that tonight was going to be a no show.

“Don’t worry, Mike, she’ll be here. From what you’ve told me, she’s probably just confused and horny at the same time. I’m sure she’s been beating herself up all day for what she did. Don’t forget, she cheated on her husband with you for the first time. Just remember, this time, she’s making a conscious decision to step out on her husband. It’s a big step.”

“The way I see it,” Steve continued, “when she shows up, and she will, she’s giving you permission to do whatever you want with her slutty little body. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on her. Those pictures you sent with her mouth wrapped around your cock were pretty awesome. I want to feel her lips, both sets wrapped around me. I owe you big time for allowing me to be part of this.”

“By the way, when are you going to finish seducing my wife so I don’t have to keep taking showers when I get home? One of these days I’m going to fuck Kim and go right home to make my wife suck another woman’s pussy off of my cock just to see if she notices.”

“Man, your wife isn’t just cold, Steve, she’s an iceberg! Not sure if anyone can thaw her out.”


Melissa had taken an early bubble bath to relax and to try to forget the happenings of earlier. She was still feeling ashamed at what she had continued to let happen to her. Her intentions were to call it an early night, but the constant yearnings deep inside of her vagina and the impure thoughts in her mind were not going to be easily driven out, but she had to try.

While soaking in the tub, her mind kept flashing images of herself in the throes of ecstasy. Moans of forbidden pleasure along with dirty, filthy words that she had never used until recently, kept violating her mind. The voices haunted her because they were her own words that she had never spoken before. She had actually begged another man besides her husband to do unspeakable things to her. Things that even her husband had never done during their first year of marriage.

Looking over to the bathroom trash, she saw her torn panties, reminding her of how they had become torn in the first place. Her pussy twitched at the thought of being bent over the couch and taken while she tried talking to her own husband earlier that day. The thoughts of being fucked in her own bed entered her mind and of being filled by another man’s potent cum to overflowing still seared into her memory. She could still remember the feel of his sperm running out of her pussy and down her ass. It was the most degrading, yet exhilarating feeling she had ever felt.

“Stop it, Melissa, damn it, stop! I need to get my head on straight.”

The more she tried pushing the visions out of her mind, the more she fell into a sexual cloud. Eventually, her body demanded that she give it some attention. She fought the temptation to touch herself for as long as she could before she realized her hands were already caressing her body. Her fingers had started rubbing the outer edges of her labia and clitoris as if they had a mind of their own. She noticed how grossly swollen and blood engorged they were. Melissa’s nipples grew so hard that they ached. After bringing herself to an unexpectedly quick and violent orgasm without even intending to, she gasped at the realization that she had two fingers deep inside of her pussy as well as another in her ass, solidifying her decision.

After Melissa’s bath had turned cold and the bubbles all cleared, her mind remained in a post orgasmic haze as one more orgasm escaped before ending the bath. Toweling the water from her body, she jumped when the edges scraped her nipples, sending erotic signals to her clitoris. Absentmindedly, she watched herself in the mirror as she slid on a sexy thong that Kevin, her own husband, didn’t know she owned. Next was a pair of shorts that she dug out of the back of her drawers that fit much smaller than the actual size printed on the tag.

Melissa, moving as if in a dream world, still hated herself for the immorality at what she was about to let happen behind her husband’s back, but she seemed powerless to stop herself. It was as if she were watching another woman getting ready to sacrifice her body to the impure pleasures she so deeply and secretly desired.

Turning in the mirror, Melissa blushed when she saw her fleshy ass cheeks overflowing from the bottom of her shorts. They were so tight that they showed the separation of her swollen labia and accentuated her ass as if the denim was painted on. Looking between her legs from the front, she could see her butt cheeks through her thigh gap. “That does look hot, I can see why men look.”

The shorts she wore had not adorned her body since her honeymoon. The first and last time they were worn was for Kevin as a surprise, thinking that it would turn her new husband on to the point of him ripping them off to make hot passionate love to her right there. When Kevin saw her wearing them, he was actually repulsed by them and refused to leave the hotel with her, telling her that she needed to burn them because, “I won’t have my wife dressing and looking like a $2 whore.”

Looking at herself now, she couldn’t decide if she wished she had thrown them away or glad that she hadn’t. This time they were being worn for another man who would appreciate the sexiness of the short shorts. She also realized that they would be on another man’s bedroom floor next to her sexy little panties.

Along with the slutty shorts, Melissa had on a t-shirt and bra, but with the feeling between her legs and the arousal still building, she challenged herself to see if she had the audacity to go without the confinement of her breasts, something she had never done.

At 7:00 pm, Melissa sat in her car a few buildings down from my own, wondering if she could actually go through with this act of shameless immorality. Melissa looked like a totally different woman dressed in her tight fitting shorts with her secretively sexy panties.

Her bra had been removed and her t-shirt was replaced with a burgundy silk blouse with a deep, plunging neckline that easily showed off her small, firm breasts and perky nipples. If she bent over, anyone could see her areoles capped with her constantly hard, erect buds which were currently filled with arousal. Every nerve ending in her nipples screamed for attention and were attached to her engorged clit and mound making it increasingly uncomfortable, yet excruciatingly arousing.

Melissa figured she was already dressing like a whore so she might as well top it off with her black 4” heals to show off her legs.

“What am I doing? I’m happily married to a wonderful man who loves me. So what if he’s concentrating on making money right now. It’s for our future right? Maybe I’m not getting the sex that I thought I would be getting but how important is that, really? How can I dress like this for another man? Kevin was right, I look like a total whore.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she sternly looked in the car’s mirror trying to decide how important sex was and how much she yearned to be taken and fucked like a real woman. Melissa summoned up the strength to call her husband, hoping he would unknowingly say something to change her direction from whoring herself out for a night of unbridled passion. She hoped hearing his voice would persuade her to be the good, loyal wife she so badly wanted to be. When he didn’t answer, her heart dropped before she desperately texted him.

“Hi sweetheart, wanted 2 chk 2 see how U R doing. I need U so bad, can’t wait 2 have U in bed with me ;)” After a few minutes of talking to herself in the car, begging her husband to respond or call, but deep down hoping that he wouldn’t, she finally got a reply…

“Bsy, ttyl.”

A tear ran down Melissa’s cheek as she stared down at Kevin’s reply, hoping that it was just a mistake. She was hoping to hear his voice so she would feel morally obligated to turn around and go home instead of going through with her immoral act of promiscuity, knowing that if she went into the home, she would not be coming out til morning until her pussy was sore and thoroughly abused.

What could be so important at 7:20 pm that would prevent Kevin from talking to his wife, Melissa thought in anger. Of course, he didn’t know that his wife was parked outside another man’s home dressed like a slut, ready to give herself to him completely. Finally, knowing that the throbbing in her loins had won again and was only getting worse, she responded to his text.

“Dnt bthr, I’ll b busy, all ntr with friend. Won’t have phne on. Gd nite.” Of course she didn’t tell him what her anger really wanted to say, “I’ll be in another man’s bed tonight since you won’t pay attention to me. I’m wearing the whore shorts you hated, he’ll appreciate them since you didn’t.”

Melissa then quickly turned her phone off, drove the few hundred feet before stopping in front of my home. Looking around to see if anyone was around, she briskly walked her way to my door, the seam of her shorts rubbing her private parts on every step.

At 7:25 on the nose, Melissa knocked on my door.

“Damn Melissa you look hot as hell, come in, please. I didn’t think you were coming.”

“I wasn’t. I had no intention of giving in.” Her voice had a hint of spite in it. “I still don’t know what I’m doing here.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure you know exactly what you’re doing here and I’m glad you decided to give yourself to me for the night.”

I slowly walked around Melissa, looking at her sexy body as if I was trying to decide which delicious part of her to devour first.

“Oh my god, Melissa! You really do have an incredible ass.” Her butt cheeks were squeezing out of her shorts and looked fantastic with all the exposed ass flesh.

Melissa stiffened just for a moment as my hand went to her butt cheeks and gently felt where her shorts ended and her skin began. “It’s good to see you honored my request… And that shirt, nice. If I were to ask you to wear something, this would be it for sure.”

“How do you of all people even own a pair of shorts like these? No offense intended. I mean, did you find some clothes from when you were even smaller than you are now?”

“I tried wearing them for, Kevin…A year ago on our honeymoon. He told me they made me look like a whore, then told me to throw them away.”

“Well, I for one am glad you didn’t listen to him, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy you wearing them for me if you did. If I may say, he’s a fool to not want you as his personal whore. I have a feeling that if he liked those shorts, you wouldn’t be standing in front of another man hoping that he, I, liked them on you. Well, let me tell you, Melissa, they make you look sexy as hell. I think you enjoy showing your legs and ass off don’t you?”

I waited for several seconds before repeating my question, wanting Melissa to admit her desires. “You are hoping that I like what I see aren’t you, Melissa? It’s okay, you can tell me.”

Melissa turned red again, looked down to her feet then shook her head in the affirmative just enough so I could see. Then she spoke.

“Do I really look good? I feel like a whore.”

“Melissa, no, you don’t look like a whore. But the fact that you’re standing in my entryway dressed like that tells me you’re more than ready to give yourself to me as a real woman would. Ready to give yourself to me for the night? Are you ready to be my slut?”

I could see her aroused nipples poking out through her shirt. I reached up to barely touch them through the blouse with the back of my fingers while I spoke, producing a moan from between Melissa’s lips.

“Oh god, yes, I think I am,” Melissa said, trying to be brave. “I figured I needed to get this out of my system so I could get back to being a good, loyal wife again. I feel so ashamed for actually agreeing to come here but I couldn’t help it. So yes, Mike, tonight I’ll be your slut.”

My hands moved to the center of her chest, touching her bare skin, unhindered by any covering. I moved both hands slowly from the center to the sides, moving under her loose fitting shirt to the lower part of her breasts that curved upwards towards her nipples. The shirt moved freely to the corners of her shoulders, exposing her perfect and hardened nipples to my gaze.

“You made the right choice for both of us, we’re going to really enjoy ourselves. I promise, you’ll be feeling like the slut you are wanting to be soon enough. I hope you weren’t planning on laying in your own bed tonight.”

As I felt the soft, under curvature of her breasts, I moved closer until we were joined at the hips. After only a short hesitation on Melissa’s part, we kissed softly and intimately, our tongues naturally sliding together, tasting each others saliva. There was no reason to be hurried tonight as no presumptions remained. Tonight, another man’s wife, belonged to me.

As we kissed, my hands moved from her tits to her ass and back again while her arms awkwardly went around my neck to hold me firm, submitting to her passion.

“Why did you come to me tonight, Melissa?” My own perverse sense of conquering the morally naive bride demanded that I hear her say it.

Timidly , Melissa reached down to grasp the bulge of my pants. I heard a moan coming from her as she started rubbing the outline of my hard cock, experiencing how hard she made me.

She almost whimpered a reply. “I need to experience things that my husband would never even think to do to me.” I heard myself moan as she pulled my lips back to hers, shoving her tongue to the back of my throat while still squeezing my cock. She pulled back again but for only a moment as she looked into my eyes.

“I need you to fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before, don’t hold back.” No more words were spoken as we just stood in the entryway, embracing like lovers with our lips locked in a passionate kiss.

From the crack in the door, Steve watched me with Melissa and couldn’t believe how hot she looked. Dressed as she was, she certainly didn’t look like the naive, innocent girl I told him about.

The heat between Melissa and me, along with his own hardening cock, made Steve decide to make his presence known early. He wanted nothing more than to get his hands on that beautifully pure body and to soil it with his own seed.

“Who was at the door?”

Melissa, jumped back and squealed from being startled at the unexpected visitor who suddenly walked into the room. She hurriedly crossed her arms and turned her body away from Steve to hide her breasts that were still poking out from her open shirt.

“Don’t worry Melissa,” I said. “He came over unexpectedly just a little before you arrived. I apologize that I didn’t say anything but your looks distracted me from being able to think straight. Steve needed a place to stay for a few hours while his wife was having an all girls party.”

Melissa was completely embarrassment at being caught in a compromising embrace with a man who wasn’t her husband, especially since what he might have just heard her say.

“Steve, this is my friend Melissa. Her husband is out of town right now so I’ve been taking care of her while he’s away.”

Melissa’s face turned crimson from embarrassment as she mock smacked my arm. She tried to play it off as a joke but knew that I had just told Steve that I was fucking her while her husband was out of town.

“Hi Melissa.” Steve looked Melissa up and down checking her out, not bothering to be discrete in the least.

“Wow you’re a knockout! I would love to be so lucky as to, “take care of you” while your husband was away too. It looks like him being out of town has great benefits from the looks of the tonsillectomy you were just performing on Mikey here. Oh, nice wedding ring by the way.”

“I definitely walked in too soon. If I waited a few more minutes, I may have seen a lot more of you than I already did. Let me know if you get tired of Mikey or if he’s not enough for you. I can take his place while he recovers if you like.”

Melissa was embarrassed beyond belief and didn’t know what to say. Steve obviously knew that Melissa was going to have sex with his friend. She was beet red in the face and chest and didn’t know what to do as I led her to the couch.

“Melissa is something else, Steve. She’s been married just under a year and I’ve been able to teach her a few things that she can try on her husband. Of course she won’t be telling him where she learned them from.”

“Mike!” Melissa finally shouted, but couldn’t find her voice to say anything else.

“Whatever you say my friend, maybe I can find out someday. I’ll leave you two alone so you can “take care of each other.” Just keep it down, it’s been awhile since I’ve had sex and you’ll kill me if she’s a screamer.”

“On the other hand, I hope you are a screamer, Melissa. At least I would know that someone else was at least getting some. Have fun and don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I’m betting your husband has no idea who’s bed you’ll be in tonight?”

“Dude, c’mon give her a break, she’s new to this. Besides, she can’t help it if she’s not getting satisfied.”

“I’m sorry for being so direct, Melissa. Not having sex for as long as I have, has taken its toll. I’ll be in the other room fantasizing that it was me doing the things Mike’s probably going to be doing to you. Holler if you need me. I hope you won’t mind if I pop my head in every once in a while to feed my head with impure thoughts.”

Melissa hit me again and started scolding me right after Steve left the room without closing the door.

”What were you thinking telling him that? I can’t afford to let people know I’ve had sex with another man! I need to go. He saw us kissing and touching each other. What if my husband finds out!? I can’t let anyone know about this.”

Melissa looked down at her body, “Oh my god look at the way I’m dressed, he must think I’m such a slut! I thought you would be more discreet!” Melissa put her hands over her face but made no move to get up and leave. “I’m completely humiliated.”

“Melissa, don’t worry about it. He’s not going to tell anybody. Believe me, he has his own secrets and yours are safe with him.”

“But he knows.”

“Yes, Melissa, he knows that you are stepping out on your husband and that we are going to fuck. He doesn’t care either. In fact, maybe you and him can get better acquainted so he can get some too. His wife isn’t interested in sex much so you could help him out.”

“Oh my god you can’t be serious!”

“Actually I am serious. What harm would it do if another guy got a taste of you? I mean, may as well get it now while you can. Now relax, you came to get fucked and that’s what you’re going to get. You’re already so turned on that you won’t care who’s cock is sliding inside of you after too long.”

I held Melissa while running my hands up and down her body as I spoke. “I have a feeling you two are going to hit it off just fine.”


“You came over to satisfy your sexual needs. We both know you want to be a slut for me tonight so just lie back and enjoy the ride.”

I was nibbling on Melissa’s neck and ear while slipping my hand inside of her shirt to feel her tits and to flick her erect nipples. If she was upset, her body sure wasn’t showing it. I reached down between her legs and barely pushed on her inner thigh. Her legs opened almost automatically as my hand went to the V between them to feel her out.

Dropping down, I kissed each breast and sucked on both nipples making her legs grind together around my probing hand. Slipping my fingers into the leg of her shorts wasn’t working since they were way to tight so I remained content to gently rub her pussy through the shorts, making the seam push against her clit as she moved and rotated her hips to meet my hands.

Melissa was so aroused that she needed this to happen quicker. She reached for her shorts button and opened them along with pulling down her zipper before slipping them down just enough so my hands could get where she needed them to be. We looked like two high school kids making out on the couch with the parents gone and I was loving it.

Melissa spread her knees as wide as she could, which still wasn’t far, while my middle finger penetrated her soaking wet cunt to the second knuckle. I moved my finger making a “come hither” motion, extracting her first orgasm of the night.

Melissa tried to fight the urge to respond so strongly but her orgasm was too intense, making her force out a moan that even Steve felt in his loins.

While she was cumming, I was whispering in her ear, “I want to watch Steve slide his cock into your pussy,” knowing that she would hear me but wouldn’t be in the state of mind to respond. Little did Melissa know, Steve was watching the action from the crack in the door waiting for the right time.

Pulling out of her wetness, I slid my fingers across her lips. Opening her mouth, Melissa accepted the juice covered digits. She actually held my wrist and acted as if it were my cock as she sucked my fingers into her mouth, licking and cleaning her own lubricant off of them.

“You know you want the real thing, Melissa. Take it.”

Melissa hesitated for only a moment before slithering down to her knees before me. “I don’t believe this is happening. Stand up, Mike. I need to do this before I come to my senses.”

After I stood, Melissa aggressively reached for my pants, undid the fasteners and pulled them down. She then pulled my underwear down and allowed me to step out of the bundle of clothes at my feet. She stared at my cock jutting out before her with her mouth hanging open.

Reaching up to cup my shaved balls, she gently felt them with one hand as the other began to stroke the shaft up and around the head and back again. She didn’t do it in a hurried fashion, it was more of a fascination of seeing another man’s cock in a new light. She wasn’t here being seduced, she was there for extramarital cock.

Melissa then stuck out her tongue and licked from my balls to the head, not allowing it to enter her mouth as of yet. She wanted to savor the feel and texture of another man’s cock before losing herself in the moment of what she was about to do.

I gently stroked her hair not wanting her to feel rushed or threatened as I watched my little slut fall deeper into her sinful debauchery. Without saying a word for a good two minutes, she looked up at me, gave me a little smile, then quickly engulfed the shaft almost all the way to my balls.

“Fuuuuck…” It’s amazing what a woman can do when lust is involved. Melissa never thought she would have so much cock in her mouth but she also never thought her husband would be in another city while she willingly gave her sex away.

I tried to sit down on the couch behind me since my legs were quickly turning into spaghetti but Melissa refused to give up the prize. As I fell backwards, she never lost contact with my cock and just kept sucking for all she was worth.

Melissa rotated both hands on the shaft, back and forth. Jacking it hard in one moment, soft the next, and that tongue, holy hell! Melissa was becoming an expert cock sucker and moaning on every thrust into her throat. She was a natural at how to please a man and didn’t even know it. What a shame. Occasionally, she would gag as she tried to stuff more into her airways but still refused to give up cock in place of air.

Melissa was obsessed and determined to take it all no matter what. She rose for just a second to say, “I need this so bad. I need you to use me however you want and as much as you can tonight.” She starred into my eyes for a moment too long before continuing. “I’m giving my married body to you, but if you ever tell anybody, I’ll cut your balls off.”

I certainly wasn’t going to give her an argument.

Then it struck me, did she just give Steve permission to fuck her too?

Melissa was finally getting the sex she thought she would when she got married almost a year ago, too bad her husband was away at the time of her sexual awakening.

The feeling of her ministrations with her hands and mouth was mind altering. I was barely coherent when I finally motioned for Steve to join us. He came in and quietly sat in the chair in the opposite corner where he could have a good view of Melissa’s terrific ass while she wildly sucked me. Occasionally, he would quietly move to the side so he could see her mouth working on my cock, his mouth open in awe. Melissa was too deep in her own actions to hear or didn’t care.

If I didn’t do anything, there would have been no way to stop the surge from coming up from my balls and filling Melissa’s mouth completely full. I wasn’t quite ready yet, so I brought Melissa up to kiss her lips again but not without hearing a pouting “no” coming from her lips when my cock popped from her lips. She was hoping to swallow my balls but that would have to wait for later.

While tongue fucking each other, I slipped her shorts a little further down to just past her knees. To the delight of Steve, Melissa stood for a moment and dropped the shorts along with her panties before stepping out of them. Without looking, she threw her clothes behind her and across the room to where Steve was perving on us. I had a feeling she was privy to my friend spying on us more than just being a lucky shot, if not an invitation for him. She then dropped back down to take my cock into her mouth, continuing right where she had left off.

While she worked on me, I palmed her breasts and diamond hard nipples, feeling the weight of her small package.

“I want to swallow it, Mike, don’t stop me again, please. I want to feel it shooting into my mouth and I want to taste it again.” Steve heard what Melissa said and mouthed, “Holy fuck.”

Steve picked up the shorts and panties and I had to laugh when I saw him bring the crotch to his nose and take a big whiff. He then looked at me smiling while he rolled his eyes at me, telling me that he could smell her sex.

“You want to taste what, Melissa? What do you want in your mouth, say it.”

Melissa hesitated and stared at my cock as her hands moved up and down the shaft, catching the pre-cum with her thumb and rubbing it over the entire head. All the while, her ass was gyrating and her mouth hung open in lustful abandon.

“I…I want your cum, dammit. There I said it again, now give it to me.” She said as she licked her fingers, cleaning them from the lube escaping my cock right before taking the shaft deep into her throat again.

“Oooh, fuck. Don’t you want to fuck, Melissa? That’s why you came over isn’t it? Don’t you want me to take you to my bed and ravish your slutty little pussy before your husband comes home?”

“Yes,” she said. She looked more annoyed that she kept having to take my cock out to answer my questions than anything else.

“I want you to fuck me again,” she said between sucking, “but I want to swallow first, please. Feeling…you, I mean, it.. your cum going down my throat, actually swallowing a man’s, sperm. It did something to me. He’s probably not going to let me do this when he gets home, let me taste it,” she pleaded. She then engulfed my cock again and seemingly doubled her efforts.

“Jeez, Melissa what has happened to you? I’ve never seen a woman before who loved sucking cock as much as you. Oooh, yes, that’s perfect. I have to tell you that you’re also one of the best too.” I could see a smile form on her face but she was still unwilling to dislodge from my cock.

Truth be told, I was stalling. All I wanted was to shut the hell up and let her milk me as my balls were aching for release. But as much as I hated it, I had to think long term, at least for the next few hours.

“I’ll think about letting you swallow me but the way you’re sucking my cock I don’t think I’ll have much of a choice. Holy shit you’ve turned into such a cum slut,” making her moan her approval. “What the hell are you doing with your tongue? Fuck!”

I finally sat back and let Melissa rock my world with her new oral talents. I almost shot my load on a couple of occasions but miraculously held off. I was in another world when I saw a movement, it was Steve looking at me as if he was begging for a chance of his own.

I figured I had better bring Steve into the party. I didn’t want to satisfy Melissa’s desire just yet.

“I have a surprise Melissa, but I think you already know what it is. Whatever I say or do, I want you to continue sucking my cock,” as if I could stop her. “Don’t you dare get up or look around or I won’t let you swallow me, do you understand?” I needed to hurry since my bravado was totally fake and I was quickly loosing the battle with her throat.

“Mmmmhmmm.” Melissa never took her mouth off but managed to moan an affirmative and give a slight head nod. “No matter what, Melissa.”

I then let out her surprise.

“I told you she could suck cock didn’t I Steve?”

Melissa let out a guttural moan, telling me what I had already expected. She was ready for more. She was long gone and pretty much anything that happened, she would not have had the strength, nor desire to say no.

“Let it happen, Melissa. Tonight, you’re my slut, remember? We’re going to give you something to make you feel like the most beautiful and desired woman alive. Tonight you don’t have to abide by any rules of marriage or have any moral obligations. You have two men here who desire you and want to make you feel better than you have ever felt.”

Letting out a long, drawn out sigh, she nervously continued her blow job. She knew that she was ours for the night, or were we hers? Either way, we were going to get dirty together and she didn’t have any desire to stop us. Melissa knew she was about to commit adultery with yet a second man tonight and that two men were going to fuck her this time.

“Melissa, you wouldn’t mind if Steve touched your body would you?” She just moaned again.

Steve watched as Melissa deep throated me, watching my cock disappear into her mouth only too reappear again and again.

“Hi again, Melissa,” Steve said softly. “You’re as gorgeous as Mike told me. I sure wouldn’t mind getting some of what you’re giving my buddy.” Melissa again just moaned but was so turned on that her hips and ass started moving back and forth, secretly hoping that we would just take her.

Steve’s hands started touching the adulteress woman before him, over her upturned ass, down her legs and up her sides, finally stopping to mold her breasts with his hands. He chose not to push it by touching her dripping pussy just yet, knowing he would be buried balls deep inside of her soon enough. He didn’t want to wake her from her illicit dream world she was currently experiencing but couldn’t wait any longer.

“You heard the man Melissa. Steve, why don’t you come over here and sit by me. Now Melissa don’t be shy. It’s obvious you want cock in your mouth so how about we show Steve your new skills.”

I pulled Melissa up from my cock as she remained on her knees and heard an angry moan coming from her lips.

“It’s time you felt what it’s like to be completely worshiped for the sexy slut you are craving to be.”

Steve and I switched positions while Melissa stayed put. I was now next to Steve while Melissa knelt between his legs.

“Don’t be rude now, Melissa. Your husband is not here to judge you and we are not going to kiss and tell. You came here to take cum, a kiss can’t be that bad.” That’s when Steve put his hand on Melissa’s chin, tilted her head up and the next thing she felt was Steve’s lips pressing into hers. This time she swooned and dropped her mouth open slightly to allow his tongue into her mouth, eliciting a moan from her throat.

Suddenly, Melissa put her hands on his chest to stop him. Looking at me she said with a formality of her being a lady more than anything else. “I can’t. I don’t even know him. With a stranger?”

“Tell us, Melissa, why did you get all dressed up like a slut and drive over to my place even though you have a shiny new wedding ring on your finger?” Melissa looked at me staring, not knowing what to say.

“It’s okay, Melissa. Steve knows you’ve spread your legs for me, he knows you’ve been cheating on your husband with me all week. He knows I’ve fucked you bareback and that you’ve taken my cum. He also knows you’ve become my little cum slut. Tell him what you came here for.”

Melissa didn’t even flinch at the vulgarity of my words, she looked down at the bulge in Steve’s pants and her hands on his thighs. Finally in a whisper she spoke.


“What, Melissa? Tell us what you want so bad that you were willing to violate your own wedding vows to drive all the way over to another man’s home, behind your husband’s back, dressed like a slut.”

“SEX, I came to have sex…but… Not with another man,” she pleaded. “I didn’t know someone else would be here.”

“Melissa, you are the hottest wife I’ve seen in a long time. You’re cute, sexy and extremely sensual. Any man would love to be where Steve and I are right now. We know why you’re here and know what you are going to do, we just want to hear it from you.”

Melissa looked at me, then Steve. “I…I’m here to….” Then she just blurted it all out. “I’m here to cheat on my husband…to get fucked in the ass for the first time!…THERE I said it.” Melissa’s hands went to her face. “Oh my god, I don’t believe I’m actually doing this. I’m being a total whore. Why can’t I just say no.”

Personally, I was shocked that Melissa actually said it to the extent that she did. Both Steve and I sat there ourselves not knowing what to say. I didn’t think she would remember the part about taking her anal virginity but here she was, admitting that she expected her ass to be taken. There was no way in hell that I wasn’t going to sodomize her virgin ass now.

“Wow, good girl, Melissa. Now that you admit that you’re here to be a fuck toy, let’s get you undressed completely. Hand me your shirt so we can see your tits.” Melissa slowly reached for her last bit of clothing and pulled her shirt off of her body before handing it to me, her eyes never looking up.

“Now, Melissa, you’re already on your knees, why don’t you do what I know you are aching to do. You don’t have to be shy, just go for it. You’ve already fucked one guy behind your husband’s back, another man’s cock in your mouth won’t make much difference.”

Melissa’s hands started moving on Steve’s legs, moving down his thighs and up again until finally, she reached the top. Her mind had turned to mush as she felt and watched her own hands unbutton Steve’s pants as if she were watching someone else doing it.

We could hear the zipper moving down. Melissa then reached for the waist and started pulling with a determination, not really caring that she was about to take another married man inside of her mouth.

“Hold on, Melissa,” Steve said. “Let me get up to make it easier for you. We’re in the same boat, my wife is too busy to be interested in taking care of me.” She looked up at Steve as she moved back just enough so he could stand in front of her.

Melissa slowly and tentatively reached for his pants which seconds later, laid on the floor next to his shirt. The only thing left was his undershorts. Melissa touched Steve’s legs and moved up, feeling Steve’s muscled thighs, avoiding direct contact with the obvious bulge in his briefs.

“Go ahead my little married slut, you and I can help each other out. I’ll give you what you need and you can give me what I want. You’re going to have a pretty easy time getting me off the first time, but I’m sure you won’t let me stay down long.”

Melissa slipped her fingers under the waist band and pulled them down until his cock fell out, right in front of her mouth.

Wrapping her fingers around the second extramarital cock in just a week, she stroked it while her eyes remained half-closed and her mouth hung open. She looked as if she would be drooling any second. Melissa’s thumb lightly slid over the pre-cum that was oozing out of the tip of his cock before rubbing it on and around the crown.

“This is so wrong,” she whispered mainly to herself, while shaking her head slowly. “We’re both married and I shouldn’t be doing this but I need it so bad.”

“That cock is going to be in more than just your mouth tonight, my slutty little bride. Getting the edge off with your mouth would be a great start though.”

A moan escaped Steve as Melissa took his cock into her mouth knowing full well that Steve was right, she was going to let him fuck her. First she licked the pre-cum from her own thumb before licking it from the tip and around the head. Steve dropped down to the couch without loosing contact with Melissa’s mouth, dropping his head to the back of the couch. “Oh my fucking gawd I’m in heaven, she’s a natural.”

Melissa knew what she wanted and was going to get her way. While looking up, Melissa asked, “Would you mind if I swallowed your cum, Steve?”

“Oh shit, are you fucking serious? I’m all yours my sweet little thing. You do whatever you want as long as I get to feel what that tight little pussy feels like wrapped around my cock later on.” Melissa smiled and nodded her head without speaking.

Melissa suddenly buried his cock into her throat and began sucking my friend off with a hunger. I watched in awe as she sucked his cock for a good five minutes. The only thing that mattered in that moment was getting Steve’s cock to give her the cum drink she desperately needed.

She rose one more time, “Tell me when you’re going to cum so I don’t stop sucking you at the wrong time. I want to swallow it all, please.”

“Dude, is this girl for real? She’s a wet dream come true!” Then, she went for it and gave Steve one of the best blowjobs I have ever seen and right at the top of the best Steve has ever felt. Melissa sucked with her new found passion, getting Steve up close to the edge even quicker than expected.

“Holy shit, Man!!” He was raising his hips off of the couch while throwing his head back trying to settle down as Melissa devoured his cock.

“Your slut has a golden mouth. Damn, girl. Fuuuuck, that’s it, slut, eat my dick.” Steve ran his hands through Melissa’s hair, reached down to squeeze her tits and finally gripped her firmly under her chin and the back of her head while trying to up-thrust into her throat, making her occasionally gag on his cock.

“After you swallow my cum you’re going to get me hard again, then I’m going to fuck the living hell out of you and plant a family deep inside your cunt.”

Thinking about taking yet another man’s sperm inside of her made her pussy throb. Yes, she was on birth control but the idea of having another man’s potent sperm swimming against her cervix made it that much more of a turn on. She demonstrated her new skills beautifully, pulling off to carefully suck his balls into her mouth, only to lick up his shaft before cramming his rod down her throat again. Melissa wasn’t just sucking cock, she was worshiping it, knowing full well that she was out of control and acting like a deviant, cum slut.

While Steve enjoyed Melissa’s ministrations, I stood up and undressed, getting ready to stuff Melissa’s pussy. Stepping behind her and kneeling behind her glorious ass, I could see her pussy was glistening.

Melissa moaned on Steve’s cock as I leaned forward to taste her juices, licking her labia with the flat of my tongue while my nose nestled between her ass cheeks. I was just about to mount Melissa, to shove my cock inside of her pussy when I thought better of it.

I held back so Steve could enjoy her mouth to the fullest and to give Melissa her desired load of cum down her throat. Grabbing my phone, I turned on the video camera and pushed play. Just a little memento of the time with her just in case she ever decided to be a loyal wife again.

Eventually I started fingering her pussy slowly and even put a finger into her ass but only to the first knuckle. Her ass swayed in excitement until Steve started showing signs of no return, I then watched the pornographic scene before me being performed by another man’s wife. Kim was going to love watching this video.

“Oh my god, can I keep you as my side whore? You’re about to get a huge load luv. If you’re serious about swallowing, get ready.” Melissa could only gurgle her answer but sounded almost panicked. My concern was abated when she gripped Steves cock with both hands so he couldn’t escape, only to suck harder.

I also noticed that Steve was no longer fucking her mouth. She was doing all the work. “Here it cuuuuums!!” Melissa went down one more time until her lips were resting at the base of Steve’s balls, forcing her own throat around his cock. Melissa wanted it so much that I even saw her tongue come out and lick his balls while he was violating her air passage, now that’s commitment.

“Holy fuck, her tongue! Fuuuuuck!”

The sounds that came out of Melissa were not of this world as the first rope of another man’s jizz shot right down her esophagus. Steve felt as if his soul came right out through his balls and shot directly into her gullet.

Melissa, still not coming up for air, kept an airtight seal around Steve’s shaft while she devoured his spend, making sure that every rope of sperm cells joined Steve’s soul in her belly.

Melissa’s moans were getting even louder when I realized our little cum slut was having an oral orgasm!! She was cumming without much help from us or her own fingers. It was new to me and white hot on the WOW factor.

Melissa groaned, moaned and sucked until Steve finally dispensed all he had from his balls. Melissa even squeezed his cock, from his balls to the head, making sure every bit of seed belonged to her. Steve actually had to finally push her away from his sensitive cock because of her refusal to relinquish her new lover.

A major cum hangover was going to await Melissa in the morning if Steve and I had anything to do about it, which of course we did. She would not be sleeping in her marriage bed tonight and we all knew it. This night, Steve and I were going to dump as much DNA into her pussy and stomach as possible, not to mention that glorious ass that was ours for the taking.

Melissa checked herself to be sure she didn’t spill anything and caught a small dribble on the edge of her lips. She simply licked it off of her finger as if it was the most natural thing to do.

“Oh my god! Thank you, Steve. That was delicious. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed swallowing your cum. I didn’t know I could have an orgasm while giving oral sex.”

“Neither did we,” Steve and I said in dumbfounded unison.

While still breathing heavily, Steve spoke. “Hell, Mike, if you don’t get blowjobs from her on a regular basis you’re a fool, husband or not, and that was my pleasure luv, any time, and I do mean ANY time at all.”

While he spoke, Steve watched as I lined my bare cock up and slowly pushed into the cheating wife’s dripping, wet pussy. At first penetration, Melissa moaned like a whore, “Fuuuuck yessss, fuck me now please,” she hissed. “I’ve never needed to be fucked so much more than now, please fuck me.”

Melissa rested against Steve with his cock still in her hands and let me slide in and out of her swollen pussy. I was mesmerized as I watched her inner lips cling to my cock every time I pulled myself from her vice grip. Her dark pink, blood engorged lips were glistening with her juices, leaving my shaft wet and lubricated for every thrust forward.

After several minutes of fucking Melissa, I noticed Steve’s cock had risen to full staff again. She certainly didn’t hesitate to start slathering his cock with attention. I watched her bathe his balls with her tongue and suck them into her mouth one at a time, making sure to give each one the attention they deserved.

“Oh yes, fuck me, Mike. Fuck my slutty pussy…Oh god yes fuck me, make me cum more, please, I need to cum….”

“Are you ready to fuck Steve now, Melissa? I know you want to fuck your new friend with that newly broken in pussy of yours. Crawl on up, you know what to do.” I was still sliding my cock through her slippery opening as slowly as humanly possible without shooting into her myself. How I hadn’t already shot my load I will never know. By this time, her mouth was again, forming a tight gasket around Steve’s dick.

Melissa slowly pulled forward from my cock, her pussy making a lewd, wet sound as I exited. She then gave up the hard cock in her mouth to slither up Steve’s body until her juicy opening was just above his shaft. Melissa acted as if mounting another man was the most natural thing to do. She slid her pussy over the entire shaft of his dick, leaving a wet trail of juice behind on every slide.

I wasn’t sure what was going through Melissa’s mind. She was in a zone that she certainly had never been in before. As her pussy slid over Steve’s shaft, her hardened nipples were also sliding gently over Steve’s chest, sending messages directly to her clit. Melissa was using Steve to masturbate and it was HOT!

Melissa kept her eyes closed as her breathing labored. She kissed up his neck and finally reached Steve’s mouth. She seductively kissed Steve’s lips in a slow passionate kiss, her arms reaching around his head so she could pull him into her so he had no escape. I was in awe as I watched the overly intimate moment between the two lovers who were now oblivious to my presence.

As I watched, I could see both their mouths working, trading saliva as their tongues intertwined for a long drawn out moment of passion and intimacy.

Finally, Melissa broke the kiss and quietly spoke.

“Would your wife mind if I fucked you, Steve?” Melissa said right before aggressively shoving her full tongue down his throat again, making Steve’s arms shoot out to grab the couch. Steve didn’t bother answering, as if he could at the moment.

After a few moments, she pulled off of him and smiled.

“I’m afraid you don’t really get a choice in the matter actually. I’m going to have your cock inside of me now.”

Reaching for Steve’s wet shaft, Melissa lined it up to her waiting pussy. Without hesitation or even a moment of indecision, she dropped her body down, her vaginal opening yielding to the intrusion of her new lover’s hardened shaft. She threw her head back, opened her mouth and let out a deep whorish moan as the violation stretched and fired every nerve ending, making her almost orgasm at the penetration.

Melissa had met Steve not even an hour prior. She now had his sperm trying to survive in her stomach while her married, cheating pussy was impaled on his bare cock. I watched as the intimacy disappeared and her animalistic desires came out. Melissa suddenly started fucking Steve with a heat I had not expected, nor did Steve I’m sure.

Melissa’s hips slid back and forth, fucking herself on the hard shaft at an incredible pace. Mike grabbed one of her tits and her ass at the same time, holding on for dear life as Melissa fucked him senseless.

“OH MY GOD I’m CUMMING!!!” Melissa suddenly groaned. Her chest flushed a deep crimson, her eyes went to the back of her head and the veins in her neck popped out hard. Melissa’s orgasm hit so hard that Steve popped out of her pussy but only for a moment, splashing her cum juices all over his balls and my floor.

All the while, the no longer innocent housewife never stopped fucking Steve. Moving her hips in a figure 8, a big O, and the most damaging to Steve, the slide back and forth with his shaft buried deep inside of her so every curve and contour, every ridge of her pussy was being hit, stretched and pleasured.

Every once in a while she would shove her tongue into the back of Steve’s throat and growl as she dominated the moment, knowing full well that this night would be all about her body getting used and pleasured. She wanted to make sure she was able to take advantage of the situation and to experience what yet another man would feel like taking her, consequences be dammed.

She leaned forward pushing her tits into Steve’s mouth, feeding him her erect, succulent nipples, forcing him to suck the hard nubs into his mouth. Steve’s hands roamed over every inch of her body, enjoying her youthful curves.

“I thought you said she was shy,” Steve said as Melissa continued ravishing my friend. “Dude! She’s going to break my cock off.” Melissa shut him up by forcing her tits into his mouth even harder.

“Shut up and use your tongue on my tits, ooooh yeah…Oh that’s it, just like that.”

The noises that permeated the air was the unmistakable sound of a wet, sloppy pussy, splashing every time she rose and impaled herself onto Steve’s balls.

After who knows how long, Melissa seemed to slow her movements to a more controlled and sensual fuck, I was amazed that Steve hadn’t shot his second load as of yet. I was guessing that he had no more sperm left to give after the epic cock sucking he had received.

“Melissa, are you ready to give it up?” Knowing that she knew the meaning.

“Noooo. I don’t want to stop, it’s soooo good.” Melissa stared deeply into Steve’s eyes, “I want your cum, Steve. Fuck me!” It was more of a growl that barely formed words as Melissa stepped up her fucking motions again, not wanting to loose the feel of fresh cock in her adulteress pussy.

Steve understood all too well what was coming next and didn’t want to miss it. He was on the verge of blowing his load again and wanted to be included on the next level of debauchery. He reluctantly turned Melissa over, dislodging himself from her throbbing cunt.

“No, no, NOOO! I need it, put it back!” It was almost comical if not so erotic.

“Don’t worry, Melissa, you can have his cock in your cunt again in a little while. It’s time that you give me what you came here to give up. You ready to loose your anal cherry?”

Melissa was rolled up into a fetal position now with her hands between her legs rubbing her pussy. When you haven’t had a real orgasm, they can be easy to get addicted to when they finally come as powerful as what she was having. All she cared about was trying to bring herself to another orgasm and wasn’t in the state of mind to respond.

Stepping up to Melissa, I tenderly pushed her hair out of her face, telling her.

“Let’s go to my bed where we can be comfortable while we both fuck you, Melissa. Then I’m going to tap that beautiful ass of yours. Don’t worry, you’re going to be well used for the rest of the night, none of us are going to be getting much sleep but I can promise you that you will be taking a large amount of cum inside of you to satisfy your cravings.”

No other words were spoken as Melissa mindlessly rose from the couch by her own free will and walked to my bedroom, naked and desperate to give up her final virtue. Melissa’s clothes along with her wet panties were left on the living room floor along with her marital dignity. Melissa was terrified, not at what we were going to do to her, she was terrified at how desperately she truly wanted it to happen.

Melissa went right to the bed, crawling to the middle where we joined her. One of us would be kissing her mouth or sucking her tits while the other ate her succulent pussy, then we would switch.

“You’re fucking delicious, Melissa,” we both agreed. Since she was also inexperienced with receiving oral sex, she came pretty easily on both of our tongues after finally being able to relax and enjoy the new sensation. How a man could avoid licking such a delicious morsel of womanly heaven I will never know, the smell of her pheromones alone are enough to drive men crazy with lust.

Melissa wanted to just jump on us and go to town but we insisted that we take our time. The whole time we touched her, her fingers were wrapped around our cocks stroking them while trying to maneuver them inside of her pussy.

“Stop teasing me and fuck me, I can’t stand it anymore!”

We gradually started preparing her ass. We would finger her pussy while we ate her out, collect her natural lube only to push those juices into her back door along with some lubrication that I kept in the side drawer for just this purpose. Her ass became more and more comfortable as we played with both her orifices, building her up for the final conquest. We took a good thirty minutes driving her mad with our fingers and tongues before we felt she was ready.

“Ready to give up your final virtue, Melissa? Thank you for giving up such a great ass. I have plenty of lube on my cock and in your ass so it won’t hurt too much, so just relax.” I straddled her legs just below her ass cheeks preparing to take her anal virginity. The view of her upturned ass was incredible. Steve sat in front of her playing with her tits while I lined up my cock to sodomize another man’s wife.

“I don’t care what you do to me,” Melissa said, “just do it. I need you both inside me, I don’t care where, just give me your cocks.”

We had finally pushed her to the point where she was sexually delirious, “Stop teasing me Mike, fuck my ass before I chicken out. Do it, make me your…” Then I pushed… “WHOOOORE.”

I pushed and entered where no man had ever been, the head of my cock fighting for its place in her rear cavern. The crown of my cock head popped passed the ring of her incredibly tight, sphincter.

“OOOOoooh my god!!!,” she screamed. “It’s too big, I can’t!”

“Yes you can, Melissa. Relax.” I stopped to let her get used to the intruder. “Easy girl, relax… That’s it.” Slowly I pushed inside, half inch at a time.

“You’re doing good, Melissa. Relax and give me your virgin ass.”

“Oh god, we shouldn’t be doing this, ooooh…”

Her ass was tight as a vice. “Is it all the way in yet? It’s huge. I don’t know if I can do this, aaaaahhh.”

I pushed about half way into her bowels, the lube helping of course but still a very small, tight hole to penetrate.

“Only half of my cock is buried inside of your beautiful ass. Damn it feels so good. You have no idea how good you look with a cock in your ass, Melissa. You’re getting ass fucked, Melissa. You’re no longer a virgin anywhere now.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have but I had to give her husband one more dig.

“Thank you for giving this to me, Melissa. You will always remember the first person who took your virgin ass.” The implications were self explanatory. She had given her last virginity to another man, not her husband and she would have to live with that knowledge.

“You talk to much, Mike. Just shut up and take me. Oh gawd, it’s starting to feel so good.”

I could feel that she was relaxing and getting used to the intrusion. Little by little I would pull out only to push another inch in, two inches out, another three in…her ass filled with cock until she reached between her legs and felt my balls sitting against the entrance of her pussy, my cock seated inside of her fully.

“Oh my god, you’re all the way inside of me! I’m having anal sex, it’s so different. It makes me feel so slutty. Keep fucking me, it feels better when you’re moving….Oh yes, like that, don’t stop.”

Melissa started rotating her hips which helped to stretch her anal muscles. She moved my cock in and out of her hole while she rubbed her clit with her fingers. Pushing back against my cock, she met my lunges until her ass was slapping against my loins making a smacking sound of skin against skin.

“Fuck me, fuck my ass…That’s it, FUCK Me. It’s feeling good now. Oh my god, I’m…Ahhhhhh!”

Suddenly, Melissa threw her head back and had her first anal orgasm, her mouth opened but nothing came out as her eyes shot to the back of her head. She came so hard that her left leg shook and convulsed, it was so good for her that she couldn’t make a sound until suddenly she was crying with pleasure.

“Oh my god, oh my god…I’m cummmmming. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. God… Fuuuuck fuck fuuuuuuck meeee.”

Her leg continued shaking uncontrollably as she wept, her brain trying to determine what the new emotions were that currently surged through her mind and body. Steve took his cock and shoved it into her mouth to keep the noise down which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, considering her teeth were at that end and she was getting fucked in the ass for the first time. Fortunately he didn’t end up with an injury to explain to his wife for when he got home.

“That’s it Melissa, push my cock into your ass,” letting her do the work. She continued in and out, deeper with each short push as her bodies convulsions continued.

I finally took over, grabbed her hips and burrowed deep into her bowels and fucked my prize slut with a strong determination to make her remember this moment forever. Pulling almost all the way out and shoving back in until my balls slapped agains her cunt. I was ass fucking another man’s wife and enjoying it immensely. Yes, she would always remember who took her back door virginity, and who didn’t.

I had a perverse sense of satisfaction that I couldn’t explain as my balls filled with seed, preparing for its final journey into Melissa’s bowels. Suddenly, I came to my senses so I could let Steve join in. No reason to keep him out of Melissa now. I have no idea why I was being so generous. I guess I wanted to share my good fortune and knew that I would be inside this wife more often.

I pulled out of Melissa as she sucked on Steve’s cock. “NoNoNo, oh god! Don’t pull out! What are you doing? Did you cum?”

“I almost did. A minute later and I would have. Don’t worry, we’re not done with you yet,” I said laughing. “Let me use the restroom and I’ll be right back. Besides, we don’t want to over use you and make you too sore to soon do we? We have all night and we need to pace ourselves.”

I didn’t take long in the restroom but what I saw when I got back was pretty hot and totally expected. Steve’s unprotected cock was again, balls deep inside of Melissa’s bare pussy. She sat on top of Steve, impaled, giving him the ride of his life. I didn’t bother to ask who the instigator was, pretty sure Steve didn’t have a voice in the matter.

Steve and I had a close relationship since he was also one of my wife’s lovers. I’m sure Melissa would be making a few visits to his bed in the near future, giving him some sexual variety that was lacking.

“Fuck my slutty pussy, Steve. Give it to me. Here it cums again, OOOOOOOh Fuuck me, yeesssss. Oh god, fuck me… I want your cum in my cunt, Fuck me!”

I didn’t know where Melissa was getting all the verbiage but she was out of control. If her husband could see and hear his wife now. I could see the juices running down Steve’s balls so I knew Melissa’s pussy was gushing cum yet again. Steve saw me coming to the bed and pulled Melissa to him so she was pressed to his chest. We had done this before with my own wife, Kim. Sometimes I was in Kim’s pussy, sometimes in her ass.

“Melissa, don’t move your hips, we’re going to do something you’re going to like,” Steve said. She felt me climbing up between Steve’s legs. He spread her ass cheeks giving me an incredible view of his cock buried inside Melissa’s married cunt. I then pressed my hard cock against her rose bud and pushed.

“What are you doing? That’s not going to fit like this, oh my god, ooooh, aaaaaahhh.”

She smashed Steve’s lips with her own as my cock head popped past her ring and into her ass again. Melissa had already been broken in so I didn’t hold back too much. She was typically tight before, but with her pussy being stretched around another cock, her ass was exceptionally hard to penetrate fully. Soon, I had her ass stretched around my fully embedded cock, successfully double penetrating her for her first DP.

“You are going to tear me apart, I can’t believe we’re doing this!! Fuck me, just like that. It feels so GOOOOOOD. Fuck, fuck, fuck this is incredible, I’ve never felt so full…DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING STOP!”

Considering we were both impaled inside of Melissa’s pussy and ass at the same time and we had both fucked her, it didn’t take but a minute for me to let it all loose. “Ready for my cum, Melissa? I’m going to shoot inside of your ass, I can’t hold it anymore.”

“I’m going to go off too, where do I need to cum…OH FUCK,” Steve shouted.

“Don’t you dare pull out, Steve. Cum deep inside my pussy! Give me both your cum, so hot”

We must have sounded like we were all being tortured by the screams and moans of all of our orgasms.
Steve and I both lost our senses as our loads forced themselves out of both of our balls, sending multiple jets of our DNA into Melissa’s married pussy and ass simultaneously.

After we finally calmed down and were drained and exhausted, we all just lied there. Three naked bodies, crumpled together in post orgasmic bliss. None of us could move for the longest time. My cock plopped out of Melissa’s defiled ass as I laid down next to the other two.

Melissa didn’t move away from Steve even though his softening cock had already disconnected from her drenched pussy and his cum ran out of her. My sperm had barely starting coming out but not in the amount of Steves. Her face was buried in the crook of Steve’s neck and I could barely hear her cooing as she kissed his neck, whispering.

“That was so good, thank you.”

We all just laid there, in awe of what had just happened.

After a few moments, Steve’s hands were slowly roaming over his new lovers body as Melissa started giving him little pecks on his neck, cheeks and lips which were a bit too intimate for a couple who were not married to each other. They kissed and finally made out for a little while before finally rolling over so she was between the two men she had just cheated on her husband with.

After a few minutes I looked at Melissa’s body and she looked as well fucked as any woman could. Her body was red from all the orgasms, her hair was a mess and hand prints could still be seen where we held her for dear life.

Nothing was said as Melissa silently got up and gingerly walked to the restroom. Not long after, we heard the shower running. Steve and I looked at each other and said nothing, understanding that Melissa needed some time alone to mull over what had just happened.

Melissa had just betrayed her husband yet again but this time with two men, one being a total stranger. Three loads of cum swam inside of her used body and to make matters worse, she felt a sense of euphoria at what she had just done.

One of two things were now going to happen. Melissa was going to have an overwhelming sense of guilt at what she had just allowed to happen and was going to be crying over the shame she felt. Or, her intense excitement was going to be so strong that her needs were going to outweigh her feeling of betrayal.

It must have been just over five minutes before Steve got up and quietly joined Melissa. Another ten minutes went by before the shower turned off. I assumed they would be joining me soon but they didn’t. My curiosity got the best of me so I went to see what was keeping them so long.

Apparently I didn’t need to worry about which way Melissa would go. Both Steve and Melissa were in the shower together as expected but what I didn’t expect was the intimacy in the embrace they shared. The two had their arms wrapped around each other and were making out with a sensuality that would make any husband furious. Good thing her husband was missing out on this part. Melissa’s hands had dropped down and were stroking Steve’s cock that had risen to full mast while Steve roamed over Melissa’s pert breasts, ass and pussy.

They finally noticed me watching after several more minutes and exited the shower so they could give me room to clean up. They had just fucked, yet they almost looked embarrassed in being caught in such a compromising embrace.

“Hey, sorry about that, just getting to know each other a bit better. Figured I would introduce her to the guy who she had just swallowed and then fucked,” he said laughing. I could tell Melissa was embarrassed but her yearning for more pleasure hadn’t dissipated.

They left and I waited a little while so I could get some hot water and so I could see what the two lover’s would do if they were left alone together.

After finishing up, I listened for sounds coming from the other room. Hearing a faint, occasionally moan, I snuck out into the bedroom to see Steve, lying between Melissa’s spread legs where his hips slowly moved up and down between them.

One of Steve’s hands gently wrapped around the back of his new lover’s neck while they made out with the same passion I had witnessed in the shower. The other hand cupped one of Melissa’s ass cheeks, raising her hip as he penetrated her soaked vagina with a slow, even rhythm as he slid his cock out all the way to the head before slowly pushing back in to the hilt.

Faintly, I could hear Melissa’s voice saying, “Fuck me, Steve, fuck me, oh yes, fuck me, please fuck me,” on nearly every thrust. I sat on the chair at the end of the bed and just watched the two lovers go at it, each one married, just not to each other. Their respective spouses blissfully unaware of the treachery of what their spouses had just done and were going to do more of.

The whole time I watched, they never looked at me. I became the voyeur as Steve’s cock pushed and pulled out of Melissa’s married pussy. The glistening of Melissa’s juices on Steve’s cock could be seen on every exit. Melissa’s hands were all over Steve’s body too, trying to pull Steve in closer and deeper on every penetration.

If I didn’t know better, the two were not fucking, they were making love. I knew from experience from watching Steve fuck my own wife, he can get deeply intimate with the woman he’s with. I also knew that Steve would be fine, I just didn’t want Melissa to develop any “feelings” for the man who was currently giving her the pleasure she so craved.

I watched them without interrupting for another ten minutes. Their coupling must have felt so good and intense that they never had the need to change positions or even break the kiss. Melissa stayed on her back with her legs wrapped around Steve’s body as he ruined another man’s wife.

Finally, their lips separated for the first time since I walked in. They looked intently into each others eyes and all I heard was the quiet voice of Steve.

“I’m going to cum…”

“Yes, come inside of my pussy again,” Melissa moaned equally as quiet, “I need more inside of me. Oh yes, oh yes….I’m going to cum again too! FILL ME Up!”

Steve groaned as he grabbed Melissa’s ass more forcefully, this time with both hands. His toes dug into the sheets while shoving balls deep into Melissa, shooting against her married cervix. Melissa, grinding her loins against Steve, could feel the pulsating member as the sperm shot its way up the shaft and deep into her body, soiling her yet again with his seed and sending her into another long but quiet orgasm.

When the two finished and Steve completed his soiling of the wife’s pussy, Melissa was yet again, full of another man’s sperm. Steve finally pulled out but to his surprise, Melissa went right to cleaning their mixed juices off of his cock with her tongue, something only a few weeks ago would have been considered disgusting and totally out of the question. While she was cleaning him up, Steve called his wife and told her that he would be staying over at my place for the night.

We both took turns during the night fucking Melissa to orgasm and dumping load after potent load inside of her married pussy, her ass and down her throat. Once, I woke up to sounds coming from the living room and neither Melissa nor Steve was in bed.

I went to look and saw Melissa on the couch with her head back in ecstasy, a pair of hands palming her petite breasts. I couldn’t see much of Steve but it was obvious that he was enjoying the ride.

I don’t know if we were trying to out do each other but both Steve and I must have fucked Melissa a minimum of four times each that night. Her ass was ours for the taking and we used it just as much as her pussy. In reality, I don’t know who was using who that night. Melissa was just as complicit in waking us for sex as we were at waking her.

Once during the night, Melissa was on top of me riding my cock slow and quietly when we felt a stirring from beside us. Nothing was said as we felt Steve mount Melissa from behind. I felt her pussy tighten as Steve’s cock pushed into her bowels. We DP’d her a couple times that night, each time dumping our DNA into her married body. It was pretty obvious that her birth control pills were working overtime keeping all the sperm that was shot deep inside of her pussy away from her eggs.

When morning came, Steve was spent and had to get home. Melissa tried to give him a farewell blowjob but he was unable to get much blood flow to his cock. Even if he was able to get it up, I doubted if he would be able to produce enough sperm to satisfy Melissa’s yearnings for more. I know my cock was sore so I was sure Melissa’s used pussy must be swollen from the beating it got all night. Poor Melissa didn’t get much sleep either, not that she seemed to mind.

Melissa and I sat at the kitchen bar talking about what happened the night before, or at least she talked, I listened. I think she was still trying to figure out how she could allow herself to be so sexually taken by other men. She hated cheating on her husband, especially with such a passion that she didn’t know existed.

“I know I shouldn’t have let Steve have sex with me. I was just so turned on that I figured there was no way that I wasn’t going to put out. I mean, yes, I came here for sex but didn’t imagine another man would be here too. I’m not sure I can forgive myself for giving my body to yet another man.”

“I certainly won’t get over the fact that I lost my virginity to not only one, but two guys back there, god I can still feel it deep inside of me. The first time you…double penetrated me? Is that right? I thought you were going to tear me apart, then it started feeling good and I just needed more.”

I wasn’t sure if Melissa wanted me to say anything or just let her talk it all through.

“You were incredibly sexy last night, Melissa. I would love to keep having sex with you even after your husband comes home tomorrow afternoon, I know how to be discreet.”

“Have an ongoing affair? I don’t know that I can do that. I already feel so guilty, and the intimacy that me and Steve shared? That scared me! He’s such a good kisser.”

“Don’t think of it as an affair, think of it as sex therapy,” I laughed. “My office hours will be anytime you get horny, which I hope will be often. As far as Steve is concerned, he isn’t looking for a new girl, he loves his wife, she’s just a prude in the bedroom.”

“Look, the honest truth is that he wants you for sex, just like me actually. I hope that doesn’t make you feel cheap or anything. It goes both ways though, anytime you just need some extra, we’re here for you.”

Melissa looked down shyly. “I admit that It’s been an eye opener. Who knew only a few short days would change my world and turn it upside down. I love Kevin and don’t want to hurt him but how can I just quit having the best sex of my life?”

“Tell you what, Mike, if I can’t convince Kevin to let me suck him off, I’m probably going to need my fair share of protein,” she said while rubbing the front of my pants. “I might be open to a protein lunch once a week?”

“Ha! You have turned into a cum slut, Melissa, I love it. So what about that amazing ass? Will you be able to resist having it tapped every once in a while?” I said with a sarcastic tone. She gave me a look that I couldn’t read but she didn’t say no.

The whole time I had been making friends with Melissa, she had never asked until now if I was married.

“I never asked because it was none of my business and I guess I didn’t want to admit that I found a married man attractive and enjoyed his attention. I especially didn’t want to be the other woman. I assume your wife is away for a while?”

“Yes, she is. You would like her. Don’t worry either, she does her thing and I do mine.”

“What exactly does that mean?”

“It means exactly what it sounds like, my dear sweet Melissa. It means that she’s probably waking up in another man’s bed this morning just like you did. Except I know about it and your husband doesn’t.”

“Wait, so she knows that you’ve been sleeping with me?”

“She knows, and she also knows that we have been doing a lot more than just sleeping with each other.” I said with a laugh and a wink.

After her initial shock, we sat, I talked, she asked question after probing question as I explained the Stag/Vixen lifestyle. She was stunned that wife sharing was a real thing but didn’t judge. In fact in her mind, she was wondering how it all worked and how she could work it into her own sex life.

It wasn’t going to be easy for Melissa to give up her yearnings and to go back to vanilla, boring, puritanical sex, now that her eyes had been opened to the world of earth shattering orgasms.

Melissa was becoming a willing participant in continuing a limited affair. She decidedly wanted to keep her kinks of swallowing cum alive. She also figured that eventually she would have to go back to being the good, pure wife that Kevin married, after all, she truly did love him.

When Melissa was finally running out of questions she told me that all of this talk about sex has her ramped up again. She dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth.

“I need to go but not before I get another taste. Kevin is coming home tomorrow and I want to remember how it feels with cum in my mouth.”

After Melissa was able to milk one more small load of cum out of me, I went to bed to get some more rest. Melissa was wearing me out and I was loving it. It was still early so I was wondering if my wife, Kim was in bed with Melissa’s husband or if they had just fucked and Kevin’s cum was leaking out of my wife’s pussy.

I had taken a few pictures of Melissa laying on her stomach next to Steve. She was a mess and Steve didn’t look much better. Of course the picture was of Melissa’s ass and the text read,

“No more a virgin ass. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for her” with a smile and wink attached.

Kim called me back to tell me that she was alone in Kevin’s bed as he had already left for his meetings. We chatted and planned on how we were going to get Kevin and Melissa connected so their marriage stays together and we get to possibly play with them on a regular basis.

“If you guys keep it up,” Kim said, “we may never get her legs closed again. Stop playing with your food for just a minute and think about how we’re going to do this.”

Kim and I had to figure out how we were going to get Kevin on board with allowing Melissa to continue the slut training. Melissa had become a total slut for cock and I for one didn’t want it to end. She especially loved to swallow a man’s cum, proven by all the sperm she drank from me and Steve and how much she begged for it. We figured we had to take desperate measures and decided that blackmail was the best way to do it.

I just needed to make a call.

Part 5 coming…

The Sweet Taste of Forbidden Fruit 3

Melissa masturbated for another thirty minutes, time enough to give herself a few more orgasms.  Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t get the satisfaction that she yearned for before falling back to sleep.  When she woke, she was confused as if she had awakened from a dream.  Her hormones had finally returned to a reasonably normal level, allowing the guilt at what she had done in the past 10 hours to rush back to her like a tidal wave.


Melissa felt ashamed at how easy it was for another man to slide between her legs.  Why in the world would she give herself so freely to another man?  Why would she allow another guy to touch her, kiss her and to fuck her?  She despised the idea of cheating on her husband.  In her circle of friends, cheating wives were harlots.  Why then, couldn’t she get the urge to do it again out of her head?  She needed more and knew she wasn’t strong enough to resist the temptation in her state of mind no matter how hard she tried.

Personally, I couldn’t keep my mind off of Melissa.  Mostly, I thought about what I could do to throw fuel on her already heightened sexual desire.  I went home to sleep a few hours but when I woke, I already had the urge to have Melissa yet again.  I was becoming just as addicted to her as she was to sex.  

That afternoon I went to her work to see how she was doing but found that she had called out sick.  I decided to use it as an excuse to pay her a visit.  I was pretty sure she would be a safe bet on getting her on her knees for a quick blowjob if nothing else.  

When she opened the door, she was dressed in a v-neck t-shirt with a lazy day pair of sweats and she still looked as sexy as if she were wearing nothing at all.   

“I noticed you weren’t at work today, are you alright?”  


“Why are you here?” She said While looking in both directions to see if any of her neighbors were outside.  “You can’t be seen here.”

“Then let me in, Melissa.  They won’t have anything to talk about unless they see me.”

“Fine, come in but just for a minute and then you have to leave.  Oh god, If you must know, I called in sick because I felt so awful about what we had done and how I acted, AGAIN!  I knew that I would be useless at work.  After you left, I saw that I had missed several calls and texts from Kevin.  He left me a message telling me that he called and to see what I was up to.  He asked me to call him but I was too busy committing adultery,” Melissa said, almost crying.  

How was I supposed to tell him that at the time he called, I had another man in HIS bed who was doing unspeakable things to HIS wife?  How could I tell my own husband, the man who I love, that I couldn’t hear the phone ringing because I was too busy cheating on him and begging another man to fuck me.  I finally got the nerve to call him and had to lie.  I told him that I lost my phone and didn’t find it till morning.  I’ve never had to lie to him before.”

“I can’t keep having sex with you, Mike. It’s wrong on so many levels.  You’ve already proven your point that I need more sex than I realized but I’m scared that I’m liking it too much and I need to stop.”  She was practically begging me because she knew that her will power was gone and that it wouldn’t take much to get her naked and in bed all over again.

“That’s ok, Melissa, I just came over to talk with you.  When you weren’t at work I got worried.  You’ve been going through a lot this week and I wanted to be here for you, and not just to enjoy more of your cock sucking skills, which are incredible btw.  You’ve done things with me that you’ve been wanting to do with Kevin and figured you were feeling pretty guilty.”

Then she got a bit animated, throwing her arms in the air.  “Guilty?  Guilty?!  Let’s throw regretful, ashamed and how about totally mortified into the mix!  Last week I was a naive housewife who’s barely had my own husband’s cock in my mouth.  I may as well have been a virgin.  This week I’ve been a total whore who has swallowed another man’s cum for the first time.  The worse part is that I liked it so much that I can’t get it out of my mind!”  

Melissa then went into a daze while closing her eyes as if remembering.  “The feel of a big, hard cock in my mouth, sucking it until I feel it throbbing, right before…DAMMIT, SEE?  That’s all I’ve thought about all morning!”

I stood there and listened to Melissa ranting as she spoke to the room more than she did me, I was getting hard hearing her admit how much she loved oral sex.  

“Do you know what I did after you left?  I masturbated!  Another orgasm hit me probably before you got to your car.  I hardly ever masturbate and now I can’t stop.  I made myself cum so many times and I still couldn’t get the satisfaction that I apparently needed.  In fact, I was actually pissed at you because you weren’t here to give me more.  Everything I did to try to satisfy myself only made it worse.”  

“If you don’t mind me saying so Melissa, that is so freaking HOT!  Knowing that you were touching yourself thinking about us fucking.  I’m offering myself to you just in case you change your mind, seriously, whatever you want.”  

“Yeah, I bet, Mike.  It’s so big of you to offer your services to me while my hormones are all over the place.  It’s nice of you to offer yourself to me so I can cheat on my husband again.”  It was good to see her smile and joke a little bit but she still had an edge to her voice as if she had more on her mind.  

Melissa looked at me all deer eyed and I almost thought she was going to start crying.  “I can still feel you inside of me, Mike.  I can even still… Taste you.”  There was a long uncomfortable silence before she spoke again.

“Actually what I WANT, since you offered,  is to go back to the innocent little housewife I was just a few days ago before my libido got stuck in the on position.”

“Melissa, you would never be happy being the naive….”  Melissa put her hand up to stop me from continuing. 

“That’s what I WANT, Mike but what I NEED is…Well…”

Melissa looked down and slowly dropped to her knees before me.  She looked straight at the bulge, still forming in my pants.  Placing her hands directly on my cock, she slowly and gently squeezed the hardened shaft.  Melissa’s mouth had dropped open slightly and her eyes turned to slits as her hands went to the waistband of my shorts, pulling them down to my knees along with my underwear.  In doing so, my cock sprang up, hitting her in the face making her jump.  Melissa’s fingers gently closed around the shaft and began stroking it back and forth before looking me in the eyes.     

“I really do love Kevin, he’s my life.  He is also so straitlaced that I’m going to be in so much trouble when he gets home.  There’s no way he’s going to accept my new “talents” as you call them.  I think I’m going to be taking a lot of cold showers.”   

Squeezing my cock with her whole hand, she admonished me.  “Damn you for seducing me with this!  I’m still not having sex with you but I need to get this out of my system and being your little side whore isn’t going to happen, but…”. Melissa just stared at my cock devouring it with her eyes.  “I want… Dammit, I need your cum!”

She then closed her eyes and moved forward until she was barely touching her cheek with the spongy head.  Melissa moved the crown back and forth between her chin, cheeks, across her forehead and down her nose.  Pre-cum was oozing out of the tip and when she slightly opened her eyes to see the wetness, she rubbed it into her lips as if it were lip gloss.  Her tongue then snaked out of her mouth and licked it off, “mmmmmm,” she moaned as she licked it off of her lips.  Her eyes then closed again, trying to relish the taste and feel of what had quickly become her obsession.

Melissa looked up at me as if waking from a dream, not realizing how hypnotized she must look.  My cock was then engulfed as Melissa quickly and purposely started sucking it with only one goal in mind, swallowing my seed.  I reached inside of her shirt, finding her tits to fondle and met no resistance from her while her hands and mouth did their incredible magic.  

“That’s it my little cum slut, do what you were meant to do with that sweet mouth.  Fuuuck yes.  Nobody would ever believe that you of all people would drop down to your knees to suck cock.”

I completely misjudged, Melissa.  I had no idea that she would be the aggressor.  This was easier than I ever thought. 

Occasionally, Melissa would pull my cock out of her mouth to lick me from my balls to the tip, then engulf me once again.  Her passion and lust told me that she was doing this for her, not me.  I was amazed at how aggressive she could suck while being so tender with the shaven sack.  Her nipples were hard and sensitive to my touch as my hand manipulated them, making her eyes flutter under her eye lids.  Her ministrations were doing a great job and had me nearly flooding her tonsils when the phone rang.  Dammit!


 “Mmmmph.”  Melissa stayed on her knees with both of her fists wrapped around my cock refusing to stop the stroking motions.  She was obviously annoyed at the interruption but finally reached for the phone that would not stop ringing no matter how much she tried to ignore it.  Without looking to see who it was, she activated it and held it to her ear.  The look of panic suddenly appeared on her face right before dropping my cock as if it suddenly burned her hand. 

“Oh hi, uh hi KEVIN,” stressing his name so I would hear and hopefully behave myself.  She got up and paced the room, getting her mind off the tingling feeling between her legs and stiff, aroused nipples while trying to adjust her shirt and bra as if her husband could see that she was getting felt up.  Melissa was scared and embarrassed as if Kevin had just caught her cheating, which is exactly what he did.   

I fell back against the couch, annoyed with the interruption then laughed at the irony of it.  I was upset because Kevin, Melissa’s husband, had interrupted his own wife giving me the blowjob of my life.  Melissa went around the back of the couch and was asking when he would be home.  I decided to punish Kevin for his poor timing at calling right when his wife’s mouth was getting ready to take a load of cum down her throat.  A blowjob was no longer all I wanted. 

“Can’t you just come home today?  You’re not really that far away and I need you so bad.  Yes I know you’ve only been gone a few days but…”

I stood and walked toward the back of the couch taking my clothes off in the process.  Melissa continued talking on the phone oblivious to the situation that was about to unfold in her own living room.  Her left arm crossed her breasts and her right elbow rested on her arm while holding the phone to her ear.  I didn’t give her time to realize what was happening.  As I moved behind her, I grabbed her hips, preventing her from being able to escape her predicament.  


Moving close to her other ear I whispered, “Don’t move unless you want hubby to hear you being naughty.”  She struggled and tried to turn but my hands held her firmly. 


“What?  Oh sorry babe, yes I’m here.  What were you calling for?”  I pressed my naked body to hers, feeling Melissa’s body tense as my hands slowly roamed her curves, touching just the tops of her breasts.  Melissa tried turning her body quickly as if to shake me off but I wasn’t going anywhere.  She actually helped me out by dropping her left arm to the couch, giving me the opportunity to cup her tits in my hands.  

Melissa barely held in a moan as my finger tips lightly glid over her erect, left nipple through her shirt.   My other hand slowly roamed around her body, reaching under the back of her shirt.  Melissa tried to prevent me from going further but I was still able to move up to undue her bra so I could get my hands on her bare tits.  She was having a hard time talking, making Kevin repeat himself on multiple occasions.  

“Keep talking and don’t sound so guilty,” I whispered.  “Stay on the phone no matter what.”   

Her being in charge of giving me an unsolicited and unexpected blowjob was one thing.  But loosing her control while on the phone with the man she married was another. 

My hands had moved down her body to her ass.  I could feel her start to shake right before I untied the draw string making Melissa reach for my hands to try to stop me.  “Keep talking.”  I wanted her to stay on the phone as I took advantage of her dire situation. 

“So how have your meetings been?” I heard Kevin ask.

Her body stiffened in surprise. “NOOOO…”  I had grabbed her sweats and pulled them down to her knees as she tried to reach for the waist band.  “No Kevin I’m fine, just stepped on something.”  I noticed that Melissa had on generic panties so I was a little disappointed in the view.  She must have been trying to calm the fire between her legs by wearing non sexy panties. 

“Shhhhhh, keep talking.”  My cock was now pressed up against the crevice of her panty clad ass.  I had an arm around her waist while the other moved up and down her body, molesting her while her husband continued talking, somehow oblivious to his wife’s situation. 

“What?  Nothing, what were you saying?”  Melissa was trying to ignore me now to see if I would just stop but I had no intention of letting her off the hook now. 

Noticing a pair of scissors on the table, I grabbed them and snipped a small slit in the waist band of her panty.  She heard something and tried to look but was unable to see.  I set the scissors down, held her tight and slowly started tearing her underwear.  Melissa gasped and tried to get away again but it was too late.   She was doing her best to struggle while trying to keep her composure with her husband.  I then pushed her forward bending her over the couch.  Melissa started to panic and struggle once again as she realized what I was preparing to do to her.  


With Melissa bent forward, I quickly ripped her panties the rest of the way off of her body, exposing her beautiful ass for me and the glistening vagina between her legs.  

“Oh god!  No, I’m fine…yes I’m sure, just noticed the time.  Don’t you have to get to some meetings or something?”

Kevin was still talking while I placed my hand in the middle of Melissa’s back to hold her in position.  Then, I dipped two fingers into Melissa’s very wet pussy so I could rub it around her lips to lubricate them.  “Oh no, no, no, no…” Melissa whispered while trying to cover the phone.  She looked back in fear at what she knew was next and shook her head quickly to try to discourage me.  Ignoring her obvious pleas, I lined up my cock and in one single motion… Plunged deep inside of her wet, lubricated canal. 

“Aaaaaaah, mmmmmm…….” She wasn’t listening to Kevin at all at this point but was still doing a remarkable job at not screaming out as her pussy walls were being opened, violated and stretched. 

 Melissa tried to tell Kevin that she couldn’t talk because she was getting ready to go out, but he just kept on babbling, not realizing his bride was in a very un-lady like position with my hips pushing against Melissa’s ass as my balls rested against her pussy, feeling the moisture emanating from within.  I stopped moving to let her have a chance of getting off the phone.  If she didn’t get off soon, it would be obvious to her husband that his perfect wife was violating her wedding vows.  I was also certain that I couldn’t hold on much longer without fucking the young bride with all my might.

“OH!! MMMmmm…YES, um, I mean, yes, I’m fine, just not feeling right,” she said through clenched teeth. 

She reached back, trying to hold me to her in an attempt to keep me from moving so I couldn’t pull out, only to drive back into her again, making her lose all hope of keeping her composure. 

“Ohhh. Honey I have to go, please.” 

After a short pause, time was up.  I no longer cared if Kevin could hear his wife being taken or not.  I now wanted him to hear her screams so he would finally know another man was making his girl cum.  I already knew that Kevin was being seduced by my own wife so I was less concerned about the situation blowing up.  

Sliding out of Melissa’s pussy just enough, I slammed back into her, moving the couch forward in the process and making her lose her grip on my hip.  I then just went for it, pumping hard and fast into her pussy, my loins smacking against her ass on every thrust.  My god her pussy felt like silk! 

My cock was soaking wet from her juices so I reached down to wet my thumb.  Putting pressure on her anus, I was able to penetrate her rosebud to the first knuckle, making Melissa shove the phone into the cushions to mute the microphone.  I’ve never heard a woman whisper so loudly through clenched teeth, “I’m cumming! Damn you, fuck me, oh god yes.”  Somehow she was able to disconnect from her husband, or so she thought.  

Melissa’s juices were now running down her legs into her sweats making a nice wet spot on them.  As she suddenly tensed, I felt her pussy squeeze down on my cock in rhythm, trying to milk me of my own bodily fluids.  I stayed buried inside of her along with my thumb in her ass until she started calming down.  When I did finally pull out, I turned her around and shoved my tongue into her mouth.  Instead of pushing me away or even fighting me, her arms went around my neck to pull me into the kiss.  We french kissed for several more minutes before she pulled away from me.  

“Take me Mike, just take me,” she demanded in a very aggressive tone, then she whispered to herself, “I’m so sorry, Kevin but I need this.”  Melissa then grabbed my cock in a death grip and with a white hot passion in her eyes said,  “I need to be taken to bed and FUCKED…Now!”  

In a frenzy, I pulled her shirt off and threw it onto the lampshade next to us.  Then I bent down, taking her sweats off the rest of the way, leaving them where she stood.  I could still see the wet spots that her pussy juices made in her sweats.  Leaning down, I picked Melissa up and carried her to her bedroom where we had fucked just the night before. 

I gently laid Melissa onto her bed and joined her in the middle.  Laying back onto the bed myself, I held my cock up.  “Would you like to climb aboard?”  She only hesitated for a moment before reaching for her desire.  Melissa, slowly, but with purpose, wrapped her hand around my cock and started stroking and sucking just like she had been doing before her annoying husband interrupted us.   

“Damn, Melissa.  I know you want a belly full of cum but I seriously want my cock inside of your cunt.”

She must have decided that she needed a good fucking because she pulled my cock from her mouth with a sucking “pop.”  Quickly, as if she was in a hurry to have me inside of her, she swung her leg over my hips.  

“Oh, we’re going to fuck alright.”

Melissa then grabbed my cock from between her legs and rubbed the head up and down her slit to lube it up with her still flowing pussy juices.  

In one slick motion she then mounted me, dropping her body onto mine with zero resistance until her wet pussy lips were touching my balls.  She threw her head back and moaned,  “OOHHHH yeah…that’s it, I need this.”  She rode me hard, pounding the hell out of my cock, using it to pleasure her own pussy like a well oiled piston.    

“Give it to me, Mike, fuck me. C’mon, give it to me dammit. You want my cunt, take it!”  She kept riding me hard, throwing her head back and howling like a coyote in heat.  Damn this woman has a hot vixen inside of her.  Grinding her loins into mine, she made sure every centimeter of her pussy was touched by cock.  

I don’t know why she kept telling me to fuck her, all I could do was to lie beneath her and hold on to her hips for dear life as she took control and fucked me. 

Unless I’m mistaken, Melissa had only one orgasm and it lasted the entire time I was inside of her.  My hands went from her hips to her ass to her tits and back before I felt the volcano getting ready to erupt inside of her.  I had no choice but to shoot my own cum straight up into her clenching pussy way before I had hoped.  Actually, the way she was fucking my cock, I’m surprised I lasted so long.  I grabbed her hips, planted my feet on the bed, pushed up with my hips and unloaded my balls into her married pussy. 

“FUUUCK…I’M…CUUUUUMMMMINGGGG………..”  Melissa had a violent orgasm to beat all orgasms.  “Fuck me…I want your cum inside of me.  Do it, do it!!  YESSS, shoot it inside of me.  OH GOOOOD ,YESS fill meeeeee.”

While I was uncontrollably shooting inside of her, her own pussy flooded my cock and balls with her orgasm.  Melissa’s nails were digging into my chest leaving her own marks as I continued to grab her hips and ass, trying to use her as leverage so I could thrust back up inside of her.  

I looked up and her eyes were burning a hole into my own as her hair hung low, framing her erotic looking and sexually intense face.  She was in heat and her face showed it as she grunted and made incomprehensible, sexual sounds that I’m positive her husband has never heard from his own bride. 

When Melissa finally came off of her incredible orgasm and rolled off of me, she plopped down onto her back, bringing a pillow with her for between her legs.  Her hips continued to gyrate and her legs squeezed together, getting every ounce of her orgasm out of her.  She then rolled over onto her stomach where I took the opportunity to straddle her ass.  

Rubbing my barely softening cock up and down her slit, I was able to penetrated her just with the head and scooped the mixture of our juices from her cunt that was leaking out.  I pulled out and aimed the tip at her anus and slightly pushed, barely opening the rosebud for penetration.  

“No, not there please.”

It was so tempting to just keep pushing and to take her ass now but I didn’t.  My semi-hard cock would have been more comfortable for her virgin ass the first time.  “Don’t worry I won’t fuck you in your ass just yet, Melissa.  However, I do want to tap that amazing booty soon my dear slut.”  I pulled my cock from the hole and shoved a finger in two knuckles deep.  I continued to finger her tight opening until she started to whimper.  After a few minutes, I pulled out, got up and dressed.  

“Damn, Melissa.  I came over to see how you’re doing and you drop to your knees and almost suck the cum right out of my balls again.”

“That was the whole point, wasn’t it?”  She said, in a tired and lustful daze.

“Touché, Melissa, touché.  I don’t know what got into you but you were incredible!  Sorry about doing what I did with your husband on the line and sorry your tummy didn’t get any but don’t worry, we still have time for that.”

Melissa was still on the bed basking in the sex that we just shared, my sperm, seeping out of her pussy, staining the sheets beneath her.  “Melissa, your husband will be home soon.  We started this so you could learn how to be a slut for him.  You need to be able to give your body freely.  I know that a lot of the problem is that he doesn’t pay attention to you but I think that’s going to change by the time he gets back, trust me.”  

“I want you to be able to come to me for sex whenever you want it.  I think we can go even further than you ever imagined.”

“Ha, I have already gone further than I ever thought I would.  How can I go further than I have for god’s sake?  I keep saying that I don’t want it but every time you reach for me or touch me, I feel powerless to stop it from happening.  I have been a total slut for you.  I don’t like the idea that I have been having an affair.  I’ve been acting like a total whore and I can’t seem to stop.”  

“I want your ass Melissa, I want to shove my hard cock balls deep into your sweet ass.  I’ve been infatuated with it all along.  I want you to give it to me willingly.  If you let me fuck your ass, I promise to only fuck you when you ask me for it.  I’m confident we will have plenty of opportunity.”

“Wait, I can’t let you put your cock into my ass!  It’s too big for one thing and besides, I’m already ashamed at how I act with your fingers back there.  I’ve never even considered letting my husband do that and for me to give it to another man?  I just can’t.”

“Just think about it Melissa. You’ve already given me so much in just a few days.  Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.  I want you to enjoy it and you will.  If you like it, maybe you can convince Kevin to do it to you.  Tell you what, come to my place tonight at 7:00 pm.  We can experiment some more and see where it goes, who knows, maybe I’ll have a surprise for you.” 

Wear a pair of your tightest shorts to show off your ass.  I’ll play with it some more to see how comfortable you get.  If you decide that it’s worth giving up your anal virginity to me, awesome!  If not, at least your pussy and mouth will be satisfied.”  

Melissa was looking at me as if I had two heads but said nothing.  Realizing that she couldn’t form the words to say no both disturbed and excited her.  She looked so delicious just lying on her bed naked and used.  I had to get out of there before we were going at it again.  As I was walking away I noticed I had a few texts from Kim.  I must have been having my way with Melissa when I received them.

“Next time you screw one of your exploits when she is talking with her husband, make sure she hangs the phone up before she explodes!  Nice job btw, Lol.  Don’t worry, he wasn’t able to concentrate on what he heard.  I made him a little late for one of his meetings, oopsie ;)”

What a married man will do when his cock is buried inside a woman’s mouth is mind boggling.  Kim had challenged Kevin to call his wife.  She told Kevin that it would turn her on knowing his wife was on the other end of the phone while she deep throated him.  

“If you call your wife and let me get you off with my mouth, I’ll give my body to you to use as you wish, all night long.  I’ll stay naked and at your beck and call.  You can fuck me all you want and don’t even think about using a condom.  I’ll be your cum whore until you have to go back home to be a good, loyal husband.”  

That explained the longwinded babbling that Kevin was doing while I was getting ready to mount his wife from behind.  I still wasn’t appreciative that they interrupted the blowjob that I was getting but it obviously turned out pretty hot.  Shooting a load up a married woman’s pussy tends to make things better all around.  

At about the same time Melissa was screaming for me to fuck her, Kevin was arching his back and thrusting his hips forward, sending several ropes of cum into my wife’s waiting mouth. Apparently Kevin heard some garbled, muted moaning from the phone but was too far gone with Kim’s mouth working him over.  After Kim swallowed his full load, she continued sucking for another fifteen minutes before he was hard enough for Kim to mount him yet again, sliding his bare cock into her already used and soiled pussy.  

“Next time, lover, I want to be riding your cock just like this when you call your sweet, innocent little wife.”  Kim was rotating her hips, stirring Kevin’s cock inside of her pussy.   “Mmmm, who knows, maybe one of your wife’s lovers will be fucking her at the same time you’re fucking me.”  

His wife’s lovers?  Kevin heard what Kim said and it disturbed him to think that his wife, Melissa, was taking a lover.  It was incomprehensible that Melissa could cheat on him in their first year of marriage.  Of course he just brushed it off to bantering from Kim and a little teasing because of his naivety concerning sex, but could it be true that Melissa really did have much stronger sexual desires and an appetite that he didn’t realize?  Somehow it never crossed his mind that he was also cheating on his spouse.  How else is a man to get a good, hard, dirty fuck if your own wife is his clean and proper princess.

Kim learned that Kevin thought of Melissa as his “good wife” who was too good of a girl to get nasty.  He treated Melissa like the virginal school girl he used to know, not the woman who she had become.  I told Kim about what happened after the phone call and how she had just given herself to me.  I also told her my plans for Melissa’s ass and how I was going to share her with a friend.  

“Oooh I’m jealous.  Maybe I should come home to join you.  It’s been too long since I’ve had a couple of guys taking care of my needs.  If you insist, I guess I can help you boys out by spending more time in Kevin’s hotel room so you don’t get interrupted while taking advantage of his wife,” she laughed.  

“You know it’s fun seducing a married guy, especially when I get to teach him so much about sex.  It’s like he’s losing his virginity all over again.  Actually, Kevin’s not a bad lover, he just needs to learn how to please a woman’s body instead of just his own.  Melissa will like what he’s learned so far I guarantee it.  Don’t let her get too addicted to your cock my love.  Remember we’re giving them back to each other this weekend.”

“No guarantees babe.  She already admitted she’s becoming addicted to swallowing cum and her mouth is damn good!  Quite frankly, I’m hoping Kevin doesn’t let her give him head.  Melissa would be over constantly making me feed her a nice helping of protein, if not finding her own guys to add to the menu.”

I was looking forward to that night.  A friend who had participated in turning Kim into the slut she has become, was going to help out with the next phase of turning Melissa into the cum slut she yearned to be.  Steve has been over to my house on several occasions plowing into Kim’s pussy while I was at work, feeding her pussy his DNA.  I was sure he would love to be part of bringing out the a slut of another man’s wife.  

Steve was also married but his wife thought sex was just a wife’s duty to her husband and doesn’t get much from the act.  Steve still loves his wife so Kim has kept him satisfied by being his slut behind her back.   She has kept him happy enough to where he doesn’t go out and get it from someone who might become emotionally attached.

End of part 3.  Part 4 coming soon, Coveting another mans wife’ ass.

The Sweet Taste of Forbidden Fruit II


Loyal Wife Falls Deeper into uncontrolled Lust

Read Part 1 first, it’s a long one but worth it.  


The throbbing between Melissa’s legs wasn’t going to go away overnight and no matter how long of a shower she took, soap could never wash away the memory of what she had done. Her husband was going to be gone for several more days and I wasn’t finished with her yet.



I did it.  Oh I admit I cheated a little.  It wasn’t like she really didn’t know what was happening.  She was still able to make choices, I just steered her to the choices that I wanted and she followed me like a puppy.  So what if I used a little “incense” in the air to make her a bit more pliable.  What did I do?  I committed one of the worst sins in the history of man, coveting another man’s wife. 

Believe me, when my cock took the first full plunge inside of Melissa’s pussy, I almost shot my load right there.  It was a miracle that I was able to hold off for as long as I did.  Coming in another man’s wife?  Holy hell that is the hottest thing ever, knowing that my DNA was swimming inside of her most private parts that had only been given to her husband barely eleven months ago.  

I can still smell her odor of arousal and the feel of her tight almost virginal canal wrapped around my painfully hard shaft along with every curve and contour of her inner being. 

A little background before we get back to the story.  My favorite past time is seducing other men’s newly married almost virginal wives by befriending them enough so they feel comfortable telling me their deepest desires.  Lots of women, no matter how happy they are in their marriage, don’t have everything they want or need, especially in the bedroom.  Most of the time, they just don’t realize it.  Even if they do, they have nobody to tell and for some reason, a male friend whom they consider “safe” is the perfect outlet, until it’s not.

My hobby, if you will, is using the information against their own libido until they somehow find themselves with their arms and legs wrapped around me while I drive my rock hard cock deep into their barely deflowered and married pussy while screaming for more.  To top it off,  I usually leave them with my sperm still deep inside of them or running out of their well used pussy.    

My wife knows what I do and has only a few requirements that I must follow.  After seducing the woman, I must prove my conquest by taking a picture of her discarded panties on the bedroom floor and another with her lying naked and freshly fucked.  Extra points are given if I was able to soil her in her own marriage bed.  You’ll have to read previous stories to figure out how that developed. 


 Here is PART II, enjoy

My plans had been to wait two days after Melissa and I fucked before contacting her again.  It was enough time to get her mind straight and to realize what we had done, but not enough time to forget the feeling of another man who wasn’t her husband thrusting between her legs.  I wanted Melissa to dwell on the fact that she had been unfaithful and had cheated on her loving husband in a moment of an intense, heated lust.  

Before I had a chance to contact her, she texted me, “We have to talk.”  Melissa, being unworldly, therefore gullible, wanted to meet at her place to air things out.  Apparently, she felt safer and in control while in her own surroundings.  Displays of her wedding and her love for her husband adorned the walls and tables.  This time she figured she had Kevin to protect her, even if it was just his pictures.  Unfortunately for Melissa, letting the wolf into the sheep den has always been a bad idea.  

The newly soiled, Melissa, insisted in her mind that giving into her body’s desires was a mistake that she intended not to let happen again.  Her body could still feel the sensation of my hands and lips roaming over her skin, making her nipples tingle at the thought.  Of course, the feel of her pussy being pried opened and stretched by someone other than her husband was also fresh in her mind, highlighted by the occasional “twitch” between her legs.  In the end, I was planning on her newly exposed sexual desires winning out. 


This time there would be no smoke, lightly laced with mind altering drugs filling the air like there was the first time she gave herself to me.  Before I left Melissa’s home, I intended on her being spread eagle in her own marriage bed.  My naked body, not Kevin’s, will be the one between her thighs while she screams in orgasm as she pulls me inside of her, begging me to fill her married pussy with my cum.

As I’ve said before, through casual conversation, a woman will pretty much tell you anything if you listen well enough, even if not directly.  Melissa had mentioned that around 8 p.m. she was usually getting ready to settle in for the night with a good book or some T.V.   Hoping to catch her at a “bad time,” I knocked on her door.  After a long wait, she answered in a red, silky robe that showed off her delicious curves.  Melissa looked unprepared and confused at my arrival. 

“It’s kind of late for you to be coming over, isn’t it?  You can’t be seen here after what we…, especially at this hour!”  

“You said you wanted to talk and this was the first chance I had to stop by.  I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“I’m fine.  I didn’t mean for you to come over this late, I’m not exactly dressed to have a serious conversation.”

Melissa was trying to act like the proper lady by covering herself with her arms.  It was obvious that she was also embarrassed at being caught barely dressed by the man she cheated on her husband with.  I was also sure that the memory of what we had done had Melissa’s pussy lubricating itself for any pending penetration it might endure. Isn’t the woman’s body a wonderful thing?   

“I didn’t want you to have to wait.  Can I come in so your neighbors don’t wonder why another man is at your door?”

She stared at me for a moment before stepping aside and allowing me to come in.  Hurriedly, she closed the door behind me and locked it.

“Fine,” she said, obviously talking to herself more than me, “I can do this…”  

“Look, I… I’m  still not sure what exactly happened the other day or how it happened, but it should not have.  What we did was unforgivable.  I’m sorry if you feel that I’m that kind of girl, I’m not.  I am still confused as to how it all came about, I’ve never felt that way before.”

“What I know for sure, Mike, is that I cheated on my husband for the first time.  I feel so awful.  I haven’t been able to sleep at all and I was useless at work today.  Making love twice in a row with another man certainly didn’t help my focus any.”  Melissa was looking down while she spoke, no doubt trying not to picture our bodies, intertwined together in the throes of passion.  

“Mike, we even did things together that I’ve never even done with…him.  The way I threw myself at you, oh my god I feel like such a whore.”  I could see her eyes well up in tears and her voice crackle as she relived her first marital indiscretions. 

“Melissa, I’m the one who should be sorry. I took advantage of you when you had your guard down.  It’s just, being alone with you brought out desires in me that I couldn’t resist.  I’m sorry if I hurt you.  To be totally honest though, I would do it again in a second.”  

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Face it Melissa, you’re hot!  Any straight man would be a fool not to want to be with you.  You may not want to hear this but you being a married woman made it that much hotter.  You felt so incredible, especially when I was inside of you.  The way your pussy felt while it was pulsating around my cock, you felt amazing.  My god, Melissa, you completely milked me.”  Melissa put her hands up to her face to shield her eyes at the humiliation she felt.  

“That’s enough, please stop.”

“We didn’t make love either, Melissa.  We fucked, pure and simple.  We talked about it before at one of our lunches.  You wanted to feel what it was like to get fucked, not made love to.  You can get that from your husband when he’s at home.  I promise that every time we get together Melissa, we won’t be making love.”  

“I didn’t mean I wanted it to happen, not with you…Not with anybody.  I was such a slut!”  Her hands were still over her face as she tried to block out the memory at what we had done, making it worse.  

“We can’t do…, not again…”  

She felt her body getting aroused at the memories and was trying unsuccessfully to stop it.  My words were turning into pictures in her imagination which made her moisten between her legs.  All I had to do was sit back and watch her body wake up and remember.  That didn’t mean I couldn’t steer her thoughts where I wanted them to go. 

“Don’t forget how it all started Melissa.  You were wanting to feel what it was like when a man shoots his cum into your mouth.  You wanted to taste it, to experience what it would be like to swallow a man.  If I remember right, that was the first time you tasted cum right?  Who wouldn’t want to be the guy who you experimented with first?  I mean, I certainly feel honored.” 


“You sucked me like you were trying to suck the skin right off the bone.  That was an out of body experience I’ll never forget!  Then, when I warned you I was about to cum, your own husband could not have pulled you away.  You wanted to suck the cum right out of my balls and that’s exactly what you did.”   

“Oh god, Please don’t say that!  Kevin should have been my first.  What I did was just so wrong. The worst part is…Oh god…”  Her nipples were getting harder and more erect while her pussy juices were ramping up the flow. 

I walked closer to Melissa taking her into my arms, hoping not to get pushed away.  “The worst part is what, Melissa?”  She looked down, not able to face me and just shook her head.  “The worst part was that you enjoyed it?  Was that what you were going to say?”

“I know you enjoyed every bit of being fucked as I did fucking you.  The way you moved when I was inside of your body was so intense, grinding against me until you flooded me with orgasm, soaking my balls.  That was a first too wasn’t it?  You squirting I mean.  Your pussy is so tight, Melissa.  Even after you made me cum with your mouth, your pussy wasn’t going to be denied.  Good thing that you’re on the pill because I was so deep inside of you that I’m sure I shot inside of your cervix.”

Her ears were turning beet red with embarrassment, arousal or both.  “Stop, please stop, I can’t!”

“Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed, Melissa.  Listen, all we did was experiment with something you were curious about.  You wanted to learn how to give your husband a blowjob, there’s nothing wrong with that.  I’m just hoping he sees your talents as they are.  You’re a natural with your sexy mouth, that’s for sure.  I’ll be your willing volunteer if he stays loyal to his puritan ways.  Hell, if he does finally open his eyes, I’ll still be willing to have you.  Believe me, you did all the right things.” 

Melissa just stood there shaking her head before she finally spoke.  

“I liked it too much, it was dirty.”  She said under her breath, using any excuse she could think of while trying not to fall into her fog of lust yet again.

She wasn’t thinking straight and I was sure I could smell her pheromones, making me feel drunk in her arousal.  I was sure that she couldn’t stop what was going to happen even if she wanted to.  Stepping away to make some room, I moved the back of my hands to the tips of her braless breasts.  Barely touching her nipples through her robe.  

“Melissa, sex isn’t supposed to be clean.  If you’re not sweating after Kevin fucks you, then you’re both doing it wrong.”

I could see and feel her nipples poking out, screaming for attention.  Melissa could have easily backed up to avoid my fingers but instead put her hands on my arms staying steady.  I could see the conflict in her face desperately trying to resist but she couldn’t bring her muscles to move.  

“Oh yes, I forgot.  He doesn’t fuck you does he?  He makes love to you.  I’m going to help you with that, Melissa.”  I barely heard a quiet squeak and a moan come from her lips.  

“You were amazing the other night when you climbed up my body and dropped your pussy down onto my bare cock, Melissa.  You must have been so turned on to have an orgasm immediately after mounting me.  The way you moved, I thought you were going to break me off inside of you,” I said, smiling. 

Then later, I loved how you begged me to fill you with my cum.  That certainly didn’t sound like the innocent Melissa I thought I knew.  Pretty sure we both enjoyed that woman.  The woman who mounted and fucked me needed that release in the worse way.  I bet your panties were wet all night from all the cum you begged me to shoot into you.”  

Melissa had her eyes closed tight and her head was still down trying to summon the strength to stop this but her arousal had already taken over. 

“Stop…please, it was so wrong.  I’m a married woman.”

“Yes, you are, Melissa.  I bet your married pussy is dripping just thinking about getting fucked again.  You’re a married woman with sexual needs who is brave enough to go for it.” 

“Please, why are you doing this?  I love my husband.”  Her eyes had opened into small slits as she had flashbacks of what happened when I bedded her, reliving it again.  The incredible embarrassment at how much she was again responding to another man’s touch was only overpowered by the desire to submit yet again.  

“Nobody is arguing that you don’t love your husband, Melissa.  This has nothing to do with love.  I’m not trying to steal you or break you guys up.  This is about your true lust for sex.  You deserve to be FUCKED, Melissa.  In fact, you loved being taken and I can tell you want to be taken again, don’t you?  That’s something your husband can’t do.”  

Slowly I moved around her, putting my hands on her shoulders, whispering in her ear.  “You have a very hot, tender body that yearns for a man’s touch.  I want to feel your lips wrapped around me before I fuck you again.”  Melissa didn’t stop me when I reached around her body.  This time I cupped her breasts through her robe while kissing her neck.  A moan escaped her lips as mine sucked on her skin. 

“Your tits are perfect.  I can’t help but to caress them. You should be proud of yourself for letting out your inner slut.  I’m going to help you again by giving you the deep hard pounding your body has been craving.”  Melissa stood there and let out a moan as I untied her robe, letting it fall slightly open but not off.  

“We can’t, not again, this is so wrong.”  She still hadn’t pushed me away so I continued gliding my hands over her tits and stomach. Her legs crossed tightly, squirming back and forth, clenching her vaginal muscles that ached to be touched. 

“I don’t want to cheat again, not here, not in my own house, not where Kevin comes home to.”   

My hand slid under her silky panties, over her pubic hair, to the cleft between her legs, making her jump as if an electrical current went through her, helping her to become soaking wet.

“I can’t think… Kevin help me please,” she whispered as her head dropped to my chest. 

“There’s nothing to think about, Melissa.  You’ve already made up your mind and we both know it.”  

I turned her towards me so I could look into her eyes.  “Tonight I’m going to fuck you good and hard for as long as you need me to.”  

I slowly started moving forward to test to see if she was ready.  Getting closer to her mouth, she closed her eyes and let me close the distance until our lips and tongues were meshing together, all the while her moans of desire escaping.  

We kissed for a good five minutes before pulling away.  Melissa just stood there with her eyes closed and mouth open, her lips glistening with our saliva.  Her head was still tilted with the expectation of more kissing.    

“Now, take me to your bed where your husband makes love to you so I can fuck you properly.” 

Melissa opened her eyes and stared at me as the realization of what I had just said hit her.  Her chest was rising and falling quickly with the excitement of the moment.  Melissa’s arousal deepened as her hormones burned deeply inside of her loins, overpowering my own senses.  

Without saying a word she finally turned to walk towards her bedroom.  Just before turning the corner, she stopped.  Melissa slowly reached up to the lapel of her robe and almost in slow motion, opened it further.  Her bare shoulders came into view as the robe paused for just a moment, before falling to the floor.   

Melissa stood there, unmoving in only her sexy panties, yielding herself to my view.  She knew that she would soon be surrendering her body to my touch and desecrating her wedding vows to commit adultery for the second time in as many days.  Melissa still looked straight ahead and right before walking away to her bedroom said, “C’mon before I come to my senses.” 

Walking after her to take my place between her legs, I saw a picture in the hallway.  It was a picture of Kevin and Melissa that read “Love, Purity and Trust.”  Three words that just lost out to Passion, Lust and Desire. 

When I walked into her bedroom, Melissa was lying in the middle of her freshly unmade bed.  Her knees were pulled up and closed while her feet rested on the sheets.  Her nipples were so rigid that they looked as if they ached.  Melissa’s right arm was draped over her eyes as if to shield herself from the reality of what she was about to let happen. 


My shirt was the first of my clothing to come off, then the rest.  I made sure she could hear my belt open and the zipper moving down before removing my pants.  There I stood, naked in another man’s bedroom, about to take his wife’s virtue by soiling her marriage bed while making a memory she will never forget, the first time she allowed another man to take her in her own bed. 

As I climbed onto the bed, she took in a quick breath as if startled.  She held it for a moment before blowing it out slowly.  I knelt on the bed before her, admiring the sweet innocence that I was about to partake in.  Melissa felt my hands on her panties that hid the last remnants of her modesty and lifted her hips up almost automatically.  She jumped at my touch as I slowly removed them, revealing the fruit of my desire. 


I was right, they were sopping wet from her juices. 


With Melissa’s damp panties now thrown to the floor, she was completely naked and exposed to my gaze.  Her muscles slowly relaxed as I moved my way back to her knees.  I felt only a small amount of resistance from her thighs as they parted, the flower between her legs coming into view before me as if to say, “Take me.”

Bowing forward and moving onto my stomach, my tongue led the way to her swollen, glistening labia where I thought I saw a small stream of juice run out of her vagina and down her ass.  

The freshly bathed aroma between Melissa’s legs filled my nostrils to make me weak with desire.  If it looked as if I was in total control, I wasn’t.  I was an aroused puddle of testosterone who had succumbed to the pheromones permeating the air.  Both of our desires and lust had taken us to places where neither of us had any true control.  We wouldn’t wake up from the hunger for each other until both of us had been totally spent. 

Moving my arms around her thighs to hold her, my tongue split the groove of her lips before licking from the bottom of her opening to the top of her clit. She was absolutely delicious!  My hands reached up to massage her breasts and tweak her nipples while I ate her pussy, giving her full tongue licks of her blood engorged vagina.  Melissa’s hips moved in circles, not being able to stop if she wanted to.   

After only a few minutes of me savoring the flavor of married pussy, Melissa grabbed my hair, pulled me in and screamed.  I watched as her eyes went to the back of her head and her veins popped out on the sides of her neck.  Melissa’s legs squeezed around my head almost crushing my ears in the process.  Her body convulsed in her first orgasm of the night of many orgasms to come.  

When Melissa finally released me from her grip, she collapsed onto the bed breathing incredibly hard.  

“Oh my god that felt incredible!” she said, her chest rising and falling quickly as she attempted to get her breath back.  

I climbed her inflamed body, kissing from her stomach to her breasts where I lingered, sucking both of her nipples into my mouth.  She whimpered from the tingling that traveled from her aroused nipples to her clitoris.  Moving up to her neck, I kissed and sucked her skin right above her shoulder, leaving a nice red mark so she could be reminded of what she had done when she awakens the next morning.  


Melissa knew that I was about to complete her depravity by penetrating her married pussy.  Neither one of us could stop it now, neither of us wanted to.  Our lips met, giving Melissa a taste of her infidelity.  Our tongues meshed together into a tangled, wet and sexually charged dance.   We continued to kiss as my rock hard cock rubbed against her pussy and clit.  Reaching down between our bodies, I grabbed my cock and lined it up at her juicy opening before finally pulling away from our kiss to whisper into her ear while attempting to regain some resemblance of control.

“What do you want me to do, Melissa, tell me…”

“Don’t make me, just do it.”

“Tell me…”

“Just do it please,” she said begging. 

“Tell me,” as I rubbed my cock head against her clit quickly making her groan in pleasure, nearly bringing her to another earth shattering orgasm in the process.  

“FUCK ME, MIKE.  Just do it, fuck me… NOW!  Take me, I need it so bad,” she said crying out in desperation.   Please fuck me…”  

She moaned deeply as she felt my cock head split her inner labia.  Then, right as the head popped through the opening, penetrating her, I heard a soft, almost silent, drawn out “yeessss, oh god yeessss”…I plunged deep inside of her in one powerful lunge made possible by the copious quantity of her arousal.  Her pussy seemed to suck me in to the limit, stopping only when my balls were pressed against her ass and I could go no deeper.  

When I hit bottom, she moaned so loudly that I suspected the neighbors could hear Melissa’s passion coming through the walls.  I smiled, imagining that her neighbors knew that her husband was not home and that the sounds were not being made because of her husband’s ministrations.


Reaching under her right leg with my arm, I brought the back of her knee up to my elbow and ran my hand to her ass so I could lift her hip for deeper penetration.  I rose to my elbow on the other, cupping the back of her head with my hand.  My toes dug into the mattress as I pushed against her loins in the attempt to lodge myself inside of her as deep as possible.  In the process, I was touching nerves she had never felt before.

We started moving together in rhythm, both of us grinding against each other passionately.  Melissa moved her left leg around me, hooking her heel into the back of my right knee.  Her arms gripped me around my neck and squeezed and I could hear her saying, “Do it, do it.  I need it so bad, please fuck meeeee.”

Our pace quickened until all that could be heard was skin slapping against skin along with our grunts and groans from both of our exhilaration of being in the moment.  The smell of sex in the air was intoxicating.  Occasionally I would pull out to give her the feeling of emptiness and to give me a moment of reprieve only to plunge back in again.  Melissa’s juices made a lewd smacking sound that could be heard on every withdrawal and penetration.

We were now FUCKING, pure animalistic fucking. 

Melissa moaned deliriously.  Her words were incoherent as she was brought to climax after climax from the fucking I was giving her.  I was brought to the brink several times but miraculously, I was able to curtail my own orgasm.  After who knows how long, I pulled out of her sloppy pussy.  Melissa let out a huge sigh from not wanting to be empty but she didn’t have to wait for long.  

I flipped her over, grabbed a pillow and shoved it under Melissa’s hips before plunging my shaft back inside of her pussy, ramming her from behind.  I can’t tell you how good it felt feeling her round ass pushing against my loins while I fucked her with one powerful thrust after another.  With the feel of her butt cheeks slapping against me, there was no way I was going to last.  

Both of Melissa’s hands were over her head now, holding onto the sheets tightly for leverage so she could force her body back onto my cock.  When I heard her voice lower into a long, guttural moan, I knew the big one was hitting her and I lost all control. 

“I’m going to cum Melissa, where do you want me to shoot it?”

Through gritted teeth she yelled the words,  “Yes!  I’m CUMMMING too!…Keep fucking me, don’t you dare pull out!  OHHHH….fuuuuck…Give it to meeee!”  

With her ass turned up, I was able to really ram into her hard, sending multiple ropes of hot, fertile cum into her pulsating, dripping pussy, soiling the walls until it was squirting out of her cunt, mixed with her own copious juices and soaking the pillow below.  

“YES, YESSSS cum inside me, oh god I can feel you throbbing deep inside me!  Don’t stop, please don’t stop, it feels so good.”  

Melissa wasn’t the only one having an out of body experience.  I could literally feel her vaginal walls squeezing me and pulsating around my cock, milking me for every drop I had.  Her pussy had a life of its own that was easy to get addicted too.  I definitely was going to get me more of this.  I moved to pull out of her soiled cunt but she reached back to stop me.

“Stay inside me, please don’t pull out yet.  It feels too good…oooh, yeah, I just want to remember what it feels like.”

Amazingly, I could feel Melissa’s vagina still pulsating around my cock allowing me to keep a semi-erection.  To keep our bodies joined and to take my weight off of Melissa, I rolled us to our sides so we were spooning together with my chest against her back.  We both moved just enough to keep us at the tipping point.  After a few minutes I rose to my right elbow.  With my left hand, I reached around to hold her left breast in my palm.  After caressing her for a short time, I pulled her to me and reached under her chin, turning her head towards me.  Our tongues and lips joined in a post orgasmic kiss as our movements slowed without ever stopping.  

After we kissed for only a few minutes, I rested my body behind her.  We still didn’t bother to dislodge ourselves from one another as to not break the erotic hypnosis between us.  I continued touching Melissa’s freshly fucked body, memorizing every curve and contour of her back, hips, breasts and ass.  About fifteen minutes later, I felt my cock coming back to life, twitching inside of her.  Melissa moaned, telling me that she had felt it too.  

“I had better pull out of you or I won’t be able to stop myself from fucking you some more.  You still have a pretty good load of cum soaking into your pussy I haven’t let out yet.”  

Without speaking, Melissa rolled forward, allowed my hardening cock to slip out from inside of her, allowing the fresh cum to seep from her pussy.  With me still on my side, she turned and gently pushed me onto my back.  The lust in Melissa’s eyes returned as she swung her leg over my hip and dropped her full body flat onto my own, giving me a very intimate kiss.  

I could feel our mixture of juices running out of her pussy onto my cock as her hips moved against me.  Melissa then reached behind us, grabbed my wet cock and slid it back into her sodden pussy, speaking only one hushed word…  ”More.” 

During the night, Melissa wanted to fuck in every position we could think of.  How could a man not want to fuck Melissa with her head down and ass up as often as he could?  I didn’t get her husband’s thinking but he didn’t have his cock inside of her, I did.    

I kept her ass facing me a lot that night.  She wanted to experience it all without the constraints of being a married woman.  She was hungry for uninhibited sex, extramarital or not.  She knew that she had to put a stop to her unfaithfulness, but for tonight, the physical pleasures her body was experiencing ruled.  

Melissa fucked me like a total slut.  It wasn’t long before her pussy was saturated with my cum yet again.  She hated that she loved getting fucked so much but didn’t want the orgasms to end.  

For most of the time that we were awake we either fucked or she was sucking my cock.  When we would rest, after I had filled her pussy with cum, she insisted I remained lodged inside of her, forcing much of the semen to soak into the walls of her married pussy.  We slept together only to wake every few hours to start again.  Once when I woke, Melissa was sucking my cock trying to get me hard for more.  I must have been dead to the world because when I finally did become aware, it was only a few short minutes before I gave her another load to swallow.  Nothing was said as she gulped it down and turned over.  I heard the sounds of her sleeping not long after.

One thing that I will never get used to is getting up in the middle of the night, almost forgetting that the woman next to me is another man’s wife.  When I got up to get a drink during the night, I saw a blinking light coming from the counter.  The message light on Melissa’s phone was blinking so I picked it up.  The phone was unlocked and I noticed she had several missed messages and a few missed calls, all from her husband, Kevin.  

The times of the calls were the same time that I had his wife on her hands and knees, taking my cock into his wife’s pussy.  That would explain why neither one of us heard the ringing of his back to back calls.  It must have been driving Kevin mad not knowing what his wife was up to, especially after Kim’s comments to him about his loyal wife kept him on edge.  

Kim commented to Kevin, “If I was a man, I would be trying to bed a wife who’s husband ignores her sexual appetite, she would be easy picking.  From what you’ve told me, your bride is a great candidate for a seduction.  Who knows, she might even have another man inside of her right now.”  

I felt a perverted sense of satisfaction that I was the one in Kevin’s bed fucking his wife to orgasm.  My cock, not his, was buried inside of his newly promiscuous wife for most of the night.  She again, had committed adultery and was being consumed by the heat of her new found passion.

In the morning, I laid in bed admiring Kevin’s wife.  She was smart and beautiful with a knockout body and a sexual appetite that was just getting started.  If Kim and my plan worked, she would finally have a husband who could look at his wife as a woman and not a trophy.  At the moment though, I was admiring her beautifully curved ass and the cum matted hair of her over used pussy.  I could see where the sperm had run out of her and into the sheets making a nice stain that added to my perversion of soiling another man’s bed.  

Melissa was so sexually exhausted that she didn’t even bother taking a shower during the night knowing she would just be getting dirty again.  Taking a picture with my cell phone, I sent some shots to Kim.  Melissa finally stirred, barely waking while I ran my hands slowly all over her body.  She stretched herself out showing a lean, firm posture.  When I looked into her eyes she had a tear just starting to run down her cheek.  

“What’s the matter Melissa?”  Knowing that she had just woke to another man sleeping in her bed where her husband usually sleeps.

“I cheated on my husband, again.  I don’t deserve to wear this ring,” as she twisted her wedding ring on her finger.  “You fucked me in my own bed.  My husband’s own bed.  I’ve never felt so ashamed yet so sexually alive.  I’m embarrassed by how much I enjoyed the sex we had.  There was no way I could have known sex could be so good.  I can’t believe I actually begged you to fuck me and to sleep with me.  Oh my god, why can’t I stop?”

“To be fair, Melissa, we didn’t do much sleeping.”  She just ignored my attempt at lightening the mood and continued. 

“I know what your cum tastes like and how it feels running down my throat.  I still don’t know how it feels to do it with my own husband for god’s sake.  How can I beg for a man other than my husband to cum inside my body?  Just the thought of it makes me start to tingle all over and want more when I know I should be disgusted in my actions.  How did I become such a slut in such a short amount of time?  How can I face Kevin?  Before this week, I had no idea there was a difference between making love and fucking.  My god, I love to fuck!”

Melissa finally turned and faced me, “This is a real problem now, why did you show me what I was missing out on?  I should hate you for all of this, especially for making me want more.”  

At the same time that she was reprimanding herself, my hands were slowly gliding over her body, especially the round curve of her ass.  I almost felt like I needed to hold her so I could comfort Melissa’s feelings but knew it would be a bad idea.  Holding Melissa at this point would show intimacy between us and give the impression that we are more than just sex partners.  I wanted our affair to be about sex, nothing more. 

“C’mon, Melissa, let’s get you cleaned up.” I took her hand and walked her to the shower where I soaped up her tender body.  I paid a lot of attention to her ass, making sure to put pressure on her anus.  As I hooked a finger and inserted it past the first ring of her ass, I told her that Kevin deserves everything her body has to offer.  Melissa jumped and tensed her backside, asking with her eyes if I was saying what she thought I was.

“You want me to teach you everything don’t you Melissa?  You don’t want me to leave anything out do you?  The more you learn with me, the more you can do with your husband.”

As Melissa pondered my words, she felt my finger move around in her rear orifice.  She seemed to give into whatever I had in mind.  “Do I have a choice?  It’s pretty obvious that I’m going to let you do whatever you want to me, I seem powerless to stop.”  Melissa’s body was turned on again and fully expected to have more cock inside of her once more before I left.  

I pulled Melissa to me and for the next five minutes we made out under the water.  For a woman who was struggling with her indiscretions, she was still sexually aroused enough to keep the erotic tension going.  I eventually moved to her side.  As we kissed, my finger remained in her ass to the first knuckle and another inside her pussy. 

“If you give this to him,” I said as I wiggled my finger in her ass, making her squirm, “he will be putty in your hands.”  

I moved my mouth to her tits, sucking her nearest nipple into my mouth as I pushed my middle finger up her ass as far as it would go.  “Ohhhhhhh.”  The feel of both of her holes being stimulated and the nipple play sent her over the edge.  “Oh my, I’m cummmming……”.  If I didn’t have my hands already on her, she might have fallen as another orgasm racked her body.

“Oh my god, I can’t stop having orgasms!” she said while holding onto me to stay steady.  “I think I’ve had more orgasms in the past few days than I’ve had in the past year.”

When we exited the shower, she automatically went towards the bed naked, expected me to join her.  She looked at me with expectation so I asked, “What do you want, Melissa?”

“What do I want?  I want this all to go away.  I want my husband to want me as much as I want him.  What do I want at this very moment?  I want you to fuck me again.  Mostly though and I can’t explain why, I want to suck your cock until you give me another load of cum for my tummy.  For some perverted reason that’s what I want, I can’t explain why.  Apparently I haven’t come to my senses yet.”

As Melissa spoke, she mindlessly crawled over to me while still on the bed and took my cock into her mouth.  She sucked like a pro, desperately trying to get another good load out of me by using her hand to stroke my cock and her tongue to lick every inch as she moaned.  My cock, was the most delicious tasting thing she has had in a long time, so it seemed.  I just stood there with my fingers in her hair as she did her magic with her mouth.  

“Do you still think yourself a slut Melissa?”

Pulling my cock from her throat for a moment, she said, “How could I not be?  Look at me!  I’m on my knees sucking your cock like a whore.”  Melissa shoved my cock back into her mouth and doubled her efforts to drink my cum. 

She was sucking so good that I could have let her suck me all day.  I didn’t think there was any way that I was going to be able to produce enough fluids to feed her what she wanted so desperately until I heard a sloshing sound coming from her body.  I looked down and saw that she had her hand between her legs and her fingers in her cunt trying to bring herself off again.  The sound that I heard was the wet, sloshing sound her juices on her fingers were making,  that set me off.  

Suddenly without warning, my balls tightened and my cock throbbed, shooting several streams of sperm into her sucking mouth.  Melissa moaned loudly as she tried to swallow every shot that hit the back of her throat.  Some sperm overflowed down her hand, coating her wedding ring perfectly.  My lust for Melissa must have had my balls working overtime making extra semen.  

After swallowing all she could, Melissa took my cock out and licked the shaft making sure she got it all.  Seeing the cum on her wedding ring.  Another moan escaped her throat as she licked the cum off, swallowing it down as if it were extra icing on a cake.  “That was delicious!  I think I’m becoming addicted to cum.  I want to swallow Kevin so much.” 

Melissa was feeling euphoric so I took the opportunity to tell her I would be back another time to feed her some more.  She probably didn’t even realize that she moaned after I said it and the arousal she still felt wouldn’t allow her to say no.  We said our goodbyes and I walked away to leave but when I reached the front door, I heard another moan coming from the bedroom.  

I walked back quietly and peeked through the door crack and saw a lovely site.  Melissa was on her back with one hand rubbing her clitoris while the other squeezed and pulled at her nipples.  I could barely hear her whispering “fuck me, fuck me.”  As much as I wanted to hang around, I needed to leave before the neighbors saw another man sneaking out of a married woman’s home.

Find out in part 3 if Melissa is able to stave off my advances or go even deeper into her sexual acts of uncontrollable lust.  

The Sweet Taste of Forbidden Fruit

Unlike the rest of my stories this one is total fiction.  If you want to read the true stories of how a shy, reserved, Christian Sunday school teacher could change into a married, sex addicted nymphomaniac with an oral fetish, then start with “Virgin Bride” and go from there.

I wasn’t the woman who only had sex in the dark, under the sheets, and in the missionary position but I was close.  My upbringing taught me that sex was for the man’s pleasure and the woman was there to satisfy his needs.  I had no idea how to really enjoy sex until I slowly learned from my incredibly patient husband.  To read more about my arrival from being a monogamous wife to promiscuous slut read the “Sexual Awakening”.

This story’s main female character is Melissa, she is based on an actual person that I used to work with. Melissa is a petite girl with small breasts and a big round ass. She reminded my husband of me actually. Her baby face and banging body made her the target for many man’s eyes and I’m pretty sure some of the women’s.

Enjoy the story!

Kisses, Hotwife Kara Sweet


My name is Mike and I have an addiction. My addiction is the female body and all its attributes.  A woman’s body is the most amazing piece of artwork ever made.  One day I can be a tit man and the next an ass man.  It always depends on the woman who I’m talking to or the woman who I intend on seducing.  Keep in mind that the woman has no idea at the time that I’m going to fuck her.  To her, it just happens.  My favorites are the ones with small tits & big asses with prominent hips.

My addiction to the female form has laid the foundation for my most cherished hobby.  I love to seduce women.  Not just any woman.  My desire is to seduce another man’s innocent, almost virginal wife who was married just within the past year.  These girls have only experimented with sex with their new husbands.  Usually just after or not long before they said “I do.”

Sex is exciting to the young wife because she saved herself for the man of her dreams.  She is so excited to start on her sexual journey and can’t wait to please her new husband.  More often than not, the man learns about sex by watching porn.  These guys rarely learn about the seduction aspect of sex and they don’t yet know about the art of mental and physical foreplay.  They still believe sex with a woman is all cock and pussy. I have no problem with this because it’s usually their wife that I end up taking to bed.

The woman on the other hand, is hoping her knight in shining armor will teach her how to be worldly.  She reads the romance novels and expects him to sweep her off her feet and to teach her all about sex along with how to please him.  The sad part is that the wife doesn’t realize that sex should be about her pleasures as well.

Call me a callous womanizer all you want but a woman wants to be seduced, in fact she craves it.  She loves being told how sexy or how beautiful she is.  When her need isn’t satisfied, she becomes vulnerable and ripe for the picking.  Another guy tells her how good she looks in a certain style dress and she will wear dresses that are similar. 

When a man tells a woman her perfume is intoxicating, she will make sure she walks by him when she wears the scent.  Notice a woman’s beautiful eyes and she will spend double the time making her eyes sparkle.  Comment on how sexy her legs are and watch how short her skirts become and how often she wears stockings with high heels.  Her husband notices as first and thinks it’s all for him when in fact she is on the verge of giving herself to another, at least for an hour.  The danger starts when the husband stops noticing her beauty and takes it for granted.

My hobby is basically satisfying the woman’s needs and urges.  The picture of my success is having a married woman lying naked in my bed.  This same woman’s sexy bra and panties that her husband bought her are usually scattered onto the floor with the rest of her clothes.  Success is having her legs splayed open with my cum leaking out of her red, gaping pussy.  The same pussy that belongs to another man, or did an hour ago.

I especially get off fucking a married woman in her own marriage bed.  The same bed where her beloved makes love to her.  It turns me on when my cum is leaking out of her unprotected, married pussy soiling her own sheets where her husband will be sleeping in just a few hours.  I don’t mean to cuckold the guy.  The urge must come from the caveman days when a guy took what he couldn’t have as his own.

A married woman who has been seduced can never forget the feeling of her lover’s hands on her body, especially when she gave herself to him in her own bed.  Her memories resurface every time her husband makes love to her in that very spot.  She is usually ashamed for her indiscretions but that doesn’t stop her from masturbating to our coupling when the urge arises.

She will frequently tell herself that she will not continue with the lecherous affair but her body’s overpowering sexual urges will eventually betray her.  Her only hope is for her mind to become stronger than her body’s sexual demands.  By the time this happens, her body has already been thoroughly soiled and used many times as her body gets permeated by my DNA through the walls of her pussy.

I enjoy turning women into nymphomaniacs.  One woman in particular is my own wife, Kim.  She was a very naive girl until just a few years after we married.  Little by little I seduced her to the point where she is now a “hotwife.”  She enjoys sex with other men with my approval, permission and encouragement.

Kim knows that I seduce and fuck other women.  In fact, she is the one who encouraged me to try and bed a certain young, married girl herself.  She met Melissa while shopping.  Kim said Melissa would be a perfect fit for my perversion.  “I can’t even imagine Melissa having sex other than in the missionary position with the lights off,” she told me.

Kim also knows I have an infatuation with petite girls with a fine ass.  Melissa was a perfect target for me on that description alone.  Incredibly enough, it is Kim who has taught me the most on how to take advantage of other women more effectively and completely than I ever could have done on my own.  She has even helped with a few seductions.

Married only seven months, Melissa worked at a mall near where I worked.  She wasn’t the stereotypical beautiful, tall, voluptuous babe with 32DD breasts.  Personally, I like the women whose breasts will still be above the waist line in 30 years.  Melissa was the pretty girl next door.  The shy, innocent looking gal that had the look of lust in her eyes that she didn’t even know she had.  I’m sure even the most ethical man has taken a second look into those eyes and had his mind stray.

Melissa is a petite brunette with brown eyes and pure white skin that is soft and supple.  She is about 5’2″ with a small set of breasts just large enough to fill a man’s hands fully.  Her nipples are soft, pink and suckable just like her lips, both sets.  Her ass is easily her best feature, round and firm to fill a pair of jeans to perfection.  Her hips are perfect for grabbing ahold of when driving into her from behind.  Melissa married just after her 19th birthday.  Little did she know that not long after turning 20, she would be an adultress.

Her husband was a very conservative man who was just two years older than his Melissa.  He also didn’t have much in the way of sexual education.  He was very dedicated to Melissa,  loving her so much that he would never think of cheating on her.  Unfortunately for Melissa, he did not want to try new things in the bedroom out of fear that she would think him a pervert.  I challenged Kim to put his fidelity to the test at the same time I was trying to get into Melissa’s panties.

Melissa and I hit it off right away with me gaining her trust over a 3-month period.  We became friends and soon she was telling me things that a woman should never tell another man.  If a guy is smart, he will listen to a woman who opens up to him.  Listen to her carefully, she is literally telling a man how to seduce her.

Since I worked nearby, I would make a point to see Melissa often if only by waving to her on the way to my destination.  When I would go in to visit, I would compliment her dress and looks.  Once I even asked her if men often made passes at her.   She responded, “no they didn’t.”  I told her most women don’t realize how good they actually look.

“Forgive me for saying.  As delicious as you look on a daily basis, especially when you wear jeans, I’m betting guys follow you to your car and you don’t even know it.”  She just laughed it off.   But the seed was planted.

After about a week, I asked Melissa again if she noticed guys watching her or had she been hit on by anybody.  Her eyes got wide.  “Yes! Oh my goodness,” she said laughing.  Right after I had left on the prior visit she started noticing guys doing just that.  She noticed they would in fact hang around her area where she was working.  Melissa caught many of them turning their heads as soon as she looked in their direction which confirmed that they were in fact checking her out. 

“I have a confession,” she said.  “I actually kept moving to different areas just to see if a few would follow me and they did!!”

Laughing with her I asked how it made her feel.  She shrugged it off saying that they probably had nothing better to look at.  I also noticed that she was wearing tight clothing and she had been taking more time with her makeup, not that she needed any.  She always looked fantastic in jeans with her peach shaped ass and thigh gap.  She said one guy even asked her out.  He apologized when she told him she was married.

I wanted to find the guys and thank them for helping me to seduce her.  Fact was, one of the guys was a good friend who I’ve shared a wife or two with.  He’s helped me out a few times and I’ve rewarded him with a piece of the action on occasion.  I doubt that Melissa would get that wild but who knows.  It’s the innocent ones who surprise you the most.

Patience is everything, so after another month of chatting with her and getting to know her, I finally made my first move.  I knew that Melissa took her lunch at a certain time each day.  Around that time, I went in and mentioned that I was meeting someone for lunch but they had to change plans.  Since she was about to take her lunch break anyways, she offered to keep me company.  After eating with Melissa it became easy to make lunch “dates” a habit.

My goal was to make her feel even more at ease talking to another man.  Especially about taboo subjects without her husband’s knowledge.

The more time together we spent, the more she trusted me.  She would tell me about how often her husband, Kevin would travel.  After a while it seemed as if he had little time for his newly wedded wife.  It’s amazing what another woman will tell you when they feel that you are not a threat.  Warning to the men reading this.  If you’re not listening to her, someone else is.

Little did Kevin know that his sweet, innocent wife was confiding in another man who had impure thoughts surging through his mind about his lovely wife.  With my encouragement, she started confiding in me, telling me some of her more intimate secrets.  Many topics were about her sex life and how she was not getting the sex she had hoped for when they married.  You can’t just fuck like rabbits right out of the honeymoon guys and then leave your sex hungry wife for a week at a time.  Her hormones may eventually start to fend for themselves and find new avenues for relief.

A woman’s sexual urges are sometimes so strong that she may find herself falling into the arms of another man to satisfy her yearnings.  Many times she doesn’t even notice anything is happening until she wakes up and realizes that she isn’t in her own bed and the man beside her isn’t her husband.  By then she’s already been soiled.   

From what Melissa was telling me, she had a sex drive that was burning a hole into her panties and she needed to explore her curiosities.  Kim would always know when Melissa and I would have our sexual conversations because I would ravage her when I got home.  “What’s wrong Mike, Melissa turn you on today?  When are you going to sink this big cock between her married legs?”

I found out that Melissa was practically a virgin when she married, being deflowered when she was 18 by her now husband.  They still didn’t have much sex before they married.  When they finally did take their vows, the sex was good but not as good as she expected. 

They were brought up believing that people should save themselves for when they exchanged rings.  Therefore, their sexual knowledge and experience was limited.  Sex was so…”clean” she would say.  “I expected sex to be more dirty I guess,”  Melissa said with a blush.

Melissa’s luscious, naked body needed to be in my arms moaning my name while I shoved my cock deep into her wet, clenching pussy.  I didn’t want to keep her for my own, just borrow.  I would never force a woman but Melissa was going to need a little extra motivation.  Everything that she was going to do would have to be her choice.  I was there to steer those choices in the direction where I wanted them to go.

Finally, during one of our lunches, she gave me the opening that I needed.  Melissa asked me how to be a better wife and lover to her husband and how to gain more of his attention.  I had told her that I had been very sexually active and had several lovers.  I even chanced it by telling her that I had a few sexual relations with some married women.

With a big smile and a sly look she said, “Mike, am I to believe that you have sex with married women?”

“Yes Melissa, I’ve been known to.”

“Is this what you are trying to do with me?  Are you trying to get me into bed with you?”  She was grinning ear to ear challenging me to say it, so I did.

I took her hands in mine and said. “Melissa, you have no idea how attractive and sexy you are.  You have a luscious body that any man would be ecstatic to hold against them.  I can’t deny that I personally would jump at the chance to have sex with you.  I’ll tell you a secret.  I’ve had many dirty thoughts about you running through my mind,”  I said smiling and giving her a wink.  “If I was trying to get any woman into bed with me, especially a married woman, then you my dear Melissa, would be my first choice of wives to bed.”

I took a big chance confessing that to her and her response was thankfully what I had hoped for.  She stared at me for what seemed like minutes before laughing and hitting me in my arm while obviously blushing.  She was shifting in her seat and her nipples were becoming more obvious under her shirt and bra.

“Oh stop…You’ve been holding out Mike.”  She refused to acknowledge what I said about having sex with her but I knew she was processing it subconsciously.  “Tell me more about the wives who have thrown themselves at you.”

She was intrigued by my stories and surprisingly wanted to hear more.  She was obviously getting aroused even though I refused to tell her too much,  stating that I didn’t want to disrespect anyone by kissing and telling but she wouldn’t let me off the hook.

“But you did much more than just kissing right?”

“Bottom line is that some women, Melissa married or not, are just looking for some good, no strings sex.  They know that I’m not trying to take anyone away from their spouse.  I don’t want to break up anybody’s marriage or have an extended affair.  I am even friends with some of the husbands whose wife I have had sex with.”

“Seriously?!  Is that the only reason you are friends with the guys?  I mean, so that you can stay close to his wife to get a quickie every once in a while?  What are the women missing out on that you give them???”

“Hold on Melissa,”  I said holding my hands up and laughing.  She was like a school girl wanting all the dirty details.  The last question was the real one she wanted an answer to.  I had a feeling that she wanted to find out if she was missing the same thing as other women.

“Some of the wives yes.  I admit that I still have sex with them but it’s rarely for just a quickie as you say.  They want to be satisfied for an hour, not just a few minutes.  The euphoria lasts for days after the orgasms fade.”  She covered her face with her hands and squealed but I kept going.

“To answer your last question Melissa, the women are missing out on passion.  Many of their husbands make love to them and they really do sincerely enjoy the sex, but they need more.”

As if Melissa was trying to comprehend what I was saying she said, “so you really make love to other men’s wives?”

Treading carefully I told her, “No, Melissa I don’t make love to other men’s wives.”  I took her hands and leaned into her ear so I didn’t have to say it too loud.  “I fuck other men’s wives.”  As I said that, her eyes got big as saucers and her mouth dropped slightly open.  She took  several deep breaths then finally spoke.

“I’m sorry, I still don’t understand.  Why would anybody do that to their own spouse?”  She said quietly with an honest look of confusion.  Her neck and ears were flush with arousal so I asked point blank.

“Melissa do you occasionally want a man to ravish your luscious little body?  Would you want him to royally fuck the living hell out you like you deserve to be fucked, or would you rather be made love to?”  You don’t have to answer the question, you’ve already told me what you want.  The question needed to stay unanswered like an itch she couldn’t reach.

I could smell her excitement by now and kept with the subject but changed it to something a bit less intrusive.  “Have you ever had oral sex on him?” 


“Kevin of course silly, who else would you have oral sex with, me?”  I said while laughing and trying to lighten the mood.

“Oh yeah, of course,” she said with an uneasy laugh.  Apparently, she had just recently learned about giving head and was curious.  When she brought it up to Kevin, he told her that he would never degrade her in that fashion.  She said it was disappointing that Kevin didn’t want to try new things so she dropped it.   

“He thinks me putting his penis in my mouth…”

“It’s a cock, Melissa.  A penis is too sterile and not very sexy.  The first thing you need to do is talk more sexy with Kevin,”  I said with a grin.

“Fine, he thinks any woman who takes a… cock into her mouth may as well be a common whore.”

“Are you kidding me?!  Every single man I know would give anything to have your lips wrapped around his cock, Melissa.  I know I would.”

“Oh my god I don’t believe you just said that to me!”  She was blushing again but couldn’t let it go.  “I want to do things for him.  I just don’t know how to please him that way.  Kevin is so strait-laced.  I don’t believe I’m telling you this but I really do have the urge to be… naughty, but I don’t know how.”

“Want to know what men really find sexy in a woman?  It’s when a woman truly enjoys herself during sex without trying to just please him.”

Melissa had to get going but wanted to ask one more question.

“What you said before, about wanting to have sex with me…I mean if I wasn’t married of course.  Is that true or were you just saying that to tease me?  I mean nothing like that would happen of course but it is nice knowing that someone thinks of me…that way.”

“I didn’t mean to scare you and I certainly don’t want to offend you but yes Melissa, I would love to have your thighs wrapped around my hips with me between them while I push myself inside of you.  Oh, and I never said anything about you being married or not.”  I could tell that what I said stunned her but fortunately we were already walking out to continue our day.

A week went by after my confession and I was worried that she may feel uneasy being around me after basically telling her that I wanted to fuck her.  We got together and the subject didn’t come up until later.

“I went home last week after our talk and I was quite confused.  I had no idea other guys felt that way about me.”  She didn’t mention what I had said which was good.  I knew what she was really saying.  “I can’t believe I’m going to say this.  If I confess something to you, I can trust that you won’t laugh or anything right?”  She didn’t give me time to answer and just blurted it out.  “I was very…I mean…extremely… turned on when I got home,” she blurted out while looking down and twisting her wedding ring.  “So much so that I had to take care of myself… To get the dirty thoughts out of my mind, oh my goodness, there I said it.”

“You masturbated thinking about me?  Well, well.  It doesn’t sound like it worked did it?”  She seemed to need to talk so I just let her, not knowing if she was talking to me or to herself.

“When Kevin finally got home I was needing him so bad but he wasn’t interested.  He’s getting ready to leave for out of town again and he’s focused on that.”  This was perfect I thought.

“Let me ask you some questions…” Melissa just looked into my eyes waiting…”How often do you have to masturbate to get the edge off?”

“Confession time again?” Melissa said.  “Ok, I can do this.”  Trying to regain her sassy posture.  “Honestly I haven’t masturbated since before I was married, even then it wasn’t often.  Lately?  I’ve needed to do it almost every day I’m ashamed to say.”  I had a growing bulge in my loins but I kept my composure.

“Do you orgasm when you masturbate?”

“Well that’s the whole purpose now isn’t it?” she said in a sarcastic voice.

“Okay smart alec, do you orgasm when you have sex?” I was surprised when she gave me an open and straight answer.

“I used to but it’s getting harder…that’s why I’ve been touching…well you know.”

“Have you given Kevin head since we talked about it the other day?”

“As if that’s any of your business.  But since you told me how much guys like it, yes and no.  I tried and I failed miserably.  He still doesn’t think his wife should be on her knees before him servicing him like a prostitute.”

“Why not?  I’m pretty sure most husbands want their wife to act like a total slut for them when in bed.  Think about it, if you’re his slut, he won’t have to go out to get one,” I said laughing.  “Your goal Melissa should be to be his personal slut.”  With a sideways grin I told her, “maybe someday I can teach you how?”

“C’mon Mike this is hard enough.  Don’t laugh, it’s embarrassing,” she said.   “The truth is… when I tried to suck him the few times that I tried, I would wonder what it would be like for him to shave down there.”  She started laughing hard as if she couldn’t get a picture out of her mind.

“Well that’s pretty random, Melissa.  It’s called manscaping by the way,” I said with a smile.  “If you ever want to see what it’s all about, I’m willing to take one for the team and show you.”  I smiled and waited for the slap that never came.

“OMG!  I can’t believe you suggested that!”

“Oh and Melissa, feel free to picture me again when you’re masturbating tonight, I’ll definitely be thinking of you.”

“Ooh you!! I knew I shouldn’t have told you.”  We had things to do so we said our goodbyes and left.  Not before I gave her a hug that lasted a little longer than a friend’s hug should have lasted, I admit.  If she was going to masturbate, I wanted to be the one who she masturbated to.

The day finally arrived  that Melissa told me about.  Kevin was going out-of-town for ten days on business.  I decided this was the week I was going to take Melissa into my bed and fuck her like she deserves.  I told Kim my plans and she offered any help she could give.  She even offered to keep Kevin occupied while I seduced his wife.  Kevin planned on going to the city only 60 miles away leaving his sexually frustrated sexpot at home.  I told Kim that it’s almost not fair when the woman’s own husband is the one who pushes his wife into my bed.

Kim said that it would be fun to go up to check the place out.  Wolves don’t always wear men’s clothing.  Sometimes they wear sexy dresses and perfume that arouses even the most loyal of men.   

The day Kevin left didn’t come fast enough.  I wanted to get Melissa alone by causing a small “emergency.”  This day was going the day that she puts that banging body to good use.  Drugs are rarely, if ever, my first choice when seducing another man’s wife.  I rarely if ever need them.  I certainly won’t use anything stronger than a little weed.  Something to loosen her up a little to make her more pliable is all I want.  Hemp smoke has the habit of allowing a woman to loosen up for a short while before their lust kicks in and takes over.  A girl needs to relax.  Doing so, makes her mind pliable to her own needs and desires so she allows herself to do what she really wants instead of me convincing her to do what I want.  There is a big difference.

Melissa was at work and was staying a little late the night in question.  I faked that I had locked my keys in my car to see if I could get her car door open.  Calling a tow service, I asked to get help with “my” door when in fact it was Melissa’s car.  Luckily for me, the mechanic was having a bad day and didn’t ask many questions before jimmying the door open.  All I needed to do was pop the hood and loosen Melissa’s battery cable in her car, hoping that she wasn’t car savvy.

About the time Melissa got off from work, I conveniently showed up and walked her to the disabled vehicle.  After she was unable to start the car, I made a call to a friend and acted as if he was a mechanic.  After the call, I told her that he wasn’t able to get there for about an hour but he would get it going for her as a “favor for a friend.”

Re-connecting the cables without her knowledge, I offered her a ride to my place which was closer so she could be comfortable while she waited.  If my plans worked out like I was hoping, the next time Melissa sat in her car, she would be sitting in her panties full of my cum.

When we arrived at my place, she was pretty stressed out so I burned some “incense” that I picked up.  Fortunately, Melissa didn’t know what the smell of the smoke was and didn’t think anything of it.  Little by little Melissa started to feel more relaxed but it was so subtle that she didn’t notice until her clothes were already on my floor.

While sitting next to Melissa, I asked her to turn so I could massage her shoulders and neck to relax her even more.  An old trick that seems to never get old and usually works.  When I thought the timing was about right, I steered the conversation towards sex.  I gradually roamed over her body with my hands touching her arms, legs, nape of her neck and her lower back.  I even grazed lower to her ass just to see how responsive she was, there was no reaction.

Melissa just kept saying how good it felt as my hands roamed under her shirt to rub her skin on her back, barely below her jeans.  “How has your sex life been lately?  Is there anything I can help with?  My offer is still open.”

“My sex life is none of your business, Mike.”  Then she slipped and said, “Last time you had a suggestion I ended up sucking your cock instead of my husband’s.  I want to keep your face out of my bedroom if you don’t mind.”

“So when you masturbate, do you imagine it’s me you’re sucking to push you over the edge?”  She didn’t stop me as I kissed her neck and slightly sucked the skin into my mouth.  Melissa giggled a nervous giggle after hearing me and gave out a slight moan from the kiss.

“None of your business.  Ohhhh, you shouldn’t be doing that but it’s nice.  If you must know, Kevin actually let me suck him but only as a prelude to sex, and only once.”  As I continued nibbling her neck softly, her head fell to the side.  She let out a moan and told me not to do that.  “You’re being bad, are you trying to take advantage of me?”

“Of course I’m trying to take advantage of you, Melissa.”  I said quietly and with a hint of sarcasm.  “I’ve already told you what I wanted, remember?  Don’t worry, I won’t do anything you don’t want to do.”  She only moaned again and mumbled some words I couldn’t understand.  “Do I have a nice cock?”

“How am I supposed to know, I’ve never seen you?”

“You said the last time I had a suggestion, you ended up sucking my cock didn’t you?”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”  I could tell she was nervous.

I was now running my fingers through her hair as I massaging her scalp.  It was hard for her to keep her eyes open with the sensuality of the moment.  “You still haven’t  answered me, how is your sex life?”

“What sex life?  I just told you I sucked him for only a minute before we had sex.  That’s the only time we’ve done it since I talked to you last.  I’m feeling kinda funny and your hands are making me tingle all over, they feel so good on my scalp.  I wish he was here now, I could sure use it.”

“Use what?” I said.

“Kevin’s cock.  I’m feeling very unladylike at the moment and your hands are turning me on much more than what’s appropriate.”

“Say the word and I’ll stop Melissa.  What are you going to do if we do stop, go home and masturbate again?  There’s nobody there to take care of you and you’ve already hinted that it’s not working.  I think you need more.

“Yes…I mean no…oh I don’t know.  I’m just so… and I can’t…not with another…Oh, I’m so confused.”

“Don’t worry Melissa.  Like I said, I won’t do anything you don’t want to do, and if you do want…Well, nobody ever needs to know.  If you don’t mind me saying, your lips look incredibly inviting right now.”  I reached around and gently ran my finger over her wet, open lips and told her,  “the only thing missing between these beautiful lips is my cock.”

“Don’t say those things, it makes me even more nervous.  I want Kevin so bad right now.”

“What would you do with him”?

“Make him take me home so he could make love to me.”

“What do you really want, Melissa.  You can tell me.”  My hands were moving down her sides very slowly as I gently stroked her.  I reached around to her stomach and was getting dangerously close to her petite, heaving breasts.

Slowly I manipulated her body backwards into a position that no other man besides her husband should ever enjoy.  She was leaning back into my chest with my arms around her, getting another step closer to her submission.

“Melissa, you know what you want him to do, say it.”  My face was next to hers whispering into her ear and I could see down the front of her shirt, the view was spectacular.

“I want Kevin right now so he could make love to me.  My body is burning up!  I need a it so bad.”  I then asked her if making love is really what she wanted. 

“What do you mean?”

“Do you want to make love, Melissa?”  Still whispering into her ear.  “Or do you need to fuck!?”  I purposely left Kevin’s name out of the question hoping she knew that I had just suggested that I fuck her.

“Please, I want to…oh my god…”. I sucked her neck right below her ear which was obviously an erogenous zone.  “I want to fffffuuuuuck…. “ She threw her head back and gave out a moan as if she had just had a mini orgasm.

Taking her hand, I guided it behind her until she was physically touching my cock through my pants.  “Your husband’s cock isn’t here right now.  Use mine to take care of you until you can have his.  Remember, he didn’t want to have sex with you this past week except for one time.  A girl like you needs more sex than that don’t you?  Let me help take care of you, Melissa until he gets home.”   

I was hoping to play on her feeling that this was all an erotic dream and that the cock she was actually touching was her husband’s.  Amazingly, she left her hand where I had put it.  I then slowly unbuttoned her blouse without any resistance and gently stroked her bare skin of her stomach and ribs just below her delicious tits.

“What are you doing to me?”

Melissa didn’t seem to be able to tell between a dream state and reality.  Her state of arousal was making the decisions for her at this point.  Her hand, which was still between us, started a massaging motion.  I didn’t want to break the mood as she seemed to be hypnotized by the feel of what was between us.  We stayed like this for several minutes until her breasts were just too much to ignore.

I then cupped both of her small breasts through her bra as I kissed and nibbled on her neck, staying near the erogenous zone below her ear.  “Ooooh that feels good…we should stop.”  She put her other hand over mine sternly but didn’t do anything to stop my ministrations so I continued manipulating her tits.  

Gradually, I lowered her blouse off of her shoulders, slowly maneuvering her arms out of the sleeves until her blouse was off and between our bodies.  Unfortunately this action made her lose contact with my cock, but a big line had been crossed.

”I can’t, it’s so naughty, I am not supposed to be doing this.”  Still she let me continue.

Gently I reached inside of her bra feeling the incredible softness of her succulent breasts.  My fingers found her sensitive nipples making her suddenly jump and moan, probably from the realization that another man was skin to skin with an erogenous part of her body.  Melissa stopped talking, not knowing what to say and just let me take her.  I undid her bra and slowly removed it, tossing it to the floor.  I was only the second man ever to see the perfection of her youthful breasts in the flesh.  Her tits were firm with pink aureoles capped with erect, hard as diamond nipples.

I gently pulled, tweaked and massaged her swollen, pink nipples making her eyes roll into the back of her head.  She pushed her chest out while squirming in her seat, no doubt thoroughly moistening between her legs for her inevitable taking.  After a few minutes of manipulating her breasts, I told her.

“Take what you want, use me any way you need, your husband isn’t here to help with your needs and I will never tell him.  You’ve been wanting to give your husband a blowjob and he hasn’t let you.  I’ll let you practice on me, Melissa.”

Several seconds passed as she contemplated on what was going on and what I said.  Her body was being uncovered and exposed to another man.  The same man who was telling her to cheat on her husband with her mouth.  Then, as if she could resist no more, Melissa turned her body and slithered to the floor onto her knees.

She reached for the waist of my shorts and pulled them down along with my boxers until they were at my ankles, I removed one foot so I could allow room for Melissa.  I made sure she was the one doing most of the work so she would remember being the one undressing me.  Lust had taken hold firmly and nothing was going to stop her now.

My shaft shot up from my shorts brazenly slapping her in the chin.  Now it was my turn to be stunned.  Melissa felt my cock slap her and instead of backing up she moved forward.  Gently holding me in her hands, she rubbed her cheeks, chin, forehead and lips on my shaft as if rubbing her face on a soft blanket.  Her eyes were barely open as she finally wrapped her small fingers around her desire.  Melissa continued to rub the head along her face as if worshiping her first extramarital cock.  She then paid close attention to my smooth and fully loaded, cum filled balls.

“I shouldn’t be here, doing this,” she said, but again did nothing to stop herself.  “Ever since you mentioned how much a man enjoys a woman’s mouth I’ve been wanting to do this to him.  Please forgive me.”

“Now is your chance to do what you have been craving to do Melissa. Take me into your mouth and show me what you want to do with your husband.  Consider it practice before trying it out on him again.  Don’t worry, I have a feeling he will be more accepting next time you want to please him.”

Melissa gently cupped my balls and quietly whispering under her breath, “Soft, so nice.  They do look delicious.  Your cock seems to need some attention.”  That’s when she looked into my eyes with a mischievous grin and engulfed my cock into her mouth.  “Oh shit Melissa,” as I inhaled deeply.  “I think you’ve been lying to me.  Your mouth feels incredible.  So soft and so wet, perfect.  That’s it, suck my cock like you’ve been craving.”

Her enthusiasm was intense.  She would suck my cock head then gently swirl her tongue around the crown as if memorizing the feel, the texture and the firmness.  She would then lick her way down the shaft with the flat of her tongue leaving her saliva in its wake.  After sucking me for a good fifteen minutes, I went as far as to teach her how to suck my balls so she wouldn’t hurt “her husband” in her enthusiasm.  My cock was getting to the point of no return quickly and her passionate sexual moans weren’t helping.

Pulling my cock out of her mouth she continued squeezing and stroking me until I had a good amount of pre-cum running down the head.  Then Melissa did another first, she rubbed the leaking tip on her lips as if she were applying lip gloss to her lips.  Then in a move that I certainly didn’t expect,  she closed her eyes and slowly licked her lips all around, lapping and tasting the pre-cum as if it were the most delicious treat she had ever tasted.

As much as I wanted to spoil Melissa’s throat with my seed, I needed to last longer and I didn’t want to chance waking her up from her fantasy.  Pulling her up, I placed both her legs on each side of mine and had her straddle my hips.  It was hard not to just throw her down and ravish her, especially with her tender nipples staring into a drooling mouth.  God knows she would not have stopped me.

With her chin in the crook of my finger I told her, “Melissa, anything you don’t want to do, just say so.  I will give you every opportunity to say no.  All I ask is that you pause after each request before doing anything.”   She stared into my eyes, her own eyes filled with lust.

“I want to see how you kiss Kevin before you two have sex.  Show me the passion you two have with each other when making out when you are aroused like you are now.  You are aroused right Melissa?”

“More aroused than I have ever been I’m ashamed to say.”

“Don’t be ashamed, Melissa. Let yourself go and learn to enjoy yourself. Remember, you’re doing this to show me how I can help you find ways to get the attention you deserve from your husband.  I want to taste your lips and see how delicious you are.”

Melissa didn’t speak a word and just stared for a good ten seconds.  I could see her wheels turning trying to decide if this was wrong or right.  I was hoping that she was thinking, “it’s only a kiss.  Why not get another man’s opinion, maybe, just maybe it will help.”  She then closed her eyes as her mouth dropped open just a little.  She tilted her head waiting for her first kiss out of wedlock.  I almost laughed at how cute she was but held back.  I knew she was fragile right now and I didn’t want to break the spell.   

“No Melissa, I want you to kiss Kevin.  Show me how YOU kiss him, not the other way around.  Show me your passion.”  I wanted Melissa to remember that it was she that took the initiative to join her lips with another man’s.  A kiss is arguably so much more intimate between husband and wife. 

I felt that a married woman’s lips meshing with another man’s, who’s not her husband, is way more taboo and crosses the marriage line differently than sex or a blowjob.  Spouses will sometimes forgive their other half’s indiscretion for giving their body away once before they will forgive an old fashion make out session.  Sex is only sex they say, but the kiss is never just a kiss, it’s a bond.

Melissa looked at me and stared for a moment longer, her mind in a fog trying to decide where she should draw the line between learning how to please her husband and committing adultery.  Then, she did it.  She kissed me.  Her lips were soft and full of lust. 

The moment her lips touched mine I felt her melt in my arms.  She then fell into the kiss committing fully to the moment.  As Melissa crossed over the tipping point, her tongue pushed into my mouth forcing her way past my lips.  Man this woman could kiss!  She wasn’t the only one getting lost in the heat of passion.

Our tongues intertwined passionately, dancing together for what must have been a good fifteen minutes or more.  Tongues pushing and shoving past each other, licking and sliding together in the throes of intimacy.  We were both moaning along with each other as we passionately mated with our mouths.  I wondered when the last time she actually kissed her husband like this was.  Melissa shared the heat of passion with me that she should only show her own husband, the same husband who was miles away fighting temptations of his own.


The guys had all watched Kim as she entered the bar, just as they watched every female who crossed their paths.  Several of the men approached Kim hoping to find his latest conquest.  They, of course, wanted Kim to fall all over their smooth one liners and obvious innuendos.  A few even bought her drinks she didn’t want just to see if she would feel obligated to join them, which she didn’t.  What they were hoping for, was to take Kim up to their room so they could fuck her like the studs that they imagined they were.  It’s ironic that the only guy that looked as if he wasn’t hunting for a score was Kevin.

Unbeknownst to him, Kevin was the one who was being hunted.  Kim was going to offer him a choice that even the strongest man could hardly refuse.  He could stay loyal to his wife who was currently in another man’s arms contemplating her sexually deprived body’s lust vs her own loyalty.  Or he could join his wife and allow himself to be seduced into Kim’s adulteress trap.      

Finally after being shot down by every woman they approached, the hunters searching to tag an unsuspecting vixen got tired of the lack of action and left to find another hunting ground.  Fortunately, Kevin stayed behind leaving him unprotected from the huntress.

“Want a blowjob?”

“Excuse me?”

“OH! I’m so sorry!  I meant the drink.”  Kim said acting embarrassed.  “A couple of your buddies thought it would be funny if they bought me a couple of shots called a blowjob.  I’m certain they wanted me to drink them both down one after another, and I don’t mean the drink.”  She said with a wink.  “As much as I do love blowjobs, the guys weren’t my type.  So do you want one?”

“We’re still talking about the drink right?”

“If that’s what you prefer.”

  “No thanks, I’ll have to pass… on the drink of course.  I’m Kevin, and you are…”

“I’m Kim and I didn’t mean to shock you.  It’s probably not every day that a woman asks to give you a blowjob, drink or otherwise.  Actually I’m surprised they didn’t buy me a threesome, those are pretty good too.  The drinks of course.”

They hit it off right away so after some small talk, they took the drinks and sat down at a table.  They chatted and did some harmless flirting, or so Kevin thought, for a good thirty minutes before Kim got a text.  When she opened it she gasped.  It was a picture of Melissa, Kevin’s wife.  She was down on her knees with a cock shoved half way down her throat.  Her left hand was wrapped around her husband’s shaft near the balls.  Melissa’s wedding ring glistened from the saliva leaking from her cheating mouth. 

The text read, “She’s going to dehydrate me with this mouth, can’t wait to get inside her pussy.”

Kim gave a quick response.  “You cad! Lol.  I’ll catch up to you soon, with mine now.  Apparently he thinks his wife is pure as snow, if I don’t respond later, you’ll know why;).   Ttyl.”

After the initial shock wore off, she turned the conversation with Kevin towards sex.  Kim had no intention of letting her husband beat her, especially at this game.  She reached across the table and played with Kevin’s wedding ring while stroking his arm and asked, “Is this why you didn’t join your buddies?  You’re handsome enough to get a woman into bed with you for the night if you wanted to.  Or let me guess… your wife is upstairs in your room right now waiting to give you that blowjob that I was offering you?  If so, I’m jealous,”  Kim said with a shy grin.

Cough, cough….”Um… WOW you sure know how to put it out there.  No, she’s at home 60 miles away probably reading a book while curled up with some hot chocolate.  Besides I would never let her do such a degrading thing.”

“Degrading? What’s so degrading about giving your sex partner pleasure?  Sex isn’t always about what you want.  The best sex is when you do something that makes the other person lose all control.  I personally love giving head, there’s nothing like the feel of a man’s cock growing in my mouth while my tongue swirls around the crown driving him crazy.”  If Kim was trying to get a response, it worked.  Kevin was squirming in his seat trying to adjust himself without being too obvious.

“I, I…don’t know, sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you.”

“You didn’t.  I just enjoy pleasing a man.  You’re not denying your lil ‘ole wifey something that she wants are you?  Tsk, tsk.  Shame on you.”

“Most girls give head willingly and enjoy it thoroughly.  Besides I’ve never heard a man complain.  Especially when you finally shoot your hot cum into my…I mean their mouth.”  Gulping down the last of the “blowjob” drinks, she continued.  “I do love to swallow.”  Kim said with a wink.  “And the drinks aren’t so bad either.”

Kim slid her shoe off and reached for Kevin under the table.  When she got between his legs,  her foot rubbed his cock making him almost jump out of his skin. “So Kevin, do you find me attractive?  What if I told you that all you had to do was invite me up to your room.  I just told you how much I enjoy sucking cock and it feels like you could use a release.  I mean, you do find me attractive, don’t you?”

“Oh god.  I uh…”  Kevin was having a hard time concentrating.  “Of course you’re attractive, very much so in fact.  It’s just that…I can’t, I’m married.  I see you have a wedding ring on also and well…your husband…”

“Oh don’t worry about him.  My husband and I have an understanding.  He can seduce whomever he wants and I can do whatever I please with men whom I find attractive.  Fact is, he probably has some naive young woman slobbering all over his cock at this very moment.  Who knows, you might even know the little slut he’s taking advantage of tonight.  (If he only knew)  He likes going after the young, married ones.  What did you say your wife was doing again Kevin?”

“Um, you sure don’t pull any punches do you?  Melissa’s just not that kind of girl.”

Kim gave him a glaring look.  “And what kind of girl is that Kevin?  A girl like me?  Someone who loves sex and is willing to go get it?  You do realize that a stud and a slut are just promiscuous people right?  Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she doesn’t have strong urges.  I’d bet you real money that her loins burn for variety at times and if she’s not getting it from you… Then who?”

Kevin was embarrassed thinking that he insulted Kim but she was glad he said something so she could use it against his naive attitude towards women.

“Melissa right?  She hasn’t shown any desires that you’re denying her?  You just told me that you don’t let her suck your cock.  Poor girl.  You really have no way of knowing if your good and proper wife is drooling all over a guy’s big cock at this very moment do you?  You should be careful what you withhold from her, a woman has a way of getting what she wants no matter what.  Sorry if I’m being too blunt…  Think about it this way, the harder you push her away, the easier it is for another guy to pull her in, literally.”

“Tell me Kevin, has your wife changed lately or is she the same girl you married?”

“She’s pretty much the same girl thank you.”  Kevin’s stomach was churning, he was remembering when he brushed off Melissa’s advances before he left town, he was just so busy.  She was especially amorous the whole week before he left.  Fortunately, Kim’s foot was distracting him from thinking too much about it.  Married or not, he wanted nothing more to take Kim to his room and fuck her, a thought he had never had with another woman before now.

“Tell you what Kevin, my foot is sensing that you want to take me up to your room.  I’ll show you what you are missing.  After I’m done with you, you’ll be begging for her to suck you off.  She’ll have no idea that you learned about it from another woman.” 

“On the other hand if she is sucking another man’s cock, without your knowledge, then she probably already knows how to do it and is wanting to do it for you.  But hey, if you insist that you’re saving her innocence by pushing her away that’s your prerogative.  Just don’t push too hard,  she may land on another man’s dick.  A woman’s hormones usually find a way to get what they want.”

“By the way, you say you’ve never let your wife Melissa suck your cock.  Does that also mean that you’ve never tasted that sweet pussy?  Oh my, my.”  Kevin started to say something but stopped, obviously not wanting to dig himself any deeper.  “You really are missing out.  C’mon take me upstairs.  By the way, how long have you been married?”

“Just over eleven months,”  Kevin said.  Kim jumped out of the booth grabbing Kevin’s arm.  “Oooh a virgin, we’re going to have some fun tonight.”  Kevin had nearly forgotten that he had sent Melissa a text thirty minutes ago and had not received and answer yet.  She usually gets back right away.  He had figured (hoped) that she just went to bed early, but now his mind was reeling with other thoughts.

Kim gave Kevin the works.  Both were still dressed with Kevin’s pants on the floor.  One foot was still inside of a pant leg along with his shoe.  Kim was eager to show Kevin what it was like to get a real blowjob.  Sucking his cock slowly, making sure to touch every nerve.  She licked his balls and suckled them into her mouth making him moan with more pleasure than he ever remembered having without being inside of his wife’s pussy.  Kevin tried to warn her a few times that he was going to cum but she just told him to relax and let it happen.

“Don’t you dare pull out, I want it all in my belly.”  Kim stroked his cock and massaged his balls as she rubbed Kevin’s cock head around her lips and face.  “Besides, I don’t want to swallow it for you, I’m doing it for me.”  Kim stopped for a moment to take a hair band from her wrist.  She then took her hair and made it into a ponytail to keep it out of her face for when Kevin blew his load.  Kim took his cock back into her mouth and seriously sucked Kevin’s cock forcing him to shoot into her mouth only a minute later.

Kevin couldn’t comprehend why a woman would want to taste his semen but the feeling Kim was giving him was just too good to resist.  When the first surge came, Kevin thought his insides were coming out with his sperm.  He had never felt a more intense orgasm in his life. 

Kim felt the first rope of cum hit her in the back of her throat and had to swallow several times to keep Kevin’s seed from spilling out from her mouth.  Rope after rope shot down Kim’s throat sending Kevin to places he had never been before.  Blood rushed to his head as he almost passed out from the experience.

“Jeeeezus…!!  I never knew that a woman’s throat could feel so good.”  When Kevin’s orgasm finally subsided,  his mind finally cleared and became more coherent to what was happening.

Kevin had just received an incredible blowjob for the first time in his life and the woman on her knees in front of him seemed to enjoy it almost as much as he did.  Then a startling realization came back to him about Melissa and her sexual appetite as of late.  He wondered if she had in fact been trying to get his attention and wondered who if anyone had been flirting with her.

Kevin got a sick feeling when thinking that maybe he did brush his wife off once too often.  His hope was that he didn’t send her off into another man’s arms.  His feelings of sexual curiosity soon started to return as his thoughts again turned to this mystery woman who had just swallowed his soul.

“Kim, that was incredible!  I never thought that a woman’s mouth could do that.  I’ve never done that before.”  Kevin started to pull his pants up so he could leave.  “Where are you going stud?  This is your room remember?”  Kim said with a giggle.

“If you would rather be alone, I’ll put my clothes back on and leave.  I’m sure you’re right about your wife, Kevin.  She’s probably home reading a book, all alone, wrapped in a nice comfy blanket.  Your sweet, innocent angel is probably too prim and proper to have her legs wrapped around another man as he slides his cock inside of her.  Now the way I see it is, you can stew about what may or may not be getting inside your wife tonight, or…”

Kevin was thinking about his wife so much that he didn’t notice that Kim’s shirt was on the floor and she was now slipping her skirt down her hips.  “So what do you think Kevin?” As she stood before him completely naked.  “Do my clothes look better on me?  Or would you rather they stay on your floor?”

Kim took Kevin’s hand and lead him as if he was hypnotized.  “Let’s take a shower together so you can recuperate, that was quite the load you gave me.  After we get clean, we can get dirty all over again.”

Kevin and Kim took a long, hot shower together.  They made out like teenagers while touching each others bodies.  Kim stroked his cock and guided his fingers inside of her pussy, showing him how she liked to be fingered.  When Kim sucked Kevin’s cock some more, it made him wonder why he would ever push Melissa away.  After getting Kevin to the brink again, she paused for a few minutes to let him calm down.  She then turned her ass to present herself to Kevin’s cock.

“I’ll swallow another load later if you like.  Right now I want you to show me how you fuck your wife.  I’ll even let you pretend you’re fucking Melissa while you pound me if you like.”  Kim was smiling big while wiggling her ass at Kevin.

“But I don’t have a condom.”

Kim laughed and told him,  “Well… I can wait for you to go downstairs to get some or you can call and ask some of your buddies.  I’m pretty sure they haven’t used any tonight with the lines they were using on me.  Your choice Kev.”  Kevin looked at the beautiful ass facing him as Kim leaned over in the shower.  A moment later, he couldn’t take it anymore and lined up his cock with his first extramarital pussy. 

Kevin rubbed his cock head up and down her slit pushing Kim’s labia apart then pushed inside of her pussy, bareback.  He no longer cared if it was right or wrong.  He grabbed Kim’s hips and thrust balls deep and started fucking her as if she was a “paid for whore.”    


While Kevin was busy cheating on his wife, Melissa was being the aggressor by pushing my head into the couch as she drove her tongue down my throat.  We were making out like passionate lovers.  My arms were wrapped around her body feeling her ass with one hand while the other manipulated her breast.  I was finally able to pull Melissa off of me so I could take her very hard nipples into my mouth.  They were absolutely delicious.  She let out another moan as she held my head to her chest, enjoying the stimulation.  I sucked half of her breast into my mouth as I flicked her nipples with my tongue.

“We so shouldn’t be doing this.  Oh god, this is so wrong… don’t stop, just like that.  Flick my nipple with your tongue.”  Little by little the hemp was wearing off making her think she was in control but Melissa was struggling with reality of what she wanted.  Should she stay loyal or succumb to her demons.

I  couldn’t hold out any longer and needed a release badly myself.  She had me wound up so much that my cock was either going to shoot into her pussy or her mouth.  I pulled away from her succulent tits and gently guided her head back down to my cock.  She filled her mouth again without any hesitation on her part knowing that her mouth would soon be spoiled.

Every fiber in Melissa’s being needed the experience of sucking a man’s cock and making him cum.  She knew right away she was going to swallow my load.  Melissa was ravenous as she attacked me, shoving as much into her throat as she could on every push.  Her cheeks would hollow out when she was pulling my cock out of her mouth only to push back in again.  Just listening to her moans as she sucked was enough to shorten my journey to depositing my seed into her belly.   

Every few minutes she would pull my cock out to slather my balls with her tongue.  She then took my balls, sucking them into her mouth one at a time before swallowing my shaft down her throat yet again.

I maneuvered her so I was able to push her pants along with her panties down past her hips and barely over her thighs.  Her panties were soaking wet leaving a slick trail of her juice on her inner thighs as I attempted to rid her of them.  The smell of her pheromones filling the air was intoxicating, even more than the smoke which was still lingering in the air but had started to dissipate.

“Your mouth is going to make me cum in just a few seconds Melissa.  Are you ready to have your first taste of a man’s cum?  That’s what a slut would do, take every drop into her mouth and swallow it.”  Just as I could speak no more, she sucked harder, as if that was even possible.  She then let out a much louder gurgling moan.  “Mmmmhmm.” telling me that she was ready.

“Here it comes.  Ohhhh yesssssssssssssss, FUCK!!  Swallow it!!  YES, yes, yes that’s it, oh my god…”  The first shot of cum hit the back of her throat making her gag and making her eyes roll into her head.  To Melissa’s credit she kept sucking and stroking my cock using both of her hands, determined to follow through with her desire.  The look on her face was incredible.  She stroked my cock like a pro while slobbering, sucking and devouring her first meal of man protien she had ever had.

Melissa seemed delirious as she made obscene sucking sounds with her mouth along with a sexual growl that I had never heard before.  A small bit of white showed at the edge of her mouth but as I watched, her tongue soon swept it up and into her mouth again.  The rest went down her throat and into her belly.  She must have had to swallow three times to get it all and never missed a drop.  If she was going to be promiscuous this one time, she was going to do it right.

My own orgasm finally subsided and Melissa’s pace slowed considerably.  Her eyes were closed but her look was as if she was memorizing and recording every feeling her body was experiencing.  She squeezed the last bit of cum out of my cock and rubbed the final drops into her lips before sensually licking it off with her tongue, that alone made me twitch again.  When Melissa was finally satisfied that she had taken it all,  she started sucking again.

“Melissa,” I said, “damn!  If your own husband doesn’t let you be his cock sucking slut, you can be mine.”  She wasn’t sure why, but she felt pride well up inside of her on how well she performed her first oral sex act.  I finally had to nudge her mouth away telling her, “Ok, Melissa that’s enough, I’m getting too sensitive.  Don’t worry, you can have as much of my cock as you want tonight, just give me a few minutes to recover.”

I thought Melissa would start feeling guilty as soon as she gulped the final drop down.  Instead it seemed to spur her on, making her even more curious.  Her hand never left my cock and she continued caressing my smooth balls as if she had never held a pair before.

“I’ve done this quite a few times actually,” Melissa said.  “This is the just the first time it wasn’t in my imagination.  Oh and yes…The answer to your question earlier,” she whispered.  “Yes I imagined your cock while I masturbated.”  I thought of what to say but had no words.

After a few more minutes of silence, she noticed my cock filling with blood again.  She looked at me as if asking if she could continue.  I nodded my head and she put me back inside of her mouth, knowing that we were not done.  I hadn’t penetrated her pussy yet and there was no doubt she knew what was about to happen.

“How did you like your first cum drink, Melissa?”

In between sucking she spoke.  “I think I loved what just happened, but I’m still confused.”  “Slurp.”  “I never thought another man could turn me on so much.  This still doesn’t feel real.  I can’t believe “mmmm” I’m doing this…slurrp…because, I mean I really hadn’t even had a cock in my mouth until a few weeks ago even though I was always curious.” 

“Lick.”  “But Kev…What I’ve done, oh my god.  What I’m doing.  Mmmm.  It’s so wrong.”  Melissa stopped sucking and licking for a full minute so I just let her take it all in.  I wasn’t her husband but she wasn’t going to let go of her first cock outside of her marriage.  She wasn’t trying to convince herself to stop, she was trying to push herself to continue.

“I feel like such a slut right now.”  Whispering in a little girl’s voice below her breath so I could hardly hear.  “Kevin my love please help me, I can’t stop myself from wanting more.  Oh god, I just cheated on you, please forgive me.”  All the while stroking my shaft.  Then Melissa made her decision that her body truly wanted to make.  She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said…

“I need more, I need you to take me.”

I sat her next to me on the couch and slid my hand down her inner thigh.  The closer to her center I moved, the hotter her skin became.  Finding her entrance, I slid my middle finger between her engorged lips.  The sounds of wetness her pussy made as I violated her most intimate parts was obscene.  Her pussy juices made sloshing sounds on my wet fingers as I moved.

She looked as if she was going to blast off again so I stopped and pulled my fingers out causing her to moan.  I had to finally taste her so I stuck my fingers into my mouth licking her pussy juices off then I kissed her.  Melissa seemed to have no problem kissing her juices from my tongue so I dipped my fingers into her cunt again getting more juice.

Placing my fingers in front of her face, I watched as she licked them and sucked her juice off.  This was my first taste of her married pussy and I was definitely going to have to eat her as a meal someday, but for now I was focused on the task at hand, getting Melissa to fuck me.

“Mike, I know what decision I’m making.  Will you make love to me.  My body is on fire.  I’ve never felt this way before.”  Melissa pleaded, “Please I have to have you inside of me!”  I knew that she wasn’t totally aware but who was I to argue.  When you’re as aroused as much as Melissa was, your decision making skills are extremely limited.

“That’s music to my ears Melissa but to answer your question, no I will not make love to you.”  She had a look of surprise on her face.  “Making love is for you and your husband to do when you’re together.  I am not your husband.”

“Tell me what you really want, Melissa…You know what it is…”

“I…(whispering)Kev…I mean…Mike, Please fuck me.  I don’t want to cheat on my husband more than I have but I need to know what it feels like when a man really fucks me.”

“Mmm, very good Melissa.  Yes I’ll fuck you.  You’ll know the difference when we’re done.  Now let’s get you undressed completely.”   I had her stand so I could help her out of her last remnants of decency.  Finally, I tossed her still damp panties to the floor with her bra and the rest of her virtue.  She crossed an arm over her breasts and tried to cover the V between her legs as she attempted to hold on to the last sliver of honor.

I reached for her body and turned her away from me so I could stare at her peach shaped ass.  The sight was almost too much to take but I refrained from just throwing her down and taking her.  Instead, I ran my hands up her legs and over her curved hips all the way to her shoulders.  Goose bumps rose on her skin as I gently used my finger nails to slide down her back slowly, until I was at her hips again.

Holding her, she moaned as I kissed and ran my tongue over the dimples just above her ass.  It was hard but I resisted touching the sweet smelling flower between her legs.  I didn’t want to stimulate her pussy too much until my cock was about to penetrate her.  I could swear that a drop of her juices was about to drip out from her pussy.

“Show me.”  I said.  She looked at me for a moment with a questioning glance until she understood.  Melissa stepped back and timidly dropped her arms showing me the full stature of her now naked body.  The body she was giving to me fully.  Looking straight through her thigh gap, I could see her glistening skin.  Her pussy was definitely dripping female cum and it was making her inner thighs wet.  I told her to look into the mirror that was to her side so she could watch herself giving her body to another man.

“Watch yourself as you straddle my hips.  I’m not going to fuck you just yet, Melissa.  Don’t worry though, I’ll be buried inside of you soon enough.”  I could barely hear a small involuntary moan come from her lips.

She watched as she slowly took the few steps towards me.  She then did what I asked but not before looking down at my hard cock.  The cock that would soon be buried inside her boiling, drenched and very married pussy.  She steadied herself on my shoulders as one leg, then the other straddled my hips.

Looking into her eyes I told her.  “There will be no turning back Melissa.  Once you slide another man inside of your pussy you can never take it back.”  She was seemingly determined as she nodded her head with understanding.  I wasn’t 100% sure she knew what she was doing but I certainly wasn’t going to bring her out of her deep state of arousal.

Melissa looked at herself knowing but maybe not realizing, that she was about to betray her wedding vows.  Her brain was unable to process all of the new emotions that were coursing through her mind.  I  finally slid a finger into her dripping pussy and swirled it around, man she was tight!  I could feel it grip me as she throbbed inside.  If she was anything like Kim, her pussy only gets tighter the more aroused she gets.

“Only a slut would fuck another man while her husband is away from home, Melissa.”  I brought her forward to pull her tits into my mouth, sucking one nipple then the other.  She moaned and watched in the mirror as I manipulated her body with my hands.

I licked and felt her supple breasts and squeezed her firm ass, savoring the feeling of young, fresh meat as every touch, every lick made her eroticism go deeper.  She had never been so aroused in her life.  Every moan was intense as she tried to keep her composure.

“Are you wanting to be a slut for me Melissa?  Don’t answer me with words.  I only want action.  I’m going to count to three so I need you to follow my instructions.  When I say the number one, I want you to kiss me like we kissed before.  Remember, I don’t want a husband and wife kiss.  I want you to kiss your lover.  Are you ready?”  She just stared at me with that same look of lust.

Looking directly into her eyes while rubbing her nipples between my fingers I said, “One…”  She closed her eyes as she lowered her mouth to mine.  Melissa willingly slithered her wet tongue into my mouth.  I sucked on her tongue and ate out her mouth as if it were her pussy and I was savoring her taste.  She was giving away her innocence one step at a time.

She kissed me like a crazed nymphomaniac for a full five minutes or more,  I really wasn’t counting.  Reluctantly she finally let me edge her away, I noticed her breathing had become harder and more labored.  She had a hard time pulling away which I found amusing and highly erotic.

“On two, I want you to sit down on my hard cock.”  All of a sudden a look of slight panic showed on her face.  Reality was trying to raise its ugly head.  “Don’t put it inside of you yet, I want you to just sit on me and glide your pussy back and forth from my balls to the head so it rubs your clit,  do you understand?  Just slide your pussy flat against my cock.”

“This will be the first time your pussy has ever touched another man’s cock besides your husband’s am I right?”  She again nodded her head.  “Your pussy is so wet right now so you won’t have any problem sliding on me.  Remember, I don’t want you to put it inside of you, not yet anyways.”

I was taking my time on purpose to make her practically explode.  In my own state, I was hoping that I didn’t shoot off as soon as her pussy touched me.

“Are you ready?”  Her wet pussy hovered over my hard cock which was leaking large amounts of pre-cum.  Her hips were unable to stay still and kept moving as if she was in a slow, sensual dance.  She couldn’t contain herself as she kept letting out short quiet moans of pleasure.

“Two.”  She hesitated so I gave her hips a little pressure and down she went.  She watched her reflexion as her body lowered itself.  Melissa’s mouth dropped and her eyes widened with a look of panic as if she was almost going to pass out.  “Oh my god, oh my god…”

Melissa suddenly felt her blood engorged, dripping wet pussy lips touch another man’s cock for the very first time since her husband took her virginity not long ago.

Melissa’s labia easily spread over my swollen cock and I immediately could feel her juices as she started to slide up and down my shaft.  Her hips undulated back and forth, easily gliding over me as her pussy left a coating of slippery, wet pussy juice on my shaft.  She watched herself as she did things with me that she had never done with her own husband.

Melissa was so swollen that her lips hurt with pleasure.  Back and forth she slid on me until she was lost in the lust yet again.  She glided for several hot and intense minutes as her orgasm built up.  When it finally did hit, it hit with a ferocity which she had never felt before.

“Fuuuuu…..” Melissa threw her head back and made the loudest and most guttural moan I had ever heard.  Who knew she even had such an intensity bottled up inside of her.  “I’m cummiiiiiing…OH MYGOOooood…..” Melissa went wild sliding on my shaft feeling every inch as she pushed down hard. I swore her lips were almost completely wrapped around my cock.  I was suddenly sodden wet with her juices as it gushed out of her pussy to soak my cock, stomach and balls.  She screamed so loud that I hoped the neighbors were away.

Melissa looked as if she were possessed.  Her mouth was open wide but suddenly her voice went silent.  Nothing escaped as if she were going through a silent scream.  The climax peaked and rocked her body.  Her eyes rolled into the back of her head until finally her voice returned.  A deep guttural moan came from her lips again, a moan I was certain her husband had never heard.  Minutes passed until her convulsions subsided.  Finally, she sounded and looked almost…human.

Melissa was shocked at what had just happened and didn’t know what to do next.  “I’m so sorry, I think I peed on you.  I’m so embarrassed.”  I told her to relax and informed her that she just had her first squirting orgasm.

“That was the hottest and most erotic thing I have ever witnessed Melissa.”  She actually had tears streaming down her cheeks from the emotion of her release.   “Melissa, that was incredible!  You are learning so much.  I’m so happy that so many of your first experiences are happening with me.”  A woman’s “firsts,” should of course happen with her husband but Melissa wasn’t feeling the shame or guilt as of yet.  That will certainly happen later.

“In a minute, I want you to say what kind of girl you are acting like Melissa.  Don’t admit it just yet, I want you to prove it with one more act of depravity.  I know you want to be a slut this one time and to let yourself do what your body wants instead of your mind.”  The look of fear returned to her face once again as she realized what she was about to do.  Melissa needed sex so bad and wanted to hurry up before she lost either her courage or her mind.  Still, she didn’t want to be the instigator.

“Please, won’t you just fuck me?  I need you to take me.  Please don’t ask me do this to Kevin.  I need it so bad but I don’t know if I can bare knowing that I was the one who fucked you.  How would Kevin ever forgive me?”  She felt that if I was the one who took her, she could maybe be exonerated from her act of infidelity, that I took advantage of her instead of her giving herself to me.

“No Melissa, you need this.  I’m giving you the chance to take control of your own pleasure.  Now… I want you to tell me what kind of girl fucks another man while her husband is out of town.  When you say it, I want you to slide your slippery, married cunt down my shaft until my cock is buried deep inside your married little pussy.  I don’t even want to see an inch of my shaft, in fact my balls should be touching the inside of your pussy lips when you’re seated properly.”

She gasped from my choice of words but I wanted her to feel it deep inside of her mind as well as her body.  Melissa put her head on my shoulder and spoke but I could barely hear her words.  Her body started to shake before I heard the one word of concern.


I knew she was just stalling so I acted as if I didn’t hear her plea.  On an earlier date she had told me she was taking birth control pills so I wasn’t concerned with getting her pregnant. A condom could be flushed away with her infidelity and the memory of what she had done with another man.  Melissa was thinking that a condom would be more sterile.  The last thing I wanted was a clean fuck.  I wanted her leaking her indiscretion for hours following our coupling.

Melissa’s hips were still sliding back and forth although slowly while her pussy rubbed my aching cock, building herself to another inevitable orgasm.

She finally rose and leaned back to grab my cock between her legs, pointing the tip at the opening of her pussy.  Between our naked bodies, I could see the most erotic and my favorite view of all.  Her hand was wrapped around my cock and her wedding ring was glistening from her juices.  She was going to mount me with the hand that held her sacred ring.

Melissa started rubbing the head against her swollen opening, wetting it for her impending penetration.  She knew what she had to do.  I held her hips up and away so she couldn’t just drop her pussy onto me.  She wasn’t able to just mount me to be done with the initial penetration like she would prefer.

“Ready, Melissa?” A pleading, nervous moan and a nod.  “What kind of a girl fucks another man while her husband is away, Melissa? Who are you Melissa, tell me now and show me.”

“A slut, I’m a slut.   Ooooh god I’m being such a slut.”  She was whimpering now so I let go of her hips and allowed her body to drop onto me in one motion.  My cock split her engorged pussy which yielded to another man’s sex.   Her juices splashed out against my balls adding to the soaking wetness that was already there.  “Oh my god it’s done.  I don’t believe I did it.  I’m your slut now, please fuck me!”  She demanded.   Then she started moving.

“Oh my god……..” she screamed as she threw her head back and ground onto my dick.  Back and forth, up and down, thrusting her pussy onto her new fuck toy.  “So Goooood!”  She started fucking me with an intensity that showed how much in heat she really was.  Melissa couldn’t stop herself from acting out in the lust of her own debauchery of giving herself to another man.

Closing her eyes tightly, she kept saying, “I’m a cheating slut, fuck me” over and over as if she was trying to reprimand herself for giving in to her own deviant desires.  Melissa easily reached multiple orgasms screaming and moaning like a whore in heat.  “I’m so sorry Kevin.  I’m so sorry for being a slut.  I need this so bad.  Fuck me, fuck me!!”  Then she yelled during yet another orgasm with an extramarital cock inside of her cunt, “RUIN MY SLUTTY PUSSY!…”

I was no longer in control.  My body was being used like a piece of meat, as if it were her personal dildo.  I didn’t mind one bit.  Her orgasms overlapped each other and just kept on cumming in huge crashing waves.  Melissa fucked me hard, rising where my cock was almost out of her cunt and slamming back down again, splashing more juices onto our bodies.

I was in ecstasy.  Her pussy was wrapped so tight around my cock.  The walls of her cunt yielded each time she dropped down only to close tight when she rose.  Each penetration gave her new emotions and desires which crashed through on every violation of her yearning pussy.   

The couch beneath us was getting soaked from all of Melissa’s bodily fluids that were being forced out of her throbbing cunt.  Each time she rammed my cock back inside of her, another stream of her juices would splash out, soaking more of our surroundings.  Every few minutes she would have yet another long drawn out, never ending orgasm.

Finally, Melissa was having the hot, intense and dirty sex she always thought she should be enjoying.  She no longer wanted to make love,   Melissa wanted to FUCK!  The whole time Melissa kept her eyes closed and her head thrown back saying, “fuck me, fuck me,” over and over again as if she didn’t want to wake up from her erotic dream/nightmare.

There was no way I could last any longer even if I wanted to.  Her passion was just too much for me.  I brought her head down so I could look into her glossed over eyes.  With every ounce of strength I had left, I felt I had to say one last thing to complete her debauchery.

“Melissa, if you don’t stop my dear slut, your cunt is going to be soiled by another man’s sperm.  Do you want me to shoot my cum inside of your pussy or do you want to pull out and I’ll finish in your mouth again?  Her jaws clenched and her eyes burned a hole in my own as she only fucked me harder, tears of immense pleasure still running down her cheeks.   “It’s going to shoot right against your cervix, Melissa.  I can feel it every time you ram yourself onto me.”

She looked at me with another moment of clarity and fear but Melissa wasn’t in any better shape than I was.  Neither one of us could have stopped ourselves even if we wanted.  The look she gave was as if she had turned into a deviant slut getting what she finally needed.  With another deep guttural moan she cried, “fuck me, fill me up, fill me with your cum.  Oh my god give it all to me…  Forgive me Kevin…”

“Ooooh fuck yes, here it cums!”  I let loose with a huge orgasm of my own, shooting my seed deep into Melissa’s previously monogamous pussy, coating her walls with a thick coating of sperm.  Melissa didn’t let up.  This time she didn’t just have a squirting orgasm, she gushed.  Her juices poured down my leg and couch onto the floor beneath us.  Finally after shaking like a rag doll for around two minutes, her orgasm started to subside.

I put my arms around my conquest as she collapsed against my chest.  “Oh god I can feel you throbbing, that’s so hot.”  Picking her up, I flipped her onto her back and with our loins still joined we proceeded to kiss tenderly.  Melissa wrapped her arms around my head and her legs around my hips as she pulled me in to her.  “I need more, give me more, please don’t stop.”  We kissed for a good fifteen minutes like lovers.

I could tell she was trying to drift back into her dream world where she had no responsibility for what she had just let happen to her.  My cock, which was still embedded inside of Melissa, miraculously started coming back to life again.  Rising again so soon was usual for me after two orgasms but her pussy was still milking my cock and wouldn’t allow me to deflate completely.  It didn’t hurt that I had taken a little blue pill when we arrived at my place.

“Oh yes, I can feel you getting hard again.  Please give me more, I want more,” she mumbled.  I couldn’t pass up this opportunity so I begrudgingly pulled out of her milking pussy. “NOOO, put it back!” she demanded.

“You have an incredible pussy Melissa, I have no intention in staying out of it for long.  Follow me to my bedroom.  We can continue our affair in there.”  She slowly followed me to the other room knowing that her pussy was going to get fucked more.  As she walked, cum started running out of her pussy and I saw a drop hit the floor.

The couch seemed more distant and less real, this was another man’s bed.  The word “affair” that I spoke weighed heavily on her.   In her worse nightmares she had never imagined going to another man’s bed to commit adultery so willingly.  She loved Kevin, but this was pure animalistic lust that she yearned for and she knew she had to have it again.

When she entered my bedroom, she again looked at me, her eyes asking me what I wanted.   “Get in my bed, Melissa.”  She moved to the bed and laid on her back, automatically spreading her married legs for me.  I crawled between her thighs and told her “put it in.”

Keeping eye contact, she slowly wrapped her fingers around my shaft and guided me to her well used, overflowing pussy.  Rubbing it between her blood engorged lips, she tried guiding me inside of her, lifting her hips to help.  After only a moment, I felt her forcefully pull at my cock demanding that I enter her.  When I didn’t penetrate her fully, she wrapped both legs around my hips and grabbed my ass with both hands forcing me inside of her body.  I heard her moan…”yessss”…completing her seduction to the fullest.     

Melissa was fully aware but the hemp in her body was still keeping her in a light dream state where her actions didn’t seem totally real.  My cock started thrusting slowly in and out of her soaked pussy while holding her head so she would look me in the eyes.  I wanted her to see who was fucking her, or more specifically who wasn’t.  We started to fuck each other harder and harder driving my bare, unprotected cock into her depths.

The look of panic would occasionally appear on Melissa’s face as she kept fighting the demons within.  I didn’t bother being gentle.  Melissa didn’t want a man to make love to her so I was fucking her.  I slammed into her body hard and fast, thrusting into her with all my might, occasionally hitting her cervix and getting a moan on each thrust.  This time there was no pretense on my part.  I was fucking the girl who I had been wanting to seduce for months.  I was finally between her thighs and was giving her everything I had.

After several minutes of missionary sex I pulled out and turned her with her ass up and her head down.  My cock easily split her pussy lips allowing me to penetrate her fully in one thrust.  She just kept on moaning and pleading for more.   

“Yes, oh my god I love it.  Give it to me, please don’t stop, fuck me!”

Melissa’s hips were perfect hand grips allowing me to pull her to me as hard as I wanted.  My hand slid over her soft skin until my thumb found her other hidden treasure.  I began slipping my thumb into her and almost continued until thinking, “I’ll make this a goal for another time along with eating this pussy.”

I surprised myself by not exploding as soon as I saw her ass sticking up before me.  It was a sight of near perfection and the main source of my obsession in mounting this vixen. “Kevin my boy,” I thought, “you are one hell of a lucky man.  I hope you don’t mind me borrowing this on occasion.”

My balls began to boil and I was starting to lose control.  I turned her over one more time so I could finish with a grand finale.  When I pulled out to turn her she gasped and moaned “No, please…”  Lying on her back, Melissa bent easily as I pushed both of her legs into her chest.  Her feet landed around my neck perfectly so I could hold her in place.  I then penetrated her for the final lap.  The only thing moving was my hips as they thrust forward into her depths.  The bed helped out also by throwing her body back onto my cock.

Surprisingly I didn’t last as long as I usually would.  Her pussy by now was so incredibly tight that she was almost pushing me out on every thrust.  There was no way I could stop myself from unloading everything I had inside of her.  Melissa read the signals of what was about to happen when suddenly her eyes grew large and her mouth dropped as she had one final moment of total and complete clarity.

No, please don’t!” she shouted,  just as I shot my load and ground my cock into her married, cheating pussy as deep as I could.  The sperm violently slammed into her cunt successfully soiling Melissa’s marriage vows and triggering a final orgasm that shook her to the core.  I kept my cock lodged deep inside of her as I rode out her contractions until she finally came down.  Right before passing out asleep, she blurted out one last concern.

You’re not my husband…

The insides of Melissa’s vaginal walls were thoroughly saturated with ejaculate clear up to her uterus.  Finally, after several minutes of reeling in the feel of her pussy muscles as they squeezed the final drops from me,  my cock slipped out.  Some but not all of my seed was pushed out of her cunt from the tightness of her vaginal muscles.  Grabbing  my cell phone, I sent Kim a video of my deposit leaking from Melissa’s pussy as it soaked the sheets.  I didn’t get a response from Kim until much later, telling me that she was having fun herself.

When Melissa woke not long after, I had already put her panties on so they could trap the remaining cum inside of her body.  The rest had leaked out down her ass and onto my bed.  I called a buddy to give me a ride from her place so I could drive her home in her own car since she was in no condition to drive.

The drive to her house was very quiet as she contemplated on what had just happened.  Melissa didn’t know what to think.  All she knew was that her nipples were still hard from arousal.   Her pussy was still throbbing from the fucking that she just had with a man who wasn’t her beloved husband.  She could still feel my cock embedded deep inside of her.  It didn’t help that she could still feel the cum saturating her panties as it leaked from her pussy.

She felt incredibly slutty.  Melissa’s hair was messed up, her makeup was smeared, the shirt was half buttoned and her bra was in her purse.

Only 60 miles away, her loving and loyal husband had no idea that his wife had committed an act of betrayal to their wedding vows.  How could she let this happen?  Melissa had never in her dreams thought she would ever cheat on her husband but she could still taste the evidence on her tongue and feel it between her legs.

The throbbing between Melissa’s legs wasn’t going to go away overnight and no matter how long of a shower she took, soap could never wash away the memory of what she had done.  Her husband was going to be gone for several more days and I wasn’t finished with her yet.

Finally, I received a text back from Kim.  “Hey sorry took so long.  I’ve been busy;)  I’ll be staying the night.  Don’t worry I’ll have company if you know what I mean.  Luv you..  BTW, you better change the sheets by the time I get home.  I take it she squirted…”

I didn’t tell her about the couch.

An Affair or Addiction

I was going to put this into my blog but it went from an encounter to a whole story.  The true stuff is hotter than fiction.


“I would never have sex with another married man, NEVER!! Omg that’s just wrong, disgusting, what a whore!  A woman who would have sex with a married man knowingly is a tramp!  I may be a slut but I’m not a whore.   My line is drawn at married men.  I won’t let them use me to get off or use me to replace their wife.  How dare he look at another woman sexually.  My morality won’t ever let me do that.”

Yes that was me, I said all of that and more.  So why am I all of a sudden THAT woman?  That’s right.  I am the woman that I despised.  Let me just say it here…

I am having an..(cough, cough) affair with a married man.  There, I said it, yes I am that woman. Well, I’m sucking off a married man at least. Ugh!  Sex is sex, vaginal, anal or oral.  It is sex.

How could I do it?  How could I willingly and knowingly have a sexual relationship with a married man?  Maybe it’s because i’m not the one cheating.  It’s not like i’m doing anything behind my husbands back.  In fact he likes it.  My coworker is the one having an affair.  Should that even matter?  If you followed what I said in the first paragraph then no, it shouldn’t.

It’s a long story so I’ll try to be very short.  It’s my husband’s fault!!  Okay, okay maybe not but actually it is.  My husband, me and my now…lover, that still sounds wrong, used to work in the same building as each other and as you know my husband loves to share me with other men.

I thought I was immune to married men.  Until one guy who I’m not really attracted to and whom I went to lunch with daily, with 2 other men, started to get to me.  No he didn’t try to come on to me or seduce me as such, he was just one of the three guys who liked to banter back and forth with me.  They always liked to talk about my ass and would tease me daily on how my ass should be for sale…but we won’t get into that.

The day it actually started was when my husband talked to the man in question. The guy told hubby that he almost got a handful of my ass earlier.   He said all he needed to do was turn his hand and grab  me and that he had the almost uncontrollable urge to do just that.  After hubby laughed and told him to next time go for it, he did just that.

We were alone and working when M came up behind me and said he had been wanting to do something.  Without saying another word he just grabbed my ass!  Not a small grab either nor was it a grope.  He was careful to put his full palm onto my backside and just hold it there barely moving and gently squeezed it as if memorizing what my ass felt like.  All I could do was stand there getting instantly wet.  My excitement went from zero to 10 in an instant.

M noticed my lack of reaction and I’m sure the low guttural moan coming from me helped a little. It lasted only about 10 seconds but that seemed like a long time.  He then asked if that was okay.  When I said “oh yeah…” it was on.  M continued to feel me up for the rest of the week every chance he could get.  I not only allowed it but encouraged him by walking up to him and turning my derrière towards his hands.

Not only did he continue to touch my ass, he also figured why not get a touch of my breasts.  That same week he walked up behind me for his ass grab but while his hand was busy getting a touch, his other hand went to my shoulder.  His hand snaked down my front until he was fully cupping my very aroused titty.  by the end of the week his hand had slipped into the bra and I must say, if there was an art to nipple stimulation then he went to college and graduated nipple arousal 101.

He was so good at playing with my nipples he actually gave me an orgasm with nipple stimulation while his cock was in my a few weeks after his first fondle.

My husband was eating up everything that happened.  Just about every night I was getting sexually satisfied as I told him what happened and how I wanted M to keep touching me.

The blowjobs started out easily enough.  Over the first weekend, hubs and I talked about it and he suggested that I tell my co-worker that I “need” to get something out of the car.  It was dark when we worked so nobody would see and if we were bold enough we would both get what we wanted.

The Monday came and I walked up to my co-worker and asked him to help me with something in my car as planned.  When we got there, I opened the back seat door and leaned inside for nothing.  Seeing his chance, he grabbed my ass and got the best feel.  I moaned and told him that it felt good before turning and grabbing his cock right through his pants.  He asked if I wanted to get inside and of course I did.

Only a few minutes later, my mouth was full of his hot creamy jizz with my eyes rolling into the back of my head.  I swallowed every drop he shot into my mouth and let me tell you it was substantial.  A few minutes later we were back inside, doing our jobs as if it never happened.

I didn’t believe what I had done! I had just helped a married man cheat on his wife and I loved it.

This was something I never saw happening but it did.  Yes, I was the seducer and my husband was the instigator but M could have said no.

For the next 4 days I proceeded to suck him off six times! That’s right.  In the back of the vehicle I took a married man’s cock into my mouth six times and swallowed his married cum all six times.  His potential children right down the gullet.  I was hooked and couldn’t stop.  We did it in the morning while it was still dark.  Right after work we were at it again in the same parking lot where anybody could have walked by.

Around a month later we had become smarter.  After work we drove across the street so I could do my thing out of site of our workplace. I had sucked him I think around twenty times.  I had become a cum whore before my eyes and I couldn’t figure out how or why.  My husband was reaping the rewards also.

I was constantly turned on.   When my mouth was still fresh with another man’s cum,  I would come home and ravish my husband.  He was still encouraging me every step of the way.

Then IT happened, yes you know what.  We were in our secluded spot across the street while his cock was in my throat when he asked if I wanted more.  A minute later he was laying back watching as I mounted his cock, not stopping until he was balls deep inside my pussy. While I rode my new married, cheating boy toy, it was understood that under no circumstances was I going to let him up until he painted the inside of my pussy with his married cum.

I rode his cock for only about 5 minutes before he couldn’t handle it anymore.  Who can blame him for having such a short fuse.  His cock belonged to another woman and here he was, buried inside of another married woman that wasn’t his own.  He groaned out his orgasm which only made me cum harder.  While he pumped me full, I could feel his cock surging inside of me filling me full of his potent seed.

While driving home all I could think of was “I did it.”  I fucked a married man in the back seat of my car.   I was taking a married man’s cum home that was still deep inside of me.  As I rode him, my panties had been pulled to the side for quick entry.  After he shot inside of me I just pulled my panties back into place so the cum never had a chance to leak out as of yet.

That was it, I was officially having an affair with a married man.  I helped him cheat on his loving wife that he still loved thank goodness.  I know that the concept will be alien to some but yes a man or woman can have an affair and still love their spouse.  I wasn’t going to do anything to screw up my marriage and he knew that, so I think he felt safe with me.

Maybe I am giving him what he doesn’t get at home, I haven’t asked.  I love to swallow cum.  My husband loves to hear about my escapades and I am helping to get off a married man so he doesn’t get with a woman who might want him emotionally instead of just sexually.  I know, reaching.

That was two years ago and I have no intention on stopping.  As long as he wants me to swallow his cum, I’m willing to do it for him.  I can’t count how many times we have hooked up at work and across the street.  My husbands likes to count my sexual encounters and says I have taken over 70 cum loads into my belly.  We have only fucked a few times since I think my mouth is what he craves.  He obviously gets pussy from his wife and uses me for what he doesn’t get which is fine with me.

I feel bad about him cheating on his wife.  Do I feel like a heel for doing it?  Yes.  Do I feel like I have betrayed another man’s wife?  Of course. Worse of all is that we know each other.  My husband and I have visited them at their home and gone to lunch together for goodness sakes.

There is one thing I know I cannot do and that is stop.  I don’t know why.  There is something about being desired by another man especially when he is married.  It’s not even that I can’t stop, it’s that I don’t want to.  Extramarital sex is a drug and the addiction is real.  I can finally understand how people have affairs and can’t seem to stop going back for more, even after they have sworn the other person off to save their own relationship.  The feeling really is intense.

So am I slut or a whore?  Slut definitely, a whore?  Call me what you want.  Do I care?  No I don’t. What’s weird is that we have never kissed.  We don’t talk intimately and still have no emotional ties with each other.  He has never told me anything about his marriage or his wife and I have never asked.

There were a few months when M and his wife were trying to have another baby.  I layed off trying to get him in my belly so his seed can get inside of the proper place which was within his wife’s overy’s. We were only able to abstain from our oral fun for two weeks.  After that I was back to swallowing his potential children.

I guess we should have also abstained from meeting almost daily just so I could get my ass grabbing and nipple stimulation.  M tried staying true to his wife several times but he would always cave in to my oral talents.

So as long as we are still “friends” with benefits only, we will be just fine.  I would love to find out if his wife likes to taste the fairer sex.  I would love that;)

Kisses, Kara