Hello, I’m Kara…AKA Hotwife Kara Sweet, operator of this website. When I was introduced to the “hotwifing” lifestyle, I never imagined I would be making my first adult film just a few years later. 

I was a virgin bride fresh out of high school when I finally gave my innocence away to my now, husband.  Little did I know that I would be seduced into being shared during the first few years following my wedding.  However, my “morality” & Christian upbringing kept me from continuing to enjoy the sexual indulgence I truly lusted after.

I am a petite woman of 5’0″ with a mature woman’s body. I  have petite breasts with pink, sensitive nipples that are connected directly to my clit. I am extremely multi orgasmic, allowing me to cum easily and often, therefore I never have to fake it.  

My extremely patient husband, showed me how much I could truly enjoy sex, causing my libido to soar to new heights while engaging sexually with incredibly virile men. Along the way I have willingly become obsessed with extramarital sex.  

With the encouragement of my husband,  I now enjoy a variety of studs who have added to my already incredible sex life.  I am here to share those xxxtra-marital exploits with you.  I truly hope you enjoy watching me being the promiscuous slut I was meant to be.

Why do I wear a mask?  I am normally very shy.  A mask was offered to me for my very first official porn shoot to make me feel more comfortable.  I liked it so much that it has become my signature.   

Kisses, Kara



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